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Elegy Poems

Elegy Poems. Examples of Elegies and a list of poems in the correct poetic form and technique. Share and read Elegy poetry while accessing rules, topics, ideas, and a comprehensive literary definition of an Elegy. (New Poems Below)

Poem Topics Related to Elegy

elegiac lyric, death, death knell, funeral, lament, death song, funeral song,

New Poems

The miscellaneous poems
You stare my profound eyes,
i have no word to say,
Beautifying this night 


Getting used to be hurted by your silence,
Risking my life to pursue your smile.
Eagles flew over my gloomy sky,
Each scene was so familiar.
No the fragrance of roses i...Read More
Categories: elegy, december, lost, words,
Form: Free verse

Hymn for Fallen Soldiers
DPAA Hymn for Fallen Soldiers
by Michael R. Burch

Sound the awesome cannons.
Pin medals to each breast.
Attention, honor guard!
Give them a hero’s rest.

Recite their names to the heavens
Till the stars acknowledge their kin.
Then let the land they defended
Gather them in again.

When I...Read More
Categories: bereavement, courage, death, devotion, eulogy, funeral, soldier,
Form: Elegy
Lost to a darling in Italy
For a love so cosmic, your suffers are trivial
I would rather your stare, cold like the Alpine mountains we descended at sunrise
I would rather your talk, vicious like the tongue of the taxi driver we took to the markets of...Read More
Categories: bereavement, christmas, farewell, feelings, heartbreak, lost, lost
Form: Elegy
Crossed Off the List
Do you love to stand upright for the truth?
Or do you love it more,
bending to lies
At an acute angle forty five

Degrees of false moderation
permits you to have
an unhealthy tolerance for half-pint truth

Do you have a taste
for liquor moral malaise?
If so,...Read More
Categories: dark, death, spiritual, truth,
Form: Elegy
Premium Member Elegy
In the village churchyard she lies,
Dust in her beautiful eyes,
No more she breathes, nor feels, nor stirs."

Longfellow-  In The Churchyard at Cambridge, Verse 1



I visit with roses and tears,
kneeling upon the grass in prayers;
her grave in the shade of...Read More
Categories: elegy, death, grief,
Form: Kyrielle


I am passionate in regardless requiem
I dress ridged and deploring
I need shed tears for my sorrow I bewail and bemoan
I am related to elegy
I vacation at the cemetery
My job is lamentation writing up funeral chant a burial hymn
I desire...Read More
Categories: elegy, analogy, appreciation, bereavement, humanity, leadership, song, sympathy,
Form: Free verse
Hear me
Hear me 
As I make my plea in deep thought.
Of what essence is this that come from my nostril?
In purity of joy I came

Smiling as I made my way down the laps.
We called it birth
And every year I'm being celebrated.
Hear...Read More
Categories: africa, age, anxiety, creation, death, poverty, spiritual,
Form: Elegy
Mami Owon
It is so true that good mothers are rare.
In the furious face of hunger,
And in the ferocious jaws of sickness
You have always been near.

Mami Owon,
This verse could have been a salutation,
Expressing my love for you,
Or to seek help from you,
But...Read More
Categories: death, mother,
Form: Elegy
Ultra Violent Light
Dark grey matter
manifest crimson flow tendacies
Fade to black thoughts 
formaldehyde revealed thru scope sight
Scarlet droplets trace a fetal prone outline;
such a morbid delivery ... 
a yellow tape, premature plight

Coffin borne mutilated bodies 
with bullet death birthmarks:
Revolver uttered first cries of...Read More
Categories: dark, death, metaphor, symbolism,
Form: Elegy
Spectacular doe eyed prodigy drummer Nandi Bushell
Nirvana protégé podcast/youtube
phenom quite mature
talented young lass promising future
media attention did capture
overnight starlet exhibits bravure
generates profuse nonstop
outstandingly positive conjecture

