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Rubaiyat Poems

Read wonderful rubaiyat poetry on the following sub-topics: wine and more. Read a definition and example (where appropriate).

Note: The forms for these poems were selected by the poet. Often poems are assigned the wrong form. Please confirm the accuracy of the poetic form before referencing the poem.

List of New Poems

PMPoem TitlePoetFormCategories  
Premium Member Poem Blue Flame Angel L Villanueva Rubaiyat devotion, i love you,
Love Shall Ever Sing - Valentine's Collection Vladislav Raven Rubaiyat dream, joy, love, passion,
TRIP AROUND SLEEPING VOLCANO Beata Agustin Rubaiyat appreciation, blessing, christian, faith,
AS TRUE WITNESSES Beata Agustin Rubaiyat christian, faith, god, gospel,
Premium Member Poem Woyuonihan Mark Elam Rubaiyat culture,
The Six Men of Fortune David Cardamone Rubaiyat corruption, power,
Dog days endure purbasha roy Rubaiyat beach, beautiful, happy,
Premium Member Poem Generalissimo Emile Pinet Rubaiyat 10th grade, cool, december,
Summer Flora Mack Rubaiyat 5th grade, autumn, day,
The Dog Days Endure Michael Robinson Rubaiyat appreciation, caregiving, feelings, light,
Love Hurts jay moore Rubaiyat break up,
New Meds jay moore Rubaiyat introspection, mental illness, self,
Real Rubaiyat jay moore Rubaiyat funny,
Captured On Earth jay moore Rubaiyat cool, dark, imagination,
Suddenly Summer deb radke Rubaiyat summer,
Premium Member Poem Nothing Andrew Travis Rubaiyat allegory, break up, fate,
Premium Member Poem The Four Seasons Pashang Salehi Rubaiyat age, allegory, allusion, seasons,
Romancing Summer Jo Daniel Rubaiyat heart, romance, summer,
Premium Member Poem Summer days Lifes' Tapestry Rubaiyat summer,
Premium Member Poem Summer Lifes' Tapestry Rubaiyat summer,
Premium Member Poem THE POET Lifes' Tapestry Rubaiyat tribute,
Premium Member Poem These Three Things I Long For Lu Loo Rubaiyat life,
Midnight Storm Rahima Espat Rubaiyat i miss you, lonely,
REDEEMED BY GOD Beata Agustin Rubaiyat appreciation, christian, faith, god,
The warmth of Indian summer Dietra Reid Rubaiyat summer,
Summer Stay A Bit Longer Dedu Son Rubaiyat nature, summer,
Premium Member Poem Precious Life Angel L Villanueva Rubaiyat baby, child, life, mother,
Premium Member Poem Dog Day Endure Caren Krutsinger Rubaiyat love, summer,
Premium Member Poem Girl with a Squint Nina Parmenter Rubaiyat fun, funny, humor, humorous,
Linger awhile, sweet summer Wendy Watson Rubaiyat beach, beauty, flower, summer,
Premium Member Poem Dog Days of Summer Andrea Dietrich Rubaiyat summer, sun,
Premium Member Poem Lazy Summer Days Angel L Villanueva Rubaiyat beach, seasons, summer, sunshine,
Premium Member Poem For it is Still Summer Lu Loo Rubaiyat seasons, summer,
Premium Member Poem Summer Lacings CayCay Jennings Rubaiyat appreciation, autumn, fishing, games,
Premium Member Poem Dog Days Endure Connie Marcum Wong Rubaiyat moon, star, summer,
Premium Member Poem Expression Expressed Gregory R Barden Rubaiyat appreciation, introspection, motivation, poetry,
Summer Cycles Toni Orban Rubaiyat appreciation, summer, sun,
Premium Member Poem Summer Rhyme Wren Rushing Rubaiyat beach, family, father son,
Premium Member Poem Farewell Dog Days Janis Thompson Rubaiyat august, autumn, summer,
The Phoenix Rises Again David Cardamone Rubaiyat environment, feelings, seasons, summer,
Don't Burn My Dreams Subimal Sinha-Roy Rubaiyat analogy, break up, dream,
Premium Member Poem The Last Red Tear Angel L Villanueva Rubaiyat autumn, seasons, tree, winter,
Premium Member Poem Shades of Gray Angel L Villanueva Rubaiyat depression, endurance, hope, sad,
Summer Treasure Subimal Sinha-Roy Rubaiyat analogy, summer,
Premium Member Poem PLEEEEZ Line Gauthier Rubaiyat friendship, fun, games, summer,
Premium Member Poem The Blushing Hours Nina Parmenter Rubaiyat august, autumn, eve, september,
Live in Summer Tersab Jibs Rubaiyat august, flower, july, love,
Premium Member Poem Endure the Last Days of Summer Rubaiyat Sheri Fresonke Harper Rubaiyat beach, seasons, summer, work,
Premium Member Poem Circles Andrew Travis Rubaiyat allegory, power, red, violence,
Premium Member Poem Silent Giants Andrew Travis Rubaiyat allegory, environment, mountains, pride,

