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Englyn Poems | Englyn Examples

Englyn Poems. Examples of Englyns and a list of new poems in the correct poetic form and technique. Share and read short, long, best, and famous Englyn poetry while accessing rules, format, types, and a comprehensive literary definition of an Englyn.

An englyn is a form of traditional Welsh and Cornish poetry, but there is more to englyn. What is englyn in poetry (complete definition)?

Setting Goals beyond the Sky
Aiming high, you set your sights On goals that seem to touch the lights But if you fall, and failure comes You'll land on heights that others call their summits Your failure will be higher than their win A testament...Read More
Categories: allegory, planet, sky,
Form: Englyn

Separation from the sinful world
God's word is clear, a call to segregate From the world's wicked ways, to separate Not to befriend the darkness, nor to condone The sins that shame the Lord, and cause His throne to moan But many play the...Read More
Categories: atheist, gospel, hope,
Form: Englyn
A Man and Is Kitten
a man and his kitten He had lived in a cottage deep inland for thirty years, now, was time for a change, but it was hard to let go, but now the dog was dead...Read More
Categories: absence, adventure, allegory, aubade,
Form: Englyn
Premium Member Modern Home Owner Gardener-
Modern Home Owner Gardener- ...Read More
Categories: analogy, encouraging, engagement, freedom,
Form: Englyn
Ling Di Long
Daffodil of your eye, hiraeth cried Coracle of the lake Pili palas on your head Twelve dwts cwtch buwch goch gota...Read More
Categories: butterfly, for her, home,
Form: Englyn

Premium Member Spiffy
I consider Jeff spiffy of his rhymes...maybe iffy his forms are uniquely his he'll respond in a jiffy Written October 23, 2022 [7 syllable lines checked by HMS]...Read More
Categories: friend, fun, giggle, tribute,
Form: Englyn
Premium Member Diggity
a day of excavation better than a vacation man and machine - what a thrill feelings of exhilaration ----------- There are numerous variations on the englyn, a welsh form. This is the 4 line version, 7 syllables per line, 1,...Read More
Categories: adventure,
Form: Englyn
Wrath of God
Tempest of God's clouds By lightning and floods, storm shrouds. Contrition saves hawns....Read More
Categories: anger,
Form: Englyn
Seth of Holy Breath
Born of man and holy breath Heaven’s angel who stops death Father of the race of Seth...Read More
Categories: bible, birth, father, heaven,
Form: Englyn
Premium Member Eeoc
orange man sends nasty tweets lacking sentences complete tiny hands do felines greet old man likes to sniff the hair says, “c’mon, man!”, not all there brokers art deals for an heir -------- *Elglyn Equal Opportunity Criticism so everyone can dislike my...Read More
Categories: political,
Form: Englyn
Premium Member Ditch Mitch
Ditch Mitch McConnell, I say, Make room for new blood today! He promotes a party schism, Also, plain obstructionism. A major fault, I can see, Not a hoot for Kentucky. We rank very low in stats, Mitch tries to wear many hats. What’s...Read More
Categories: how i feel, political,
Form: Englyn
Premium Member Joe Manchin, Dino
Call yourself obstructionist Who blocks a popular bill A Democrat, I think not, From West Virginia still. You, the arbiter of right? Your constituents starving, Coal companies pay your dues Pharmacies in your pocket, Stock is the name of your game. Publicity you're...Read More
Categories: political,
Form: Englyn
Premium Member Revamp
Are we two lines in a frame? Let lapse of our sin and shame. Strikes on the clay are to blame....Read More
Categories: analogy, appreciation, change, encouraging,
Form: Englyn
A Man Called Myth
Nefarious man called Myth nasty too many admit laughable sans any pith...Read More
Categories: abuse, allusion, conflict, hate,
Form: Englyn
As I Usually Proceed
Rarely I unfold my heart being vain is state of art ...Read More
Categories: allegory, allusion, analogy, feelings,
Form: Englyn

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