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Tetractys Poems | Tetractys Examples

Tetractys Poems. Examples of Tetractys and a list of new poems in the correct poetic form and technique. Share and read short, long, best, and famous Tetractys poetry while accessing rules, format, types, and a comprehensive literary definition of a Tetractys.

A tetractys poem is a form of poetry consisting of at least 5 lines of 1, 2, 3, 4, 10 syllables (total of 20), but there is more to a tetractys. What is tetractys in poetry (complete definition)?

Premium Member Stomp and Clap
Stomp your feet Harder now Make a big scene Do you see that everyone is watching Well you have an audience now, don't you Don't disappoint Louder now Their hands Clap...Read More
Categories: words,
Form: Tetractys

Premium Member Goodbye Hello
bye so long October time to leave you time to fill the air with a newer song time to sing of harvests and thanksgiving time to welcome November hello hi (Double Tetractys with Antonym Diamante elements?)...Read More
Categories: goodbye, hello, nature, november,
Form: Tetractys
From the Beginning
"recently scenes of early life have stolen into my mind, like breezes blown ..." ...Read More
Categories: creation, memory,
Form: Tetractys
Check Mate
Chess On board Stars ponder Making good moves Until one of the two will surrender. Exciting as it is to play so cool. Win or lose, mime. Star players Concede. Check! ...Read More
Categories: fun, games,
Form: Tetractys
Premium Member Days of Darkness
"recently scenes of early life have stolen into my mind, like breezes blown ..." ...Read More
Categories: memory, old,
Form: Tetractys

"recently scenes of early life have stolen into my mind, like breezes blown ..." ...Read More
Categories: memory,
Form: Tetractys
Your Christmas Lights
Categories: cool, inspiration, joy,
Form: Tetractys
Premium Member Tear Trail
Heart silent after storm, from shattered soul in debris deep, flows the stream of sorrow with flakes of memory drowned with dream lost in tear trail dry carved beneath collapsed eyes. _____________ October 2, 2022 Syllable count checked with HMS For A Brian Strand Premiere...Read More
Categories: analogy, heartbreak, sorrow,
Form: Tetractys
Premium Member Bifrost
From atop a mountain one views Bifrost hoping, no, fighting for entry to the heavenly home of exalted Aesir to find honor, glory for noble death ...Read More
Categories: death, god, heaven, myth,
Form: Tetractys
Premium Member Pilgrimage to Capelinha
One showing herself to precious few, a moving Marian apparition. Ah, but for one glimpse of the saintly soul, A prayerful long journey to view Her. ...Read More
Categories: blessing, child, journey, prayer,
Form: Tetractys
Premium Member say, what
there’s something not quite right when you have to pick up because the maid is coming soon ...Read More
Categories: silly,
Form: Tetractys
Premium Member time to take them off
some very good reasons to remove them: cancer, or you’re grilling out, and they’re done ...Read More
Categories: how i feel,
Form: Tetractys
Premium Member wet dreams
seems of late, my mind is in the gutter, down the drain, and into a rain barrel ...Read More
Categories: dream, rain, water,
Form: Tetractys
Eternal Flames
Brain, Reign shone, Brightly on, Flames of desire, Tamed the fire,pointed towards consciousness. Re-Fuelled it,the shameless scarlet queen, Magnificent, Beloved, Cunning, Heart. Date : 20th August 2022 Contest: Inner conflict poetry contest Sponsor: Un seeking seeker Form : Double tetractys Number of syllables: 1,2,3,4,10,10,4,3,2,1 Checked from: More
Categories: conflict,
Form: Tetractys
Lump On throat Forced stopped tears Bleed from the heart; And filled to quill; reborn as poetry...Read More
Categories: black love,
Form: Tetractys

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