About This Page

Rubaiyat Poems. Examples of Rubaiyats and a list of poems in the correct poetic form and technique. Share and read Rubaiyat poetry while accessing rules, topics, ideas, and a comprehensive literary definition of a Rubaiyat.

Brief Definition

A Rubaiyat is a type of poem that utilizes quatrains in the execution of its expression. A Rubaiyat is (the plural form of rubai) a Persian created concept of poetry, composed using these quatrains. Interestingly, the word "Rubaiyat" is the plural form of the word "Ruba" (which means four). To understand the Rubai, you must first know your way around a quatrain. A quatrain is, as one might expect, a group made up of four parts. Derived from the French word, "quatre" (which was originally derived from the Latin word "Quattuor"), this word has been in use since the sixteenth century. More specifically, in relation to poetry, it is composed of four lines of text. Each rubai can contain as many or as few four-line paragraphs (quatrains) as the writer wishes. These "poetic paragraphs" are called stanzas.

Within each stanza of a poem, you will find a rhyme. With rubai, there is a specified pattern by which these quatrains must rhyme. This is called the meter. The rhymes must occur as follows: AA, bA

An example would be:

I came to teach you to rhyme (A)
and pen verses, so sublime (A)
if you listen close, to me (b)
you'll pick it up in no time (A)

In short, to write a proper rubai, the stanzas of your piece must follow the AA, bA meter. There is no room for error, in this detail. A rubaiyat contains stanzas of four lines of verse. Each stanza will have lines 1,2, and 4 rhyming. Line 3 is free, and does NOT rhyme with the other lines of verse. 

Rubaiyat Poem Example

Slamming The Super-Duper-Soupers

you want to know a secret
when I write a poem and it's perfect
i dont share it
i bury it 
deep inside of me 
where no one else can see
i mean its perfect
not like this shift 
it's elegant, poignant, 
simplistic, bueatful 
trucking perfect
its not erotic 
but i read it
mentally masterbate to it 
a euphoric chorus 
straight form thesaurus
its just that great
im not being egotistical 
if read, it would become universal 
a meter tethered in clasical measure 
a rythmic flow
with many metaphoric undertows
an iconic harmonic tonic 
to make you feel like an embryonic hedonic youth 
im not being napoleonic
its an actual truth 
factually accurate
high in heaven
it produced a tear in the eye of god
who proclaimed 
not a single flaw
not a single flaw 
and he only saw what i wrote
well, because hes god 
me being me i like to tease 
allow me to be inclined to share a few lines 
blow your mind 
redefine your collective defective perspective
realign your ineffective respective connective tisue

"all my cows milk is homogenized 
all my crows are well organized
all my sheep like to stare and creep 
like to stare and creep"

but you'll never see 
the rest of my secret poetry 
that only exsist inside of me 
cows will always moo
crows will always ka kah 
sheep will always go baah baah baah 
and the perfect elagance 
of my literary inteligence 
will die with me 
never being seen 
qouted, memorised or plagerized 
as i will say with my last gasp 
the next line being twice my last
all you super-duper-soupers can kiss my ***

ok all you super-duper-soupers have been slammed. if you want to slam me back just a few things. make it funny. make it a little nonsensical and definitly make it over the top
and if you do slam me back send me a soup mail or leave a comment so i can go read your slam. 

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