nine year old greeted in France bonjour
mademoiselle so innocent and pure
guaranteed future success 
near anonymity one day
household name the next,
automatic fame secure,
whose...Read More
Categories: 10th grade, 11th grade, 12th grade, 9th
Form: Elegy
~~~~Concludes the poem "Dark Angel"


Speak to me in many waters
Wash away the dirt and grime
Lay my body upon the alter
Transform me to another time
May I be in line _ the first
To press you palm upon my breast
Quench this dry unending...Read More
Categories: death, funeral, grandmother, remembrance day,
Form: Elegy
maybe I didn't hold his hand tight enough
"That maybe,
I didn't hold his hand tight enough..."
is the line most bittersweet, rough --

I imagine Mattie wished Jamie had stayed
as he held his hand, as a child -- prayed

Wishing, perhaps... had he held it tighter,
could've infused health, live to be...Read More
Categories: child, death, emotions, grief, heart, heaven, song,
Form: Elegy
Silent Elegy
paths of the graveyard
greetings of burial hymn
with yellow leaves-birds

-14/11/19 CTG, BD...Read More
Categories: elegy, how i feel,
Form: Senryu
Harriet Harris circa November 13th 1935 May 4th 2005
Harriet Harris circa November 13th, 1935 - ~ May 4th, 2005
(untimely death sentence ordained ~ early February 1935)

Test teasing prophylactics embarrassing
purchase never made at local drugstore
unsurprisingly, obviously, invariably...
birth control taboo subject, best to ignore
subsequently intercourse awkwardly coordinated,
consummated, completed extempore
hence bun...Read More
Categories: 10th grade, 11th grade, 12th grade, 8th
Form: Elegy
An Elegy Written In a Road
It was a weekend and I was in a mood
To reach my home as early as I can
I urged the wheels to start a friendly race
With the competing cars rushing around.

The sky getting dark, is it unusual?
I switched on the...Read More
Categories: car, cat, death, emotions, grief, sad, sorrow,
Form: Elegy
Premium Member Grandpa Went To War
Grandpa came home from war so different,
he survived but was full of grief,
his heart wept of lament for his comrades;
And if his eyes could speak they would tell us,
of all the courage and the deaths,
but his stories were buried deep...Read More
Categories: war,
Form: Elegy
Low void on the high end
Teared fists in midst of Tears of mist 
Tarried sand on the solo voyage twist 
Of the cause, and still the reason
Between the terrain and the everlasting rains
An unfolded mind of upholstery
It could be ease;...Read More
Categories: elegy, philosophy,
Form: Free verse
Elegy for a little girl, lost
. . . qui laetificat juventutem meam . . .

She was the joy of my youth,
and now she is gone.

. . . requiescat in pace . . .

May she rest in peace.

. . . amen . . .


NOTE: I was...Read More
Categories: elegy, eulogy,
Form: Free verse
The calling dawn
In death I find stillness
I find peace of nothingness
The nirvana
The last step on this journey
To relieve the pain
Sleep peacefully in my dreams that never bloomed 
Within dead memories of a broken past echoed
through hollowed walls of this dark tunnel
No light
No...Read More
Categories: cry, death, depression, eulogy, farewell,
Form: Elegy
Nail in the Coffin
Not a single tear was shed by you
when our relationship died
Instead, you put the first nail in the coffin

Yes, it was formaldehyde you ...
whose morgue heart had an elated attitude
When you put the next nail in the coffin

Those silver urn...Read More
Categories: allusion, heartbreak, relationship, sad love,
Form: Elegy
Tiempo Profundo
 to my son, Tito 

A handful of sand in the angel's palm,
how often you strummed and sifted the metaphor 
of Long Beach (since you were four and rolled 
and unrolled and jotted down the specks of time 
as if...Read More
Categories: absence, angel, appreciation, bereavement, bird, paradise, tribute,
Form: Elegy
Premium Member SONGS pt 3 pound tribute
sincere reform with sensibility
given neutral
done with understanding:
curiousity    whatrever
made with grace
a metaphor of clarity
             to delight

our time remains as history
in silence
unity&felicity assemles
an approaching elegy
  ...Read More
Categories: elegy, people, poetry,
Form: Ekphrasis
The celestial light is about to go and escapes;
As dawn enters, and cover it with darkness.
She was able to finish mysteries, with less air to breathe.
Rosary is on her side, and then closes her eyes and fall to sleep.

White candles...Read More
Categories: 8th grade, 9th grade, farewell, i miss
Form: Elegy
A Surfeit of Light
There was always a surfeit of light in your presence.
You stood distinctly apart, not of the humdrum world—
a chariot of gold in a procession of plywood.

We were all pioneers of the modern expedient race,
raising the ante: Home Depot to Lowe’s.
Yours...Read More
Categories: elegy, death of a friend, heartbreak,
Form: Sonnet
Premium Member Form is the beauty of Poetry
Each poem has its own form
you can't Rhyme with concrete it sets up to fast
Lyric creates its own rhyme
Sonnet seems to be out of time

ABC is Acrostic in line
Bio always has something to say
And Blank verse no one can see
Alliterations...Read More
Categories: elegy, poems,
Form: Free verse

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