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Rondeau Redouble Poems

Rondeau Redouble Poems. Examples of Rondeau Redoubles and a list of poems in the correct poetic form and technique. Share and read Rondeau Redouble poetry while accessing rules, topics, ideas, and a comprehensive literary definition of a Rondeau Redouble. (New Poems Below)

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quatrain, rhyme,

New Poems

Premium Member Unimaginable
I utterly refuse to imagine
A world in which poetry is absent,
It would be almost as great a sin
To say that the world lacks sentiment.

I doubt if I could ever be content
To follow any other discipline,
To me the loss would be...Read More
Categories: appreciation, bereavement, death, music, poetry, tribute,
Form: Rondeau Redouble

Premium Member Not The Best
I would not call school my favourite place,
I had not the least ambition to learn,
I attended with a very bad grace,
No doubt I caused my poor parents concern.

I was introverted and taciturn,
With a permanent frown on my face,
Which meant that...Read More
Categories: childhood, class, feelings, memory, school, teacher,
Form: Rondeau Redouble
Premium Member Railway Child
As a child I lived near a railway track,
And I used to watch the trains rushing by,
Now I am older I often look back,
And visualise a smoke-blackened sky.

As a "bush" youngster I was very shy,
And vulnerable to verbal attack,
I was...Read More
Categories: age, appreciation, child, house, me, mother,
Form: Rondeau Redouble
Premium Member The Message
I wish to make this message plain:
We do not need to linger here,
The hellish DEMONS have been SLAIN,
There is no cause for us to fear.

So let us all be of good cheer,
Our efforts have not been in VAIN,
Since this is...Read More
Categories: death, destiny, fear, friend, pain,
Form: Rondeau Redouble
Premium Member Think of Me
I'll be thinking of you as the cloak of night weeps lullabies to the waiting moon,
where morning star through cloudless sky sips the sweet of morning dew,
still, if the light should forget to shine, the beauty of you time can...Read More
Categories: remember, romantic,
Form: Rondeau Redouble

Past Our Prime
I liked it back when we were thought a pair
And held in high esteem by lovers all
Who envied what it was we seemed to share
when we were also fooled within that thrall

As actors lose themselves in parts that call
for reinvention...Read More
Categories: divorce, hurt, i miss you, sad, sad
Form: Rondeau Redouble
Premium Member Come See The Mystery
In wooden covered wagons on the out 
Flanks of town is where you will find the
Gypsy encampment.
Do you have an inquisitive mind?
They have all kinds of entertainment
That has to be lucrative for them to stay
Alive you'll find.
Some people say their...Read More
Categories: adventure, culture, dance, emotions, fantasy, food, fun,
Form: Rondeau Redouble
Premium Member A Dream
You sing so sweet beautiful nightingale.
I am under your spell.
Pretty soon you'll be living the fairytale.
All will be well.
Your discs will sell.
You can exhale.
Your going to be an over night bombshell.
You sing so sweet beautiful nightingale.
Paperwork we will curtail
We will...Read More
Categories: adventure, appreciation, beauty, blessing, career, journey, success,
Form: Rondeau Redouble
Church Bells
Church Bells   

Do you recall the church bells ring?    
When Sunday morning it would fall   
Oh, the sweet joy that they would bring  
Much pleasure from something so small   ...Read More
Categories: christian,
Form: Rondeau Redouble
The River

You give me water I may drink   
That I may never thirst again  
You clear my mind that I may think  
That I may know you as my friend  

I hear...Read More
Categories: faith, inspirational, religious, river,
Form: Rondeau Redouble
I fly wide-eyed into the glinting night, 
Along valleys with man-made stars aglow. 
Thrills and sorrows on both sides line my flight, 
Neon rivers flow restless down below. 

Grandiose dreams from serried rooftops crow, 
Million-watt schemes fuel every lofty light....Read More
Categories: city, culture, desire, dream, hope, people, sin,
Form: Rondeau Redouble
Premium Member It Came And Passed
It came and passed, and not a word was spoken
     as trills sang sweet from the tongue of the sparrow.
          Indifference now, our love was but a...Read More
Categories: heartbroken,
Form: Rondeau Redouble
Do You Want Me
Do you want me to leave you without tears?

Can I part, my beloved, without grief?

But separation drives shaft deep that sears

Thus my heart wounded dying most too brief.

Remembrance steals its way in like a thief.

Your sweet embrace is memory, yet...Read More
Categories: grief,
Form: Rondeau Redouble
Premium Member So many types of poetry
Since I've been on Poetrysoup
I admit I was taken back
By how many types of poetry
My education seems to lack

Could I make my rhyme a sixette
Or would I be 3 short
If I charged for a freeverse
Would I be forced to abort

How...Read More
Categories: rondeau redouble, confusion, humor, poems, poetry, silly,
Form: Rhyme
What the Eye Sees the Heart Cannot Forget
The little shack on the other side of the hill
Now another monument to death, he knows
But something beckons, something, still
This is the path the warrior chose.

Gun pointed at the scattering shadows
Nobody to trust, it’s better to fill
No assumptions. Presently he...Read More
Categories: death, leaving, nostalgia, solitude,
Form: Rondeau Redouble
Unbearable beauty in red
The first time I saw her playfully dancing in the breeze
to the soft rustling music played by the bright autumn leaves.
Under the dusky rose sky bursting in shades of red flame,
she looked like a quaint portrait came to life from...Read More
Categories: beauty, crush, love,
Form: Rondeau Redouble
This lapse shed showers of sorrows
Piercing my diamond heart with its arrows
And as it breaks within my grasp furrows
It paints little hells on my minds marrows

Oh! Pretty maiden so dark and comely
Exhuming my youthful passion spontaneously
With infectious smiles and extorted...Read More
Categories: adventure, best friend, body, boyfriend, feelings, girlfriend,
Form: Rondeau Redouble
Before The Harvest
Before The Harvest

Why is it that we suffer,
Our loneliness alone? 
When the happy dance together,
Arms about each other thrown?

Why is it that we cry in solace,
Our tears on barren ground fall?
When laughter brings crowds from miles around,
Like in response to...Read More
Categories: confidence, cry, happiness, hope, inspirational, loneliness, uplifting,
Form: Rondeau Redouble
Premium Member WE WILL WALK OUR RAINS - collab: James Fraser

Welcome the falling rain with a rainbow smile
dripping onto our face rippling even the sea.
Flowers and bushes mottled wet along the aisle
together in the pouring rain, running with glee!

Without a care in the world the brackens...Read More
Categories: inspirational, life, love, rain, relationship, sweet, together,
Form: Rondeau Redouble
Premium Member A PLACE IN THE SUN

A place in the sun, it's there I want to run. . .
Orange and yellow palette brush my face,
they dry my wells of fears and so I won,
I-- slowly flower from God's skirt of grace.

Unfailing is...Read More
Categories: emotions, faith, god, inspiration, love,
Form: Rondeau Redouble
Premium Member Lover and Friend
Relationships are precious, like lover and friend 
Cherished much longer – built on trusting love and care	
Hence, losing one: melancholy – a tragic end	
Why have to lose one? Is life really that unfair? 

We are best friends, till death us...Read More
Categories: emotions, feelings, friend, love,
Form: Rondeau Redouble

Relationships are precious, like lover and friend 
Cherished much longer – built on trusting love and care	
Hence, losing one: melancholy – a tragic end	
Why have to lose one? Is life really that unfair? 

We are best friends, till...Read More
Categories: friend, love, relationship, sweet,
Form: Rondeau Redouble
Friendly Freeformmmm
'Baby, you taste like chocolate,
You and me we'd make a great rhyming couplet.
A.K.A a grinding couplet.'
'You can get on top of me like enjambment.'
'I can show you some wild imagery,
Me on...Read More
Categories: baptism, baseball, beach, birthday, cat, depression, faith,
Form: Rondeau Redouble
Premium Member The Melt Down
As ashen storm clouds brew above his head,
his furrowed brow denotes catastrophe. 
The lash of his tongue like fire brings such dread
a broken heart is all she can foresee.

Heated anger joins the howl on winds misled,
a wild child of tantrum's...Read More
Categories: child, fire, heart, hope, mother, son, storm,
Form: Rondeau Redouble
Premium Member A DAVID FOR DAVID

He drifts among fireflies and splits the rain
A haze walking through Great Wall’s domain,
Twists of Copperfield’s runes whirls a relay
Under kliegs of stars, mind’s eye becomes prey.

Sweet alchemy washes real world’s strains
Where human life transcends the bleak of pain,
On enchanted...Read More
Categories: faith,
Form: Rondeau Redouble