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Burlesque Poems. Examples of Burlesques and a list of poems in the correct poetic form and technique. Share and read Burlesque poetry while accessing rules, topics, ideas, and a comprehensive literary definition of a Burlesque. (New Poems Below)

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humorous, parody

New Poems

Agent 31
Killer spy
Didi Tri
(Better known as DDT)

She’s a femme fatale honeybee,
bosom deadly
A human buzzsaw,
will cut your 007 Casanova cover off

Agent 31
got an extra XX    ~   Crosshair aim chromosomal
Has one and thirty ways 
to get the job...Read More
Categories: allusion, fun, psychological, word play,
Form: Burlesque

Croak Proof
Webbed lip toadies,
their tongues do  do stink of lies
As they leapfrog from excrement places
that do  do attract flies

Brown tongue toadies,
their sticky web of dysentery deceit
stinks of foul breath duplicity

For they do  do double dip in 
toilet ponds...Read More
Categories: imagery, parody, perspective, truth,
Form: Burlesque
Premium Member Never Judge a Book By It's Cover - HALLOWEEN Special Edition

"Never Judge a Book by It's Cover" 

The Consomme
that Halloween Eve
brought them all 
to Life ...


Sweet Transvestite

The Rocky Horror Picture Show (full album)

...Read More
Categories: halloween, horror, howl, poets,
Form: Burlesque
Harangue Recipe
Preheat oven to extreme

beat whites with scream of anger
add cup of mixed nuts
when soft peaks develop, slowly add venom
when it is glossy, add ego, seethe for 20 minutes

Serving size: 1/2 of truth
Number of servings: millions...Read More
Categories: humor, parody, political,
Form: Burlesque
Cat eyes
I wonder why
People use their bright black eyes
To glimpse the dim corner
Are they chief mourners?
If not...
why they keep crying on that mahogany desk?
Are they an actor of burlesque?
Or they only act as a deterrent 

Human-being is so...
Difficult to understand...Read More
Categories: burlesque, animal,
Form: Free verse

Premium Member free pluribus unum
It is a free country as long as you have money. ha! ha!...Read More
Categories: allegory, allusion, america, analogy, appreciation,
Form: Burlesque
Miss So and So

She’s so neg neurodegenerative,
so womb retro Neanderthal

Her backward moving bellow decisions
aren’t thoroughly modern mellow

Got lip kicker high heels
that testosterone neuter kills

Miss So and So
loves to cold-heartedly
iron cast her anvil anger with
dragon breath death blows

She’s so con method constrictive,
so anaconda pocket...Read More
Categories: dark, image, slam, word play,
Form: Burlesque

                       BOHEMIAN LIFE

           I was a bohemian ......Read More
Categories: burlesque, allusion, art, poetry, romantic,
Form: Prose Poetry
Epaulets of schmaltzy eyes set to be so loose
Given a glass of rosewater, its perfect booze!
This cattish damsel in the planetary alignment of swank
Regularly chichi, sometimes bltchy
Never mind, always kind, two-up for a Blanc.
A scene isn’t required in this oratorio...Read More
Categories: burlesque, fun,
Form: Verse

Midst of dinner--girl stood up and took off her clothes by the Burlesque Show

Date: 09/02/2019

...Read More
Categories: burlesque, humor,
Form: Monoku
What a fine frosty night
What a fine frosty night!
He dives himself and gets into his ice palace made of frozen memories.
Alike an iceberg, people only can see the tiny peak,
but from bottom to top the iceberg becomes a strong watchtower.

Maybe there is plenty of...Read More
Categories: perspective,
Form: Burlesque
Palo Santo
The Wood That Smelt Good:
I adore your smoldering odor.
Your sniff makes my nostrils go gaga.
It's like someone threw a rose at my nose.
Whoops, got it too close too my face; now I've got a left ash-cheek.
Try not to freak, but...Read More
Categories: crazy, fun, funny, silly,
Form: Burlesque
Premium Member Pippa Passes Out
That poor dear can't sing -
This place is a yawn - 
Fawning old cretins
With moustaches twirled,
Some narks on the fling - 
Are no real males born?
Sod-all since seven -
What's wrong with the world?!

