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Tyburn Poems | Tyburn Examples

Tyburn Poems. Examples of Tyburns and a list of new poems in the correct poetic form and technique. Share and read short, long, best, and famous Tyburn poetry while accessing rules, format, types, and a comprehensive literary definition of a Tyburn.

A tyburn poem is a form of poetry consisting of 2,2,2,2,9,9 syllables, but there is more to a tyburn. What is tyburn in poetry (complete definition)?

Premium Member Love
loving caring giving sharing he’s a very loving, caring, man and known for his giving, sharing, plan...Read More
Categories: blessing, caregiving, christian, emotions,
Form: Tyburn

Premium Member Busy Spaced-
Bursting, parting rising submit covenant gathering universe planet stars families’ trisections 7/30/23 Written words by James Edward Lee Sr. •...Read More
Categories: analogy, corruption, space, surreal,
Form: Tyburn
Premium Member Words of Might
All day All night Your voice Not noise All day and night, spoken words so bright Strong voice over noise are words of might...Read More
Categories: beauty, words,
Form: Tyburn
Premium Member Portrait
Eyes speak Vims leak Soul roars Life soars Eyes emit energy in pic brass As soul vibrates life in still canvass...Read More
Categories: self,
Form: Tyburn
Love Cruise
On rose Top cruise Don’t lose Brave pose Wandering heart on rose top cruise drives With rising sun don’t lose brave pose lives © Mahtab Bangalee Chattogram 24/01/2023...Read More
Categories: love,
Form: Tyburn

Premium Member Warlock
Great Scot that trot on gnomes and domes Bamboozling, casting spells in dark site Roaming and iridescent like sprite...Read More
Categories: magic, mystery, myth,
Form: Tyburn
Premium Member Wild Sugar Hand
Love Me Hate Me Show Me Shun Me Love me today, leave me tomorrow Leave me today, buy me tomorrow...Read More
Categories: engagement, funny love, marriage,
Form: Tyburn
Premium Member Unnoticed
sightly slightly nightly tightly sightly she is, slightly thick of thighs nightly, hugs herself tightly and cries ...Read More
Categories: beautiful, lonely,
Form: Tyburn
Premium Member Snowy Winter
squeezing freezing wheezing breezing squeezing against each other in freezing temps wheezing deep to catch air while breezing Written: February 19, 2022...Read More
Categories: analogy, cool, weather,
Form: Tyburn
Premium Member Down In Flames
Yearning Burning Earning Spurning Uncontrolled, a yearning, burning flame Scorches badly, earning spurning, shame ...Read More
Categories: heartbreak, love,
Form: Tyburn
Premium Member Rural Plural
rural plural dural neural Is there a more rural plural, y’all? I’m having a dural neural drawl. ...Read More
Categories: fun,
Form: Tyburn
Premium Member Soup Tools
yammer stammer grammar glamour Do folks think you yammer, stammer much? Add the soup tools grammar glamour touch! ---------- (For the 'Bite Size Poem no.36' Poetry Contest Sponsored by Line Gauthier 2/12/2022) ...Read More
Categories: fun,
Form: Tyburn
Premium Member Camellias
Sublime Longtime Showy Snowy Beautiful shrub, sublime, longtime blooms Many colors snowy, showy plumbes ...Read More
Categories: flower,
Form: Tyburn
Premium Member Would I Love You Less If
Robbing Sobbing Dragging Nagging Arthritis, robbing, sobbing came With its shameful dragging, nagging game Written: Saturday, January 22, 2021 Contest: Bite Sized Poems # 33 Sponsor: Line Gauthier...Read More
Categories: health,
Form: Tyburn
Premium Member Tigger Tyburn
bouncing trouncing flouncing pouncing Tiggers: bouncing, trouncing synergy of pure flouncing, pouncing energy ...Read More
Categories: tiger,
Form: Tyburn

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