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Burlesque Poems | Burlesque Examples

Burlesque Poems. Examples of Burlesques and a list of new poems in the correct poetic form and technique. Share and read short, long, best, and famous Burlesque poetry while accessing rules, format, types, and a comprehensive literary definition of a Burlesque.

Burlesque is a form of poetry that treats a serious subject ridiculously, humorously, or is simply a trivial story, but there is more to burlesque. What is burlesque in poetry (complete definition)?

Red Tape and You
If you care to look in your cupboards, You might doubt being out of bed, As all you will see is red. If you rush to the bathroom cupboards, For something to keep you out of bed, You may start...Read More
Categories: addiction, appreciation, baptism, care,
Form: Burlesque

Making Tim a killer
{EXTRA PRODUCTIONS} Dedicated predestination escapades Celestial especially preresequites Difiniti extro-skeletons mini+thins Cherry skoal impeding doom death throes Throwing caution to the wind Jethro JJ escalations Remastered Reproductions Catasphore' Confuscious Anthropology Follow suit swedish clocks Air Force Girlfriends ass is yummy Catch...Read More
Categories: 1st grade, adventure, africa,
Form: Burlesque
Gluttons for punishment
It shouldn't come as a surprise, That gluttony is on the rise, When TV 's are turned back on just after Sunrise, To watch batter for Yorkshire pudding in the oven to rise. Yet I wonder if it...Read More
Categories: addiction, age, best friend,
Form: Burlesque
War without a weapon
A different weapon conceived in Wuhan A Poisoned Jab? Don't ask me. The sky is no longer brilliant with the tint of Truth A strange world this, These covert crime overlooked by justice. communism seeks dominance by...Read More
Categories: abuse, business, confusion, corruption,
Form: Burlesque
Grinding in the Mill
It so happen, The hungry whale in hearty amity, with an invisible scowl and a dreadful leer. Led him to the gallows. blackened by whorish adventurous traverse on many beds, with mascara concealed the treacherous venom...Read More
Categories: death, destiny, dream, grave,
Form: Burlesque

They both begin with I
They both begin with I, Yet that is where the similarities end, As intent makes them worlds apart. To inform, Or to influence, Brings the question of integrity to the forefront. To champion a cause, Or make oneself a champion, To others of...Read More
Categories: analogy, art, betrayal, business,
Form: Burlesque
There was a time
There was a time when despite regular buns fights, Sexist attitudes, Unrealistic demands by key players, Money problems, Drunkenness, And petty squabbles, The end product, That flashed across Cinema and TV screens Lifted our spirits, Made us cry, Made us believe, Gave us hope,...Read More
Categories: anxiety, baptism, character, conflict,
Form: Burlesque
The world is in trouble because
The world is in trouble because, We have journalists, Who know the answers, before they ask the questions. The world is in trouble because, We have preschool teachers, Who don't like reading. The world is in trouble because, We have politicians, Who...Read More
Categories: age, analogy, anxiety, blue,
Form: Burlesque
If I was making book, I would not have far to look, As making it to zero carbon would be first in the book, With plenty of fools to be took. If I wanted to expose a big fat...Read More
Categories: allusion, art, cancer, career,
Form: Burlesque
Spotting the alternatives
Spotting the alternatives, If you are not up to a spot of reading, Could result in some serious head scratching. Spotting the alternatives, With no place to do some thinking, Your sanity you could be risking. Spotting the alternatives, If you do...Read More
Categories: analogy, baptism, change, clothes,
Form: Burlesque
B Cuz I Can
Before Corona, HIV ‘n Hepatitis B caroused with a death scare - intrinsic Under sheets, a plausible viral milieu zip-zapped the pompous macho buzz Influenza strains cheered o’er a din of garrulous ‘I’s carrying on, toasting a jaded Earth toxic, awakening...Read More
Categories: abuse,
Form: Burlesque
The Accident
Too many road Accidents on our roads, Bring in new experts was the call, Money no object. They soon signed up Joe, Who was not slow, For a sum they chose not to show. He soon had them convinced...Read More
Categories: baptism, betrayal, business, celebrity,
Form: Burlesque
I wait
I wait for you- like the bomb is IN YOU, like the shuttle that pulls me through- I became the threshold I once thought I knew... Like the easy infector of a wazy dread of the connector... Like the crazy...Read More
Categories: allusion, analogy, animal, garden,
Form: Burlesque
Looking After
Old people must be comforted They must wear warm clothes Eat hot soups and must be made To drink juices Sooner or later.Allah comes close them and gives them booties Allah protect your duties Lend us more purity...Read More
Categories: age, anniversary, anti bullying,
Form: Burlesque
My Testimony
The day I had to force a smile, For a moment I was imbecile, I had to pretend just for a while, Unable to walk; I was immobile. Lying on that bed I was in great...Read More
Categories: allusion, god, imagination, jesus,
Form: Burlesque

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