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Tetractys Poems | Tetractys Examples

Tetractys Poems. Examples of Tetractys and a list of new poems in the correct poetic form and technique. Share and read short, long, best, and famous Tetractys poetry while accessing rules, format, types, and a comprehensive literary definition of a Tetractys.

A tetractys poem is a form of poetry consisting of at least 5 lines of 1, 2, 3, 4, 10 syllables (total of 20), but there is more to a tetractys. What is tetractys in poetry (complete definition)?

Premium Member Thoughts
words leak out my desires furiously only my pen holds back The raging flood...Read More
Categories: anger, emo, emotions, hurt,
Form: Tetractys

Premium Member Seasons
Each Season Bestows their own special gift Spring blooms, summer's warmth, Fall's hues, winter snow...Read More
Categories: color, seasons,
Form: Tetractys
Premium Member metaphors of regret
I dreamt of a poem forgot the words As beneath the salty cold brine of tears silence floats, whilst I’m coloring kohl rain in metaphors of regret across blood red ruby carnations that bleed silken sonnets for an ocean-dipped catharsis ...Read More
Categories: dream,
Form: Tetractys
Premium Member Christmas Tree Symbolism
tree, Christmas symbolism– Father, His Son, Holy Spirit–the Christian Trinity. the birth and resurrection of Jesus. everlasting, evergreen– life with God...Read More
Categories: celebration, christian, christmas, god,
Form: Tetractys
Premium Member Strangers With Memories
I cannot know if we shall meet again, when next we share sore secrets, solemn truths, a tidbit here or there. Standstill in time, shared between two strangers who never met. An exchange of sorrowful memories too intimate for loved ones to hear yet....Read More
Categories: relationship, truth,
Form: Tetractys

Saffron Skylines
Silk- starfish of fervent fate weaves soft-quartz feathers of marshmallow metaphors that croon with firefly's fluorescence amidst life's claustrophobic clouds, shading bitter smogs with plush sweet- dahlias; And I chase light within saffron skylines beyond dreamscapes....Read More
Categories: deep, dream, emotions, life,
Form: Tetractys
Premium Member Computers in 101000 syllables
nought and one binary computation input then process then store and output digital society foundation dependency increasing good and bad ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ *3rd Place* Tetractys Contest Nov 2023 Sponsored by: Ink Empress...Read More
Categories: computer, math, society,
Form: Tetractys
Premium Member Thanksgiving Tribute
How blessed we are to have Thanksgiving Day; to gather round hearts aglow showing love. And, sharing joyous feasts with kin and friends- These times of thanks for blessings, we revere. ...Read More
Categories: thanksgiving day, tribute,
Form: Tetractys
Premium Member Labour of the Reluctant Muse
Words sucking oxygen pushing passion sweating screams, rending remnants of dark dreams stripping the carcasses of love and loss picking bones clean verse shrieking bloody birth...Read More
Categories: poetry, writing,
Form: Tetractys
Hope* builds lives midst peace glow vanquishing gloom to ripple with serene kindness impact... never retreating from challenging threats as trust kindles faith sublime toward God… while you and I reach-out sharing love’s best triumphant today beyond tomorrow. *Jeremiah 17:7 “Blessed is the man that trusteth in the LORD,...Read More
Categories: blessing, cheer up, christian,
Form: Tetractys
Head rush
I got up way too fast, Went on and on , My brain have lost it's ground and I am on my own, once more the gravity still fights, And I am at war again, a...Read More
Categories: poetry,
Form: Tetractys
Premium Member The Forever Dance
dance and song all day long still for moments then roaming blooms and fuchsia midnight rooms restless rapt wind rousing all to tango in orange mists of dawn or scarlet dusk...Read More
Categories: color, dance, nature, song,
Form: Tetractys
croon, of the rooster, shakes awake the town. purple preaching of dawn, dibbling the dark. bittersweet cockcrow sports orange-yellow, scripts pantaloon of pink sun. thus God winks. curtain’s breach of lace - kaleidoscope, drama’s brand new coat of diverse colors. ...Read More
Categories: imagery,
Form: Tetractys
Healing Rays
grief within cultivates necrotic seeds beneath harrowing wastelands battling faith whispering whimsical tunes of mourning midst healing rays of natures shining hope soar above star-studded illusions of deceiving minds adorned in gilded lies veiled in halcyon sunsets drizzling tears free flowing as ill fated remnants burnt...Read More
Categories: conflict, fate, grief, hope,
Form: Tetractys
Premium Member Wisps of Recollections
Like wisps of soft white spores - those vague remnants - are recollections wafting through my mind - sun-gold heads of spring I no longer hold, Yet I can glimpse when they turned into fluff. I recall my young self blowing off the fluff of seeds...Read More
Categories: memory,
Form: Tetractys

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