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Kwansaba Poems

Kwansaba Poems. Examples of Kwansabas and a list of poems in the correct poetic form and technique. Share and read Kwansaba poetry while accessing rules, topics, ideas, and a comprehensive literary definition of a Kwansaba. (New Poems Below)

New Poems

Tease Shirt
Rapport...Read More
Categories: rap, wine,
Form: Kwansaba

Premium Member There Goes Summer
There goes my precious summer
Do hurry back, I implore
You've taken pieces of me
The scorching heat, I won't miss
but I sure will the swallows 
singing a sweet melody
to me. Gone are the good times...

Sponsored by: nette onclaud 
Checked...Read More
Categories: nature, seasons, summer,
Form: Kwansaba
To exalt the Lord in obeying Him
Is my divine mission as His servant…
Sharing His Gospel* that rescues the lost
From sin’s wages in hell’s fire-torment
That they will receive gift of life
Eternal, assured by His pure, precious Word, 
By their faith in...Read More
Categories: christian, devotion, faith, god, gospel, jesus, spiritual,
Form: Kwansaba

Asked for fresh trout from the menu
Server brought it hot to my plate
Pronto take it away, to my horror
Two vile beady eyes stare at me
And they do not look very pleased
Should have stuck to pasta or soup
Neither would dare to...Read More
Categories: adventure, culture, fish, funny, perspective, silly,
Form: Kwansaba
Premium Member GATHER AROUND
Come around, gather all the little ones
I will read you a bedtime story
About a wolf and a little girl
Who met in the woods one day 
In her basket she stowed baking apples 
On her merry way to Gramma’s house
Fetch that...Read More
Categories: books, children, together,
Form: Kwansaba

 Laughter, fun, joy for all the world!
 Not just holiday time, forever and ever!
 When kids can play, mum, dad too!
 From fear, much-needed respite, all happy!
 Two weeks of opulent, tender loving care!
 Back home, fear faced again,...Read More
Categories: fear, kids, life,
Form: Kwansaba
Premium Member The deer shake off the headlights
The deer shake off the headlights

We sat in the car outside the 
liquor store peering like deer, our eyes 
following Pinky as she went in to 
the store for a twelve pack of beer.
Our breathing stops. She's carded. Shucks.
Fake card...Read More
Categories: adventure, growing up, youth,
Form: Kwansaba
At the silted banks of river Nile,
I'd sung to the glory of Lucy;
I'd soared high over the echoing Savanna
and fought and bled for Shaka Zulu.
I was first to push back abyss,
the last to be ripped away. I'll
return one day, I'll...Read More
Categories: africa, destiny, home, life, visionary, voyage, world,
Form: Kwansaba
irresistable kool
Irresistable kool 
(a Kwansaba for Eugene B. Redmond)
by ‘bro.zayid’

For him Miles is not god
Just irresistible kool
Yet he claims ancient ears
Sips Dunham’s golden legged dance
From Dumas’ Ra thick gourd
Ejaculating ink first
Our regal splendid swag…

©2015 all rights reserved
...Read More
Categories: appreciation, inspiration,
Form: Kwansaba
Red X 'Trane
Red x trane 
(a black arts movement kwansaba)
by ‘bro.zayid’

Garvey greased Harlem struttin 
Baraka bluuuue New Ark floats
Chicago ‘sippi blood thick
Watts fire ibeji badd
Big Eazy polyrhythmic
Dee stroyed broadsided lovin
A red X’d Trane flyin home…

@2015 all rights reserved
...Read More
Categories: inspiration, memory,
Form: Kwansaba
What Cause, then
What cause to thrust me off my narrow road?
When truth, factual actual truth unto me bestowed,
In my inner deep’s deepness such sowing sowed,
What cause then, to have me in hysterics of unknown kind?
Far-off the clandestine black where my road I...Read More
Categories: christian, encouraging,
Form: Kwansaba
The Space Between
I gather up all of my courage
My gaze drifts to the evening sky 
All that space there between 
Alien visitation must be a lie 
The sun and moon still shine for us 
Eventually they burn out and die 
Everywhere a...Read More
Categories: bridal shower, planet,
Form: Kwansaba
Easter on the Cape Flats
On Good Friday after church we eat
curried pickled fish and hot crossed buns
and drink black coffee because we share
in the painful agony of the Lord.
On Easter Sunday after church we braai *
meat and drink like fish and rejoice
in the victory...Read More
Categories: easter, easter, drink, fish, good friday,
Form: Kwansaba
Premium Member ABC of Poetry
 ABC of Poetry 

