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Curtal Sonnet Poems | Curtal Sonnet Examples

Curtal Sonnet Poems. Examples of Curtal Sonnets and a list of new poems in the correct poetic form and technique. Share and read short, long, best, and famous Curtal Sonnet poetry while accessing rules, format, types, and a comprehensive literary definition of a Curtal Sonnet.

A curtal sonnet is a form of eleven-line sonnet following a abcabc dcbdc or abcabc dbcdc format and invented by Gerard Manley Hopkins, but there is more to a curtal sonnet. What is curtal sonnet in poetry (complete definition)?

Premium Member Appreciating LeeAnn
We knew she was special instantly LeeAnn was darling with a pixie like face. She chose her words with careful precision Confidence evident for all to see. We liked her immensely, she had such grace. She is wonderful; ...Read More
Categories: 10th grade, 11th grade,
Form: Curtal Sonnet

Premium Member Comes the Inevitable Moment
Comes the inevitable moment to decide at last Whether to stay or go; whether to love or hate Whether to stand aside or bravely engage issues To defy the odds and stand proud before the mast To be late...Read More
Categories: anti bullying, discrimination, integrity,
Form: Curtal Sonnet
Premium Member Choosing To Believe
The weight of old age increases with time, dragging spirits down a depressive hole. And taking pills, prescribed to ease your pain, the last years are anything but sublime. You question if believing in a soul, is vain. You squirrel away...Read More
Categories: 10th grade, 11th grade,
Form: Curtal Sonnet
Premium Member The Counselor's Task
Troubled souls come seeking my learned advice Pour out their hearts accompanied by bitter tear, And share the anguish of their burdened soul Hoping this lowly counselor’s words will suffice, To bring some comfort, some freedom from fear Help them...Read More
Categories: encouraging, feelings, health, identity,
Form: Curtal Sonnet
Premium Member Wondrous Castles
I remember being a three-year-old playing in a sandbox at the playground, and how much fun I had molding that sand. I'd create wondrous castles to behold using a pail, although I'd shape each crown by hand. Much like stepping into...Read More
Categories: 10th grade, 11th grade,
Form: Curtal Sonnet

Premium Member Old Glory
Do not debauch the banner--red, white, and blue, By waving it above traitorous insurrectionists’ yell. Old Glory was “so gallantly streaming” in 1812, It has stood the tests of time tried and true From Iwo Jima, the Japanese sulfur...Read More
Categories: america, history, patriotic,
Form: Curtal Sonnet
Premium Member Grief: The Price of Love
Grief flows over me like ocean waves_ My heart is jagged pieces and my soul is broken; Sometimes, I have difficulty breathing in air; And stand weeping for hours at graves; My friends tell me I am quiet...Read More
Categories: grief,
Form: Curtal Sonnet
Premium Member Under Dappled Clouds
Pale dappled clouds drift across the sky_ Chasing the sun away when she wants to peak out; And when in the shadow of clouds- there is a chill; But, still the pretty birds glide and...Read More
Categories: nature,
Form: Curtal Sonnet
Premium Member Wedding Bells
Curvaceous beauty, she knows not her strength Offsets gentleman to edge of his brink. Then she captures soul with her sweet smile. Our hero stretches to his tallest length. Heroine’s face flushes a pretty pink. Their love can be seen...Read More
Categories: wedding,
Form: Curtal Sonnet
Premium Member A Monarch in Flight
Not easily followed, a monarch’s flight Delicate and dainty in so many ways. Jealous of course is Mr. Worker Bee She is lithe and lovely, pretty and light. Wondering if she will last ‘til end of days. She flutters past...Read More
Categories: butterfly,
Form: Curtal Sonnet
Premium Member That Day
A timid glance had caught my eyes that day, Her lovely smile had caused my face to blush. I walked her home at evening meeting's end, Discussing simple things along the way. Her lively laugh had caused my...Read More
Categories: love, marriage, romance, romantic,
Form: Curtal Sonnet
Premium Member Bound for Wales
He'd set off in the middle of the night in order to escape the traffic peak whilst we three children with sweet dreams were blessed. Dear Dad drove through the darkness into light but when his muscles ached and...Read More
Categories: holiday,
Form: Curtal Sonnet
Premium Member Ready to Confess
Cop stopped us and we were guilty as truth. I thought I might need some money for bail. But God had better plans for I am blessed. Batted our eyes, which always works for Ruth. A fine supersized fantastical...Read More
Categories: 10th grade, 11th grade,
Form: Curtal Sonnet
A Winter Evening Commute
The winter darkness falls before the day Has run its course, long ere the eyes of those Who labor seek surcease from weariness. The home-bound traffic winds its halting way Beneath the moon-bound Evening Star and slows— A mess. And so...Read More
Categories: business, home, moon, planet,
Form: Curtal Sonnet
Actions Speak
I’ve never been what you’d call outspoken; my approach is to hang back and take note. Perceiving injustice my heart cried, “Quit!” Fearful, I lingered, silence unbroken. Unwilling, my voice stayed stuck in my throat - apathetic, reluctant, unfit. Insults...Read More
Categories: 11th grade, anti bullying,
Form: Curtal Sonnet

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