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Free Verse Poems | Free Verse Examples

Free verse Poems. Examples of Free verses and a list of new poems in the correct poetic form and technique. Share and read short, long, best, and famous Free verse poetry while accessing rules, format, types, and a comprehensive literary definition of a Free verse.

Free verse is a form of poetry describing various styles that are not written using strict meter or rhyme, but there is more to free verse. What is free verse in poetry (complete definition)?

Premium Member TWISTED WORDS
words twisted again and again up and down and up and down they go T ...Read More
Categories: for her, how i
Form: Free verse

Premium Member pumpkin lattes
Happy pumpkin spice latte season! Someone said the leaves had turned to butterscotch, banana, and lemon but they don’t taste right. ...Read More
Categories: autumn,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Excerpt from the compilation Prayer, number 9, Serenity
Excerpts from the compilation: “Prayer” 9, Serenity I wish that we can practice and experience Serenity And be aware Of our unresolved hurts, fears, anger And triggers. And see how they create separation and walls And cause deep pain and sorrow To...Read More
Categories: appreciation, beauty, blessing, courage,
Form: Free verse
The elegant touch to emphasise Brocade rich and classy; Nothing to do with Chintz With extravagant flowered and deluxe patterns. The wall is covered with Damask Filled with whirling patterns and embroiled in jewel tones In another room the Fleur-de-Lis What...Read More
Categories: image,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member rubicon crossing
Rubicon it was the day of her birth when she stood at the Styx naked but with all bags packed with immanent sadness and joy too young for being ambiguous she let out a scream and let down a reflex for...Read More
Categories: appreciation,
Form: Free verse

Bonding meadows birds Are tripping the cool breeze on The autumn morn slumbers the sun It is not as bright and hot After autumn breeze winter comes Temperatures low winter snow frozen long The birds have gone...Read More
Categories: adventure, analogy, autumn, bird,
Form: Free verse
Tempos Hoje vivemos aqueles tempos inquietos e duvidosos, entreaberto botão, entrefechada rosa! O novo, às vezes avança, outras avança mais ah! se nesse tempo, bom senso é cair-lhes aos pés, confiar-lhe a esperança, ver nascer um botão, para encontrar...Read More
Categories: business,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member The trial
Why the world is full of Miseries and sadness Are they a catalyst to activate Your senses Your eagerness Your perseverance For the truths and the true happiness And a test for you not to go astray From good teaching To learn the...Read More
Categories: happiness, life, sad, truth,
Form: Free verse
Convidar Hoje, quero levar poucas palavras até você. Hoje mais do que sempre quero convidar você para pensar grande! Convidar a viver para ganhar afetos, para fazer mais e mais. Diretora ...Read More
Categories: business,
Form: Free verse
A Biden Trump Love Story
The man with launchpad hair glides by Glowing orange in the mountain view A red balloon bobbles by his side The other man holds his diaper high Blows bubbles and waves a magic wand Hand in hand both men dance...Read More
Categories: fantasy, political,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member The coldness
Locked inside the office Nine to five Too budy to read the morning papers Too frustruating to read the colleages Too unwilling to read The boss high expectations Too busy to read the world The mind is tangling hard With the cold...Read More
Categories: endurance, stress, work,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Nature's Splendor
The stream murmurs as it flows on plateau through the draping emerald forest opulent, splashes on the wavy contours of lowland in flicking cascades like swan flock in flight. It meanders on jagged swathe clad in...Read More
Categories: nature, onomatopoeia,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member The spinster
Just pride and prejudice Had made her a spinster As life nowadays is Competent, hard, cold and cruel She needs to gamble her life For a brighter tomorrow To fight for women's rights To climb to the top Without the extra burden...Read More
Categories: family, marriage, prejudice, pride,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Lighthouse Love
Lifetime of love Keeper of heart Guardian of secrets Catcher of dreams Guarantor of trust Protector of spirit Defender of honour Caregiver of soul Gatekeeper of home Lighthouse of mine ...Read More
Categories: home, love,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member The miraculous glass wall of a building
The greatest reflection ever seen On a glass wall in the street The sky, the trees, the traffic, the pedestrians, the shops Never try to walk into the wall With dreams During your office intervals Even if you only...Read More
Categories: dream, image, miracle, mirror,
Form: Free verse

Specific Types of Free Verse Poems

Read wonderful free verse poetry on the following sub-topics: animals, christmas, death, depression, friendship, food, funny, kids, life, love, middle school, music, nature, rhyme, school, sports and more.

Definition | What is Free Verse in Poetry?

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