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Kwansaba Poems - New Kwansaba Poem Examples

Kwansaba Poems. Examples of Kwansabas and a list of new poems in the correct poetic form and technique. Share and read short, long, best, and famous Kwansaba poetry while accessing rules, format, types, and a comprehensive literary definition of a Kwansaba.

Kwansaba is a non-rhyming form of poem that consists of 7 lines of 7 words per line and each word cannot include more than seven letters unless it's a noun, but there is more. What is kwansaba in poetry (complete definition)?

New Poems

Premium Member Adolescence: Apollo's Aria
***NOTE: Poem posted on the above video. If you need to read it again, just right click on the video and then click on 'Loop' on the top of the drop-down menu, whereto, the video...Read More
Categories: teen, uplifting, voice,
Form: Kwansaba

Premium Member A Boon Companion
No matter the place I go I'm always glad I showed up Concrete jungle to meadow Assembly to solitude My eager muse is happy to tag and dance right along A poet's boon companion Date written: 06/21/2020...Read More
Categories: inspiration, muse,
Form: Kwansaba
Premium Member Wonder Of Nightfall
Up so high the fireflies fly Look at them all! Look at them! Thousands of stars in the sky! Birds and crickets are chirping ...Read More
Categories: analogy, beauty, insect, metaphor,
Form: Kwansaba
Tease Shirt
Rap + Port = Rapport...Read More
Categories: rap, wine,
Form: Kwansaba
Premium Member There Goes Summer
My precious summer has come and gone Do hurry back to me, I implore You've now departed, taking pieces of me I will not miss the scorching heat but I sure will all the swallows singing to me in...Read More
Categories: nature, seasons, summer,
Form: Kwansaba

To exalt the Lord in obeying Him Is my divine mission as His servant… Sharing His Gospel* that rescues the lost From sin’s wages in hell’s fire-torment That they will receive gift of life Eternal, assured by His pure, precious...Read More
Categories: christian, devotion, faith, god,
Form: Kwansaba
Asked for fresh trout from the menu Server brought it hot to my plate Pronto take it away, to my horror Two vile beady eyes stare at me And they do not look very pleased Should have stuck to pasta...Read More
Categories: adventure, culture, fish, funny,
Form: Kwansaba
Laughter, fun, joy for all the world! Not just holiday time, forever and ever! When kids can play, mum, dad too! From fear, much-needed respite, all happy! Two weeks of opulent, tender loving care! ...Read More
Categories: fear, kids, life,
Form: Kwansaba
Premium Member The deer shake off the headlights
The deer shake off the headlights We sat in the car outside the liquor store peering like deer, our eyes following Pinky as she went in to the store for a twelve pack of beer. Our breathing...Read More
Categories: adventure, growing up, youth,
Form: Kwansaba
At the silted banks of river Nile, I'd sung to the glory of Lucy; I'd soared high over the echoing Savanna and fought and bled for Shaka Zulu. I was first to push back abyss, the last to be ripped...Read More
Categories: africa, destiny, home, life,
Form: Kwansaba
irresistable kool
Irresistable kool (a Kwansaba for Eugene B. Redmond) by ‘bro.zayid’ For him Miles is not god Just irresistible kool Yet he claims ancient ears Sips Dunham’s golden legged dance From Dumas’ Ra thick gourd Ejaculating ink first Our regal splendid swag… ©2015 all rights...Read More
Categories: appreciation, inspiration,
Form: Kwansaba
Red X 'Trane
Red x trane (a black arts movement kwansaba) by ‘bro.zayid’ Garvey greased Harlem struttin Baraka bluuuue New Ark floats Chicago ‘sippi blood thick Watts fire ibeji badd Big Eazy polyrhythmic Dee stroyed broadsided lovin A red X’d Trane flyin home… @2015 all rights...Read More
Categories: inspiration, memory,
Form: Kwansaba
What Cause, then
What cause to thrust me off my narrow road? When truth, factual actual truth unto me bestowed, In my inner deep’s deepness such sowing sowed, What cause then, to have me in hysterics of unknown kind? Far-off the clandestine...Read More
Categories: christian, encouraging,
Form: Kwansaba
The Space Between
I gather up all of my courage My gaze drifts to the evening sky All that space there between Alien visitation must be a lie The sun and moon still shine for us Eventually they burn...Read More
Categories: bridal shower, planet,
Form: Kwansaba
Easter on the Cape Flats
On Good Friday after church we eat curried pickled fish and hot crossed buns and drink black coffee because we share in the painful agony of the Lord. On Easter Sunday after church we braai * meat and drink like...Read More
Categories: easter, easter, drink, fish,
Form: Kwansaba

Specific Types of Kwansaba Poems

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