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Classicism Poems | Classicism Examples

Classicism Poems. Examples of Classicism and a list of new poems in the correct poetic form and technique. Share and read short, long, best, and famous Classicism poetry while accessing rules, format, types, and a comprehensive literary definition of a Classicism.

A classicism is a form of poetry which holds the principles and ideals of beauty that are characteristic of Greek and Roman art, architecture, and literature, but there is more to classicism. What is classicism in poetry (complete definition)?

Poetry for me is the sum of all my needs The reason why I smile and Live a happy and sound life Poetry for me is the process how I vibe With my friends and family Through words and symphony Times...Read More
Categories: angel, august, beautiful, birthday,
Form: Classicism

Operation Storm 333
Covert Operation What do you know about operation 333? An assault operation to take control The most successful one in the history Triple three brought red storm and destruction This conflict left blood stains,wounds and dead bodies. Note.Greed for power is...Read More
Categories: conflict, history, howl, immigration,
Form: Classicism
She Loves Me
Baby don't turn your back on me - Oh No! That would be so sad to see - Oh Yeah! And if your could only see What it is you do to me She loves me, she loves...Read More
Categories: america, appreciation, yellow, youth,
Form: Classicism
My mirror
My mirror Is confused and obstinate It asks for my reflection, which it has lost In the maze of its design It reminds me that I have lost some of my self in my life So inorder to get back...Read More
Categories: age, angst, anxiety, appreciation,
Form: Classicism
Shabey Miraj
Lailat al Miraj The night of urooj ascent Holy Prophet attained spiritual ascension to a higher level His mind generated enormous amount of divine energy Divine energy is the source of sainthood and Prophethood The unique journey of insight and...Read More
Categories: allah, dream, encouraging, faith,
Form: Classicism

Seth Abid
Seth Abid Versus CEO Do not compare yourself with Seth Abid Aren't you the CEO of fake accounts? Do not compare yourself with Seth Abid Aren't you the CEO of abusing Parties? Do not compare yourself with Seth Abid Aren't you...Read More
Categories: abortion, abuse, addiction, business,
Form: Classicism
Premium Member Companion Of Peaceful Things
Companion Of Peaceful Things I, will seek the silent ways' unknown in summer days, I will linger with the flowers Ungreeted in lost hours. I will go quietly That I may be Companion of peaceful things, - The brook that sings Its...Read More
Categories: art,
Form: Classicism
Capital Territory
Where the most influential persons live Where the most dangerous goons gather Where dictomacy where federal agencies Where evil officers where harmful Psycho clinics Where false propaganda where Elite Mafia Where snatching Policy where guided missiles That place is known as...Read More
Categories: anxiety, city, courage, drug,
Form: Classicism
Disgusting Crowd Disgusting crowd consists of Robo type People They are brainwashed by their idols Idols are persons who they worship They are violent, aggressive and ill mannered They are often dramatic They behave in a way that one can identify...Read More
Categories: abuse, adventure, anger, bullying,
Form: Classicism
Makafatey Amal
Ye utra utra chehra Ye bikhray bikhray Baal Tu ru ru tu ru ru Ye qatilana niyat Ye aik hazaar chaal Bad amaliyon nay hadson nay Kiya hai bura haal Sir na phoro Galat Rasta choro Ye kali kali ratain Ye hadsay ye wardatain Tu ru...Read More
Categories: crush, first love, murder,
Form: Classicism
Dangerous Drugs
All drugs have the potential to be harmful We know ourselves more than doctors and Psychiatrists Some drugs have irreversible side effects Especially drugs that are purposely and forcefully given Adverse effects may include long term mental effects Short term...Read More
Categories: anxiety, betrayal, body, depression,
Form: Classicism
Squeeze Me Out
Do you believe in constitution? Do you believe in law? Do you believe in court system? What are your rules? What do you want? You want to squeeze me out You want to break me down You want to finish me off You...Read More
Categories: anger, betrayal, bible, bullying,
Form: Classicism
My English Teacher
A little bit dirty Innocent, cute and flirty Friendship, relationship record breaker She taught me English Accent, tenses and sentences She has three siblings Anna, Nina and Christina Her favorite song is Ye jena kya jena Gupt gyaan kitna kamina? Note. Teachers don't need instructions. Lesson....Read More
Categories: 10th grade, 11th grade,
Form: Classicism
The sight of her was like a thunder bolt Her smile was a suiting balm The words on lips embordered wisdom If I was a king she would own my kingdom I wish i knew her name Or take...Read More
Categories: adventure, age, allusion, beautiful,
Form: Classicism
Fruitful days are filling up the piles of treasure mesuring the misogyny it shouldn't be a topic of forgery while waiting for break outs throwing correction direction of stereotyping the tipicallity of capabilities in abilities...Read More
Categories: africa, america, art,
Form: Classicism

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