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Ottava Rima Poems

Ottava rima Poems. Examples of Ottava rimas and a list of poems in the correct poetic form and technique. Share and read Ottava rima poetry while accessing rules, topics, ideas, and a comprehensive literary definition of an Ottava rima. (New Poems Below)

Poem Topics Related to Ottava Rima

epic, narrative, rhyme

New Poems

Dreams Of Desire
Wakeup from the dreams you desire
Searching for the people you admire
They are the gems of sapphire
Who are the reason you walk this life of fire
You walk upon the path that's so lonely
What you seek is love that shine's so purely
Yet...Read More
Categories: dark, desire, dream, judgement, memory, poems, spiritual,
Form: Ottava rima

Premium Member Modern Cinderella
The Fairy Godmother, imposingly tall,
Exclaimed as she raised her silver star-tipped wand,
"You, dear Cinderella, shall go to the Ball,
For I know Prince Charming dearly loves a blonde".
Soon Cinders looked finer than she could recall,
And she agreed they would have Prince...Read More
Categories: beauty, fantasy, girl, wedding,
Form: Ottava rima
Premium Member Carpe Librum
Fresh new book opens wide and swallows me whole!
Taking time to acclimate I catch my breath,
Focusing as scenes and characters unfold
To instill memories of their length and breadth.
Finishing one book a month is my firm goal
Few subjects considered are out...Read More
Categories: books, character, imagination,
Form: Ottava rima
Premium Member Of Turkeys
Consider the turkey, a most noble bird,
A bird distinct of voice, impressive of size,
It is by U.S. families much preferred,
Therefore many of them go to their demise.
The Thanksgiving tally must be quite absurd,
An observation one need not compromise,
Over here we...Read More
Categories: bird, death, family, food,
Form: Ottava rima
Premium Member Has To Be
If when we die, our souls descend to Hell,
A place apparently not known for its fun,
In preparation it may be just as well
To accept how its creation was begun,
And we may find it difficult to dispel
The suspicion it had to...Read More
Categories: death, fire, sky, sun,
Form: Ottava rima

Premium Member Slight Problem
For many years it has been my ambition,
And during that time I have tried my utmost,
To bring this most worthy plan to fruition,
In order some day to be able to boast
That I have more than realised this fine vision
Of becoming...Read More
Categories: desire, fruit, jobs,
Form: Ottava rima
Premium Member Changes
Goodbye dear summer with your warm embrace.
We’ll miss the nighttime breeze’s soft caress.
The pall of autumn’s lying on your face,
as trees begin their dance in falling dress
and spread their drifting loss about the place.
We still agree that summertime was best.

In...Read More
Categories: autumn, summer,
Form: Ottava rima
Nightmare revealed insidious corrosion 
It had confused the subconscious element
Signature manoeuvre to sensor fusion
Align and contort the soul’s dismemberment 
Surprise and attach signalling erosion
Oblivious to seal cracking detachment 
Glory-Mae cuddled in her blanket awoke
Discarded ouiji board did hell’s fire invoke...Read More
Categories: dark, evil, night,
Form: Ottava rima
Premium Member The Renaissance Man
Gone is the era of the Renaissance Man
Who delved into Milton, Voltaire and Rosseau
Knew the difference between Cezanne and Gaugin
Could parse a sentence and quote Henry Thoreau

Came Woodstock, he was buried deep in time's sands
Covered over by Joplin and Country...Read More
Categories: art, humanity, literature, music, philosophy, technology,
Form: Ottava rima
Premium Member A Winter Night's Companion
A book's a friend come winter's merciless frost
Outside, the teeth of Summer's scarecrows chatter
Reading days by lazy streams and willows lost
To brutal snows and howling nights they've scattered

A book's companionship's bought with little cost
The pittance spent per hundred page no...Read More
Categories: books, friendship, winter,
Form: Ottava rima
Premium Member Something Amiss
Our hopes sky high, we drove along the coast
We'd ask our folks their blessing for to wed
The bridge was out, perhaps the first signpost
Yet neither of us felt the slightest dread...

When we arrived, we felt something amiss
Our parents' faces ashen,...Read More
Categories: religion, sad love, wedding,
Form: Ottava rima
Premium Member I Yearn for You
When all is still, with children tucked in bed
I yearn for you, in aching visions real
Fantastic thoughts are wont to fill my head
I call your name, and wait with breathless zeal...

