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Quatern Poems - New Quatern Poem Examples

Quatern Poems. Examples of Quaterns and a list of new poems in the correct poetic form and technique. Share and read short, long, best, and famous Quatern poetry while accessing rules, format, types, and a comprehensive literary definition of a Quatern.

A quatern is a form of sixteen line French poem composed of four quatrains, but there is more to a quatern. What is quatern in poetry (complete definition)?

New Poems

Premium Member Juxtaposition
As homeless beggars beg for food, partiers celebrate New Year's Eve. Cheerful festivities flourish, only steps from hungry bellies. Drunken revelers sing Auld Lang Syne, as homeless beggars beg for food. Happy hugs and midnight kisses, juxtaposed by their poverty. The haves...Read More
Categories: 10th grade, 11th grade,
Form: Quatern

Premium Member The Concept Of God
I question the concept of God to a people that worship war. There’s no food to feed the hungry, but plenty of guns to kill them. After seeing hate run rampant, I question the concept of God. He supposedly loves us...Read More
Categories: 10th grade, 11th grade,
Form: Quatern
Premium Member The Greatest Thief
"Time is the thief you cannot banish." Phyllis McGinley, Writer, 1905...Read More
Categories: time,
Form: Quatern
THE OPERA OF DUSK Theatre of life dawdles on Beyond that old and crumbling wall, Where birds and insects come on stage Dusk relaying a curtain call. The city of stones pensive dwells Lauding the show with silent breath, As shadows...Read More
Categories: nature,
Form: Quatern
Premium Member The Maidens Beauty
He was thunderstruck by the maiden’s beauty, It was love for the knave upon first sight. To her parents she had an enormous duty, To maintain their honor, integrity bright. She was truly gorgeous with petite height. He was thunderstruck...Read More
Categories: love,
Form: Quatern

The Heavy Voices
The tremble that creeps in The hold that seems unfair , Supposed to be doomed by the ones Now they are the ones to stare. The holy shrine suppressed deep down, Under the hollow crown of the faces That triggers...Read More
Categories: change, courage, emotions, poetry,
Form: Quatern
If I get 451513123541 naked I will surely be satiated For I relish her all night Making her topsy turvy in no light ...Read More
Categories: angel, appreciation, art,
Form: Quatern
No Do-Over
Deny me a do-over Lord. Let my life run the course you laid, the challenges you placed on board. Test my faith with trespasses paid. Please do not lend a helping hand. Deny me a do-over Lord. Test my resolve as...Read More
Categories: confidence, feelings, god, hope,
Form: Quatern
Premium Member I Do Not Like Walt Whitman Much
I just don’t like Walt Whitman much. I’ve said it now. Such heresy! I mean, his stuff’s not bad, as such, but wordy Walt is not for me. He penned some killer lines but still, I don’t enjoy Walt Whitman...Read More
Categories: humor, humorous, poetry, poets,
Form: Quatern
Premium Member The Fourth Floor
You rent the fourth floor of nowhere, a place like any other place. Except that there, expectations run counter to reality. Haunted by ghosts of hurts and doubts, you rent the fourth floor of nowhere. There are no fantasy dreams there, nor...Read More
Categories: 10th grade, 11th grade,
Form: Quatern
Premium Member MY GRATITUDE
MY GRATITUDE In great gratitude, I am tied on journey of...Read More
Categories: 12th grade,
Form: Quatern
Slip In Tear
I see you slip far in my tear when my heart melts out of your view. You drift to a land not near, at my world's end I promised you. As my dreams break, stray in despair, I see you...Read More
Categories: lost love, sorrow,
Form: Quatern
Premium Member A Little Too Quiet
It's a little too quiet now, I can't hear the love in her voice. And yet, the sound of her laughter is oft overheard in my dreams. Since she died and went to heaven it's a little too quiet now. And...Read More
Categories: 9th grade, angst, anxiety,
Form: Quatern
Premium Member A Road Within
=================== Some day, we shall meet again Dawn will end the evening shift On her axis, Earth will spin and the black of night will lift Even if the way is lost, some day, we shall meet again We'll still see our...Read More
Categories: best friend, dark, day,
Form: Quatern
Premium Member Sweet little spider on the wall
sweet little spider on the wall weaving interlacing its thread exquisite art all spiders own a spiders entrapment white veil eight legs briskly interlocking sweet little spider on the wall woven silk thread as strong as steel intricate beautifully spun dark side of...Read More
Categories: fate, nature,
Form: Quatern

Specific Types of Quatern Poems

Read wonderful quatern poetry on the following sub-topics: christmas, death, dog, family, food, friends, funny, kids, life, love, music, nature, school, sports, war and more.

Definition | What is Quatern in Poetry?

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