A is for Abcedarian which is what is this poem’s aim 
B is for  Blank Verse which is metered rhyme with scheme

C is for Chant Royal with six stanzas, same refrain
D is for Doidotsu ...Read More
Categories: kwansaba, dedication, education, language, muse, poetry, time,
Form: ABC
Premium Member The ABCs of Poetry
A is for Acrostic, where the first letter of each line spells a word
B is for Burlesque, a poetic type bordering on absurd

C is for Clerihew, a short and humorous verse
D is for Didactic, meant to improve morals at first

E...Read More
Categories: kwansaba, on writing and words, humorous, poems, giggle,
Form: ABC
Premium Member Haunted House on Top of the Hill
Haunted house on top of the hill
Scares many kids that sure walk by
Ghouls and ghosts make their display known
Deep inside this hold there’s all sorts
They moan and groan and carry on
Loud enough so many others may hear
They bring life of...Read More
Categories: holiday, life,
Form: Kwansaba
Premium Member Sound Swells
Dark skin sweats in a dark night
as around the fire, they drum on.
They drum their pain and their joy.
Red sparks fly birthed by the log.
Hearts entrain to flying palm beats.
Eyes closed adrift in the sounds swell.
Smack, slap, tap, ping, begin...Read More
Categories: music, peace, people, dark, dark,
Form: Kwansaba
High TIDE that Binds
Rhythm develops 
heavenly thoughts
tones of home vibrate
livelihood exists inside
ambiance waves crash
tear shorelines
sliding through marinas
ships live n' die
by rhythm

high tide
to low the sailor knows
to schoon the great deep sea
respecting nature's violent blessing
the Bind that won't untie
excitement for the divide
all there
inside the...Read More
Categories: life, nature, philosophy, sea, time, visionary,
Form: Kwansaba
Is There Any Peace
Weeping willow growing outside my office door
blows in the wind like angel wings.
Each wing unfurls as though taking flight
to some haven where there is peace.
And with this peace comes perfect rest.
The kind of rest given by God
as His gentle breeze...Read More
Categories: inspirational, peace,
Form: Kwansaba
am nices
so think twices
before dis repect
and don't forget
all i have for you too
just let me be
to my heart you have the key
Categories: girlfriend-boyfriend, happiness,
Form: Kwansaba
Pops Barbecue Grill
Each morning just before lunch at eleven,
I can see the black smoke rise.
Pops has his large grill fired up.
Chicken and ribs sizzle over the flame.
Just come here to satisfy your hunger.
Pops is not skimpy on his sauce.
The man is the...Read More
Categories: black african american, food,
Form: Kwansaba
Fall of a Lion
Great lion who once ruled the land,
you are a serf to your lord.
Gone is your kingdom where you reigned.
You now serve new masters these days.
You fell from your once proud throne.
Your home is now humble and plain.
Among those who serve,...Read More
Categories: black african american,
Form: Kwansaba
Shiny Minded Stone

"What's your story?"
she questions,
"you seem interesting."

wildflower eyes
                                 ...Read More
Categories: anniversary, art, business, confusion, cowboy-western, dedication, devotion,
Form: Kwansaba
Environments Verse
Can a word be just a tree?
Is a forest any form of poetry?
Where the soil adds imagery of style,
Rains make the flow of each line.
Light the feeling that reader reacts too.
Warmth of summer the deep rich stanzas,
Winters frigid ways the...Read More
Categories: life, nature, philosophy, places, social,
Form: Kwansaba
Premium Member 'Renewal'
bolts of thunder light up the sky
splash of colour visible as rain fall
rain supply its own kind of music
lyrics the trees sway and dance to 
as flowers smile after months of drought
one thing on nature's mind is renewal
it is time...Read More
Categories: nature
Form: Kwansaba