The planets and the stars, within our reach
With you near...Read More
Categories: night, romantic love, stars,
Form: Ottava rima
Premium Member My Heart will Leap
My child is born with special needs -- should I cry
   I am not prepared to deal with this at all
Lord, how could I ever think to let her die
   For my heart will leap, as...Read More
Categories: baby, devotion, growth, happiness, love,
Form: Ottava rima
Premium Member Thoughts Drifting Into Night's Allure
Thoughts drifting into night's allure,
Sinking slowly into sleep mode,
Brought towards Orpheus' lure,
Thinking processes gently slowed,
Caught in a nocturnal tour,
Blinking eyelids now almost closed.
To sleep, at last, perhaps to dream,
To keep, held fast, in slumber's stream.

One In Four
Joseph May...Read More
Categories: dream, night, sleep,
Form: Ottava rima
Will you still love me Ottava Rima
Will you still love me when years roll on by
And face to face we see changes appear?
Still hold my hand when the storm clouds draw nigh,
Stand by my side as the future we steer?
Till voices weaken and with fading sigh
Planned...Read More
Categories: love,
Form: Ottava rima
Premium Member Blood Diamond

More souls were lost amidst that jeweled pit

      Than all that had been giv'n to wars pro tem

          For those who harbored each new crystal bit

...Read More
Categories: beauty, betrayal, corruption, nature, war,
Form: Ottava rima

Mild is the tempo of late noon shower,
which eases hot July always aglow
beguiled, youngsters rove outside for an hour--
pitch of voice chiming about trickled flow
wild their plays jaunty on a green bower :
Switch!  The view changes as fine droplets...Read More
Categories: fun, games, rain,
Form: Ottava rima
Mindfulness OR
Mindfulness OR

Today is the day for doing nothing
Take off my shoes and commune with the earth
Allay all my fears and be more trusting
Make myself whole again like a rebirth
Stay mindful of this way of not rushing
Wake up to adding joy...Read More
Categories: appreciation, encouraging, happy, how i feel, meaningful,
Form: Ottava rima
Premium Member Room 88

I saw her walking out the door,
Eyes met as we took the lift,
Hands touched, when we hit the bar,
I asked her out, that was her gift.
Went for a drive by sea and shore,
We watched the tide, I sensed a shift.
She...Read More
Categories: anxiety, beautiful, body, confusion, crush, firework, humorous,
Form: Ottava rima
Premium Member Visits-OR

i see you there beneath moon's lambent light
blending within shadows on half lit walls
wry faces of those that are lost from sight
ascending voices heard within night's squalls
why is it you only come out at night
pretending to whisper through winded calls?
those...Read More
Categories: death, night,
Form: Ottava rima
Schmooze me darling, my appetite is rapt.
Drinks with umbrellas - a tropical freeze.
Cruise for teal blue waters whilst I adapt.
Shrinks the mainland - aims towards* coconut trees.

Muse takes the wheel - island adventure mapped.
Winks his erotic eye - how wild...Read More
Categories: adventure, romantic love, sea,
Form: Ottava rima


           Caught in scorching Sun in severe summer.
        ...Read More
Categories: 12th grade, rain, summer,
Form: Ottava rima
Premium Member Millions of Reasons - OR
Millions of Reasons

Sitting here thinking this warm night in June;
   dreaming of moments spent talking with you.
Fitting my thoughts ‘round the beams of the moon,
   streaming from heaven through night’s navy blue.
Knitting together the notes of...Read More
Categories: desire, dream, love, stars,
Form: Ottava rima
Premium Member Her Rocky Garden
Broken rocky garden, overgrown, torn
Bending her splintered hope, divided pain
Token throwaway cuts, discarded scorn
Spending relief's pennies, enticing rain
Spoken dulcet song, kindness softly born
Tending today's seeds for tomorrow's gain
Still plant optimism in future Mays
Will grant definition to her last days.


For Rima...Read More
Categories: caregiving, creation, hope, time,
Form: Ottava rima
Premium Member Millions of Reasons - OR
Sitting here thinking this warm night in June;
   dreaming of moments spent talking with you.
Fitting my thoughts ‘round the beams of the moon,
   streaming from heaven through night’s navy blue.
Knitting together the notes of a tune;
...Read More
Categories: dream, love,
Form: Ottava rima