Apologies to Robert Browning...Read More
Categories: birth, humor, parody,
Form: Burlesque
A Weird woman
she pips in fear for lateness like her peers,

hauteur cloaked with reticence,

her-boo-boo-vague, though walled around and palpable

official Narcissist disguised in rude affronts

Bravado of naughtiness in candour yet tacit


“Free me to free me”, rants in melancholy

as  ignorance upsets sorts...Read More
Categories: anger, animal, bullying, dog, girlfriend, introspection, nonsense,
Form: Burlesque
So Vast
So vast the mind of men...
So vast the universe...
So vast both.

Merely a vast cynical joke

...Read More
Categories: creation, feelings,
Form: Burlesque
Premium Member green hoods
black hoods have replaced white ones
but its the same old game
quieting tongues-intimidating
to get their way-the only way
burning cities cloaking hate...
swinging bats at ghosts
leaky boats without sails
drifting toward the edge
of flat earth minds..
one day the black hoods
will be wearing suits and...Read More
Categories: green, visionary,
Form: Burlesque
Kill Switch

Neural toxin transmission ... 
duel exhaust verbal emission
Cold hearted con-fusion engine,
fisticuff fuel injection tension 
Hope asphyxiation accelerator ... 
bad brakes, karma crash creator

Metal lip kill switch — 
femme fatale depart spark ignition
Speed dial turbo eraser itch,
carbon monoxide vapor condition

Poisonous rearview...Read More
Categories: allusion, imagery, metaphor, psychological,
Form: Burlesque
Festival of the Fools
Festival of the Fools!

Festival of the Fools
in which is celebrated in different culture as different names
originally celebrated by most cultures on January first
which was first coined in Great Britain in 1861
celebrates inclusive art of busking 
and street performance
with foolish fun...Read More
Categories: burlesque, art, beauty, celebration, city, drink, fantasy, giggle,
Form: List
Horse Lovers Emergency
‘Quick’ I say, ‘
there is a catastrophe!’
‘We are head over heels obsessed,
can't you see?’

From morning to night, 
we ponder about them all day,
no matter what the conversation,
it surely swings that way.

Horses and ponies,
donkeys and mules,
some would say how silly,
what mindless...Read More
Categories: animal,
Form: Burlesque
Repeated Mockery
Have mercy oh! priest 
To God through Mary let my plea 
Seven times more my sins 
I fear I must do it again. 

I sinned again o priest,
And must to this alter pray 
in your ears all my vile secrets...Read More
Categories: abuse, addiction, myth, prayer, prison, psychological, religious,
Form: Burlesque
Conspiracy and evil Surmising

I am a Victim, 
Lured by mascara, and by a pretext piety 
Induced through lust by immoral vermin 

I am a Victim 
Blindfold through cunnings to fest on a plowed field, 
“Whore scammed”, trapped in a net by the conspiracy...Read More
Categories: abuse, death, depression, divorce, emotions, father, introspection,
Form: Burlesque
Obsequious Odor

Brown nose,
head bowed low
Sniffing submissively so

Wag the sniveling tongue,
show the power privileged ones 
much servile love
Catch the prime scraps
tossed from your master’s table

Give a howl of gratitude,
back bent ... eyes to the floor
Do a lot of begging for a little...Read More
Categories: allusion, imagery, psychological, senses,
Form: Burlesque
My contribution to saving the planet
I gave up my clothes drier,
For cleaner air.

I started a metal recycling scheme for my local church,
So as not to leave them in the lurch.

I dig most of my waste food into the garden,
And it now looks more like a...Read More
Categories: analogy, appreciation, blessing, books, care, celebration, hope,
Form: Burlesque
Bughuul Man
He’s the devil in your tormented dreams
The shadowy, nightmarish silhouette imp
of a thousand horror newscast,
who muzzles your petrified screams
Keeping those silent eyes
glued to the vile, video killing screen
Black Plague monstrosity figurine
showing you a million different exits
from the corporeal plane
Bungee craze...Read More
Categories: culture, dark, identity, symbolism,
Form: Burlesque
Premium Member Criminally Sane
I guess I once was a juvenile delinquent. Then I became an adult delinquent. Now I'm a middle age delinquent. Soon enough I'll be a senior citizen delinquent. When all is said and done and it is all over I'll...Read More
Categories: april, arabic, art, assonance, autumn,
Form: Burlesque