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Englyn Poems

Note: The forms for these poems were selected by the poet. Often poems are assigned the wrong form. Please confirm the accuracy of the poetic form before referencing the poem.

List of New Poems

PMPoem TitlePoetFormCategories  
Premium Member Poem A Triad of Englynion J P Marmaro Englyn gothic, mystery,
Premium Member Poem Attract New Worlds William Masonis Englyn celebration, encouraging, inspiration, visionary,
I'm Still Love Lovie Divine Englyn hurt,
GOD'S LIGHT Emmanuel Douglas Mulomole Englyn africa,
Premium Member Poem ENGLYN the form Brian Strand Englyn lost love, love,
Premium Member Poem Music in my soul - form E contest Seren Roberts Englyn heart, music,
Poem Video
Autumn Terry Hoffman Englyn autumn, seasons,
Premium Member Poem Falling Stars Nayda Ivette Negron Englyn star,
Sunrise Mike Jones Englyn light, morning, sun,
Red Kite Mike Jones Englyn bird,
Ecuador jan oskar hansen Englyn loss,
YOU Robin Brown Englyn care, lost,
FREE CEE i showed this to GINSBURG the other day and he wants me to give up my literary license jeffry cohan Englyn angst,
Darkness Jane Kostman Englyn imagination, dark, dark, may,
Luscious lips Amanda Sullivan 15th July 2012 Amanda Sullivan Englyn visionary,
An Elgyn Talena alienmermaid Englyn love, romance,
Cariad's Spoon Jemmy Farmer Englyn history,
The Young Farmer Dane Ann Smith-Johnsen Englyn people, work,
PHLOWERY PHOOLS jeffry cohan Englyn cowboy-western, hope, seasons,
Englyn penfyr Doris Culverhouse Englyn art
Englyn proest dalgron #1 Doris Culverhouse Englyn history
Y Ddraig Goch -The Red Dragon Jemmy Farmer Englyn fantasy, history, me, heart,
Vertically Impaired (Englyn unodle union) Jemmy Farmer Englyn funny
Divinity (Englyn Penfyr) Jemmy Farmer Englyn love
Glossaria John Beam Englyn faith
Chocolate Emmett Johnson Englyn passionme, me,
Uncle Sam Got My Son, the Man Dane Ann Smith-Johnsen Englyn on work and working,
Lands of Oil Dane Ann Smith-Johnsen Englyn war
Judge Not Dane Ann Smith-Johnsen Englyn social
Beyond Serenity Dane Ann Smith-Johnsen Englyn music
My Valentine Soup Swairik Das Englyn life, love, nostalgia, passion
Machine Guns Dane Ann Smith-Johnsen Englyn war
Someone's Son Dane Ann Smith-Johnsen Englyn death, sad, war
When? Dane Ann Smith-Johnsen Englyn peace, warmen, men,
Fearless Soldiers Dane Ann Smith-Johnsen Englyn war
Death's Fray Dane Ann Smith-Johnsen Englyn war
The Frail Dane Ann Smith-Johnsen Englyn angst
Daydreams Dane Ann Smith-Johnsen Englyn fantasy, life
Fidelity and Curiosity Dane Ann Smith-Johnsen Englyn angst, life
New Hope Refreshes Dane Ann Smith-Johnsen Englyn life

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Englyn Poems. Examples of Englyns and a list of poems in the correct poetic form and technique. Share and read Englyn poetry while accessing rules, topics, ideas, and a comprehensive literary definition of an Englyn.

Brief Definition

Englyn, known as Englynion in its plural form, is a type of verse that originated in the Celtic poetry around 9th century and received a particular popularity amongst the Welsh bards, so much so that it became one of their most used and recognisable composing pattern. Englynion created in Welsh tongue typically followed the rhythmic model known as milwr. It is generally described as three-line stanzas, each containing seven syllables, with identically sounding rhyme at the end of the line.

One of the reasons is the Englynion achieved such a revered status in the Welsh poetry is to be found in the vocal characteristics of the Welsh language. Its natural melody and harmonious, sing-song cadence fitted perfectly with the Englyn form. English, on the other hand, proved vocally less suited to the Englyn, as its natural rhythm did not lend itself easily to the Englynion structure – hence the verses translated and/or adapted in English from Welsh language lost considerable part of their charm.

Because of its brevity and strict rules of syllable count Englyn is routinely likened to the Haiku. However Englynion were mostly used to either bestow praise or deliver mockery to well-known personalities of the day. In that, the bards’ wit in combination with the concise verse proved especially effective and sharp poetic tool. 

Englyn Poem Example

Y Ddraig Goch -The Red Dragon

Cherish her land, lovely boy!
Never let them come destroy!
Show the Welsh pride, lovely boy!
Sing aloud your heart and joy!

I met a Bard of ancient time
who sang to me in mystic rhyme
as we climbed the mountain road.
He told me tales from long ago
of hidden dragons far below
he bestowed in soulful ode.

Now I had heard the dragon tale
and said to him, let truth prevail
without ale tell me the lore.
With no drink to exaggerate
I want the legends of our fate
tell it straight I did implore.

Cherish her land, lovely boy!
Never let them come destroy!
Show the Welsh pride, lovely boy!
Sing aloud your heart and joy!

He sang of the hidden secret
Three mysteries that have been kept
ne'er forget this land is blessed.
While Bran remains in the White Hill
of London, foes or evil will
their blood spilled, shall not progress.

The bones that lie beside the sea,
Blessed Gwerthefyr, shall keep us free
liberty, for all of time.
And the dragons one red, one white,
buried in Eryri one night
by Ludd's might and magic rhyme.

Cherish her land, lovely boy!
Never let them come destroy!
Show the Welsh pride, lovely boy!
Sing aloud your heart and joy!

The dragons' war raged underground
Red against white, without a sound  
'til unbound, from Earth they flew.
White against red, their battle fought,
supreme power, the prize they sought
as death brought red's triumph through.

The Welsh Dragon, so wise and red,
fair means and true your blessings said
fortune spread though all of Wales.
For those of foul heart and intent
a dragon's curse of detriment
that shall vent their lands with gales.

Cherish her land, lovely boy!
Never let them come destroy!
Show the Welsh pride, lovely boy!
Sing aloud your heart and joy!

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