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Kwansaba Poems | Kwansaba Examples

Kwansaba Poems. Examples of Kwansabas and a list of new poems in the correct poetic form and technique. Share and read short, long, best, and famous Kwansaba poetry while accessing rules, format, types, and a comprehensive literary definition of a Kwansaba.

Kwansaba is a non-rhyming form of poem that consists of 7 lines of 7 words per line and each word cannot include more than seven letters unless it's a noun, but there is more. What is kwansaba in poetry (complete definition)?

Moon girl
Your arm is Soft like sponge pillow, Heavy is the head that rests on; Soft but strong, made me embrace loner. Serene voice is all you got, deary! Your oxygen the fairy has breathe,gem! This...Read More
Categories: angel, atheist, black love,
Form: Kwansaba

Premium Member The poems I never wrote
The poems I never wrote are all here on my page on this site I mean it I plagiarised every one of them from some wannabe poet that got expelled back in pre school I’ve an...Read More
Categories: childhood, fun, ireland,
Form: Kwansaba
Tackled by a stutter murmur of Deus. The praying ended and packed as threats. Err, umm, uhh, were cliched by vomits. Grasped all the needs and rusty flirts. Prune back Sheoak! The cutest green pine. Pity Sheoak no...Read More
Categories: environment, nature,
Form: Kwansaba
I see a girl in the mirror A thing of beauty unseen by all She weaves poetry, and cooks sublime notions Paints the sky green, the land blue Twirls on cliffs, tiptoes along its edges Drama, risks, thrills, that is...Read More
Categories: appreciation, celebration, encouraging, for
Form: Kwansaba
Premium Member Token Steps
Image of South Africa Cape Town Table provided by Pixabay Token Steps Ruling winds the austral buttes naked slopes ... ...Read More
Categories: africa, hope, peace, tribute,
Form: Kwansaba

There are all kinds of raw fish that can be used to make sushi. Orange salmon is quite popular these days. Try mahi mahi or yellow fin tuna. Mackerel, and caviar both red and black Shrimp and surimi are still...Read More
Categories: food,
Form: Kwansaba
Premium Member Tanzanian Festival
In the bush the dancing begins early Leather drums call from far and near. Steady rhythms mark timed steps, and...Read More
Categories: africa, culture, happiness, imagery,
Form: Kwansaba
Premium Member Adolescence: Apollo's Aria
***NOTE: Poem posted on the above video. If you need to read it again, just right click on the video and then click on 'Loop' on the top of the drop-down menu, whereto, the video...Read More
Categories: teen, uplifting, voice,
Form: Kwansaba
Premium Member A Boon Companion
No matter the place I go I'm always glad I showed up Concrete jungle to meadow Assembly to solitude My eager muse is happy to tag and dance right along A poet's boon companion Date written: 06/21/2020...Read More
Categories: inspiration, muse,
Form: Kwansaba
Premium Member Nightfall Wonder
Up so high all the fireflies fly Look at them! Look at them all! ...Read More
Categories: analogy, beauty, insect, metaphor,
Form: Kwansaba
Tease Shirt
Rap + Port = Rapport...Read More
Categories: rap, wine,
Form: Kwansaba
Premium Member There Goes Summer
My precious summer has come and gone Do hurry back to me, I implore You've now departed, taking pieces of me I will not miss the scorching heat but I sure will all the swallows singing to me in...Read More
Categories: nature, seasons, summer,
Form: Kwansaba
To exalt the Lord in obeying Him Is my divine mission as His servant… Sharing His Gospel* that rescues the lost From sin’s wages in hell’s fire-torment That they will receive gift of life Eternal, assured by His pure, precious...Read More
Categories: christian, devotion, faith, god,
Form: Kwansaba
Asked for fresh trout from the menu Server brought it hot to my plate Pronto take it away, to my horror Two vile beady eyes stare at me And they do not look very pleased Should have stuck to pasta...Read More
Categories: adventure, culture, fish, funny,
Form: Kwansaba
Laughter, fun, joy for all the world! Not just holiday time, forever and ever! When kids can play, mum, dad too! From fear, much-needed respite, all happy! Two weeks of opulent, tender loving care! ...Read More
Categories: fear, kids, life,
Form: Kwansaba

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