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Premium Member How Many Fingers Does A Sandwich Have
Sandwiches don’t have fingers but
A finger sandwich has many those you eat
Try and finger that one out
A Giraffe is tall and can see over a wall

But an elephant has a longer nose
Monkeys can climb trees with ease
But birds can fly...Read More
Categories: children,
Form: Free verse

Common Sense
brothers in the hood—up to no good
for what's right—some never understood
haunted by the crows of the past
don't even understand the part they play 
makes the shameful past last

causin' strife to your own
causin' broken hearted mother's to moan
moan over the loss...Read More
Categories: black african american, meaningful,
Form: Free verse
Scar Tissue
Monthly Pop Ins
Tear off the almost healed scabs
Cutting new wounds
Deep into my being
Does love need to hurt
Has distance helped 
You tell me no
All words used to describe your situation
He came with bells and whistles
I came with only love
A love of...Read More
Categories: grief, lost love, pain, true love,
Form: Free verse
Aromatic Ambiance Accessed - CA

Along the ambrosial garden alleyway 
of assorted colors, it appeared we ambled together 
for ages, until an atrocious angst of afflicting storm 
blew away all the flowers abloom for us.

As apathy rent asunder my dreams gone awry
the embrace of the...Read More
Categories: angst, emotions, heartbreak, inspirational love, lost love,
Form: Free verse
 ( Looking at the poems of the day or year or whatever the hell- saw a poem that was actually a recipe. Gave me the idea to transmutate a recipe into a poem. PoetrySoupSludge will probably censor it into...Read More
Categories: 2nd grade, wind,
Form: Free verse

Premium Member The Owl and the Pussy Cat
The owl’s wings are silent
The cat has