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Quatern Poems | Quatern Examples

Quatern Poems. Examples of Quaterns and a list of new poems in the correct poetic form and technique. Share and read short, long, best, and famous Quatern poetry while accessing rules, format, types, and a comprehensive literary definition of a Quatern.

A quatern is a form of sixteen line French poem composed of four quatrains, but there is more to a quatern. What is quatern in poetry (complete definition)?

Souls in Heaven
Souls in Heaven. First, was Neda, then Sahar, now Mahsa. She was forced to bend her soul. Once again, a woman died. The government's sordid role. Mahsa's death in custody, Must be steadfastly investigated. So Ebrahim Raisi said. Once again, Iranians will feel...Read More
Categories: angel,
Form: Quatern

Premium Member Take Me To Nirvana
Take me to Nirvana . . . but wait. There’s still so much to do right here in this place, my earthly estate. To finish, I’ll need one more year. Or maybe a decade I’ll need! Take me to Nirvana...Read More
Categories: life,
Form: Quatern
Premium Member What do we seek
What we seek, the vast void echoes, manifesting in time it’s chime, becoming the truth our heart knows as false, in soul’s heavenward climb. If all desires we lay to rest, what we seek, the vast void echoes but since there’s...Read More
Categories: desire, god,
Form: Quatern
Premium Member The Human Spirit
More creative than the wildest schemes Power released in sudden splendid splashes, Determined to succeed in gushing streams The human spirit like brilliant lightning flashes. Indisputable and determined against assault More creative than the wildest schemes, We see it in...Read More
Categories: inspirational, uplifting,
Form: Quatern
Premium Member Wants vs Needs
What we most desire is not always best for us Deep down inside our gut I think we know this, But it seldom stops the gnaw of our yearnings Even though our brain surely puts us on notice. As...Read More
Categories: conflict, desire, judgement, self,
Form: Quatern

Untold Blue
Years has been passed but I'm still stuck Memories make my heart shatter Because those were not gloomy but So beautiful to remember Emotions brimming up my eyes Years has been passed but I'm still stuck It's...Read More
Categories: blue, emotions, miss you,
Form: Quatern
Premium Member Rain is a Gypsy
Rain is a gypsy we once knew, singing her melancholy songs. A restless nomad, quickly flew, left crystal tears to wish upon. Swirling skirts in dry river bed, rain is a gypsy we once knew. Danced in trees near a watershed, as...Read More
Categories: beauty, earth, fantasy, imagery,
Form: Quatern
Premium Member The Tortured Mind
The tortured mind 'tis that causes pain Knowingly, to others with abandonment Sticking out its venomous tongue again, Dissing others, but to its own detriment. It cannot seem to grasp the simple truth The tortured mind 'tis that relishes pain, Twists...Read More
Categories: anti bullying, conflict, mental
Form: Quatern
Busco palabras para ti
Bosco palabras para ti Decirte lo que siento Fallo pero es culpa de mi Es especial no miento Cómo te lo puedo decir Bosco palabras para ti A veces te hago reír Pero otros lugares fui Perfecto no dije que si Sufro en este...Read More
Categories: care, dream, love,
Form: Quatern
Premium Member Clever Fool
Do not tell me I am but a clever fool I have sought truth entirely unfettered, Finding rules for better living as a tool Among the educated and the unlettered. I have used my brain for wondering Do not tell...Read More
Categories: education, image, perspective, self,
Form: Quatern
Premium Member fall tiptoed in
Fall Tiptoed In Softly, last night it tiptoed in-- that wisp of crispness in the air! I grab a quilt made way back when and watch the sunrise from my chair. The cinnamon breeze monarchs ride— softly, last night it...Read More
Categories: autumn,
Form: Quatern
Soothsayer's Call Poet's Lament
a leaf dances and sways in skies painted in shades yellows and golds soft whispers of premonitions the changing slant of morning light an oak bears the passage of time a leaf dances and sways in skies gathers with others on...Read More
Categories: august, autumn, summer,
Form: Quatern
Premium Member Hint of Autumn
The heart of autumn pulses deep Through gauzy veils of morning’s mist Late summer’s lust shimmers on leaves A pilgrimage of birds...Read More
Categories: autumn,
Form: Quatern
Hint of Autumn
Time is precious do not waste it. I watch the swifts circling to leave, the rhythm of nature moves on and evening is drawing quickly. There is a dampness in the air. Time is precious do not waste it. I...Read More
Categories: august, autumn, eve, nature,
Form: Quatern
Autumn Returns
in soft signs of autumns return cool night air settles on the land and refreshed, earth breathes in the mist exhaled as morning dew on grass grasses sprout fresh and green again in soft signs of autumns return bright...Read More
Categories: autumn,
Form: Quatern

Specific Types of Quatern Poems

Read wonderful quatern poetry on the following sub-topics: christmas, death, dog, family, food, friends, funny, kids, life, love, music, nature, school, sports, war and more.

Definition | What is Quatern in Poetry?

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