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Sapphic Stanza Poems

Sapphic stanza Poems. Examples of Sapphic stanzas and a list of poems in the correct poetic form and technique. Share and read Sapphic stanza poetry while accessing rules, topics, ideas, and a comprehensive literary definition of a Sapphic stanza. (New Poems Below)

Poem Topics Related to Sapphic Stanza

aeolic verse, epic, ode,

New Poems

Premium Member Idle Tears
Falling teardrops seem almost irrelevant,
Emotional indulgence imitating
Children crying over some disappointment
That will not last....Read More
Categories: children, cry, emotions,
Form: Sapphic stanza

Premium Member Sacrifice
Offering up poetry to be consumed
Publicly by members of society,
Resembles standing naked in the spotlight,
Caught in it hard glare....Read More
Categories: light, poetry,
Form: Sapphic stanza
Premium Member Harbinger Of Spring
  Amaryllis apple blossoms start to bloom.
Bumblebees buzz and butterflies float about.
   Fruits of renewal are ripe for the picking.
                 ...Read More
Categories: beauty, flower, insect, nature, seasons, spring,
Form: Sapphic stanza
Premium Member No Wonder
Piscean people have the reputation,
That is, those who typify human "fishes",
Of being slightly confused, perhaps more so
Those Feb. 29ers!...Read More
Categories: confusion, february, humanity,
Form: Sapphic stanza
Premium Member Reality
Rainbows never reach for rational ends,
Moonlight never maintains its magical glow,
Happiness is hoping that however brief,
Rainbows will return.

...Read More
Categories: happy, magic, moon, rainbow,
Form: Sapphic stanza

Premium Member Nightfall
Darkness descends, daytime surrenders to night,
Shadows silently steal the gloaming's soft light,
Hapless homeless hasten towards hidden sites,
Darkness redeems us.

18/1/20 - "Any Form, Any Theme" - Brian Strand...Read More
Categories: dark, day, light, night,
Form: Sapphic stanza
Premium Member Ooh Ah
"Misery loves company," guaranteed the
Liberty of self-pity, gloriously
Wallowing in society's righteously
Greatest of taboos!...Read More
Categories: depression, emotions, sin,
Form: Sapphic stanza
Premium Member Hither Page
Following the footsteps of famous poets,
Treasuring your favourite poems to
Find again that feeling of exultation,
Following humbly....Read More
Categories: celebrity, emotions, poets,
Form: Sapphic stanza
Premium Member Falling Blossoms
Blossoms falling from above fragrantly to
Herald peaches promising future delights
Temptingly awaiting their ripening through
Blossoms that fall now....Read More
Categories: flower, fruit, future,
Form: Sapphic stanza
Premium Member Worst Nightmare Come True
Up, up and away on a hot-air balloon;
soaring in exceedingly high altitude,
then it turns into a fight for survival.
Worst nightmare come true!

Date written: 01/14/2020
Note: I was inspired to write this poem after watching "The Aeronauts" last night on Prime Video....Read More
Categories: adventure, fear,
Form: Sapphic stanza
Premium Member Splendors In The Sky
 Clusters of marshmallow clouds hanging above
       Bright, iridescent colors of the rainbow
        Geese, flying in dazzling synchronicity
         ...Read More
Categories: beauty, imagery, nature,
Form: Sapphic stanza
Premium Member Icarus Falling
           He was warned by Zeus; he takes flight nonetheless

                on wings of wax to...Read More
Categories: death, fate, imagery, mythology,
Form: Sapphic stanza
Premium Member Show Me Please
Show me the ways and reasons of your crazy world
Flip your insane ideas inside out
Bare your truths and try to convince me 
              … give me your...Read More
Categories: 10th grade, 11th grade, 12th grade, 9th
Form: Sapphic stanza

I drove by where we once lived
It wasn’t long before I pulled into the drive,
Oh, the tears that started rolling from my eyes
I got so many images of what was,
and what isn’t any longer.

Poetic Judy Emery ©...Read More
Categories: betrayal, cry, grief, memory, writing,
Form: Sapphic stanza

Things will be different I would say
as I looked around in my world of gray;
I’d tried so hard to never lose faith,
and to look for brighter days,-
praying for all this pain to go away.

Poetic Judy Emery © 1998
The...Read More
Categories: abuse, anger, cry, dark, fear, pain, writing,
Form: Sapphic stanza
Premium Member UNICORNS DIET

Undaunted unicorn, the tamers dew leaf,
Auspicious lovers tryst due utopia,
Virtuous sojourn flung upon sublime wings,
                   dew clump stumps couple...

Date: 06/27/2019

...Read More
Categories: allusion, beauty, food, imagery, love, magic, surreal,
Form: Sapphic stanza
Premium Member THE WITCH'S HEAD

Nimbus green witch with gold eyes and jut out chin
and nimbus hood-like, held high and out taut neck;
Nimbus scuds a cosmos turn, from Salem be
               ...Read More
Categories: 10th grade, 11th grade, 12th grade, 6th
Form: Sapphic stanza
Premium Member A Macabre Dance
silky, shapely, shameless seductress, swaying

   tantalizing, torrid, entangled twining

      languid, luxe, libidinous, luscious luncheon ~

         Black widow spider

May 29, 2019

...Read More
Categories: dance, dark,
Form: Sapphic stanza
Once I was condemned to die eternally
Found guilty without any iota of doubt
Showing human nature at its sinful best…
…yet, God made me free!*

The Saviour with His wondrous love and mercy
Offered to me His magnificent pardon
Which I received, trusting Him with...Read More
Categories: appreciation, blessing, christian, faith, god, jesus, spiritual,
Form: Sapphic stanza
Premium Member Hope, Hushed

Bound by doubt, I stood there amidst the Bluebells,
          Watching where she'd stood but a moment sooner,
              ...Read More
Categories: beauty, flower, longing, love, nature, words,
Form: Sapphic stanza
Fire - Rage - Sapphic Stanza
Pappy dove through firestorms and hazards, blindly!
Burning both hands, losing a patch of skin and
Hopeful, Helpful, Rescuing, did it kindly
Saving poor Henry!

2/28/2019...Read More
Categories: analogy, anger, appreciation, emotions, fire, hero, peace,
Form: Sapphic stanza
Air - Anxiety - Sapphic Stanza
Parachuting has its advantage – Freefall!
Flying, screaming, scareder than ever prior
Chute won’t open!  Now I am coming, gliding
Hope MY chute opens!


2/28/2019...Read More
Categories: analogy, anxiety, appreciation, hero, sports, stress, wind,
Form: Sapphic stanza
Water - Overwhelmed - Sapphic Stanza
Peter dove in, waves all upheaving, raging
Sure as blind eyes always are, never doubting
Saving Sandra, fallen in, shouting, blurping,
Sandra saved Peter!


...Read More
Categories: analogy, appreciation, depression, girl, hero, sister, water,
Form: Sapphic stanza
Earth - Depression - Sapphic Stanza
Trenches failing, sagging and crumpling, falling
Dad jumps down in, holding a sheet of plywood
Quick lads scramble out of a filling tombhole…
Who will save Dad, now?


2/28/2019...Read More
Categories: analogy, appreciation, courage, dad, depression, earth, father,
Form: Sapphic stanza
Premium Member Kiss Me, Love
Love, I’ve never known you to be as gorgeous
As you are in lying beside me sweetly,
At this very moment; and nothing other
Pleases me better…

Come and kiss me now, my beloved:  tender
Touches take me, ravish me, make me breathless,
Eyes and...Read More
Categories: kiss, love, passion, romantic love, sensual,
Form: Sapphic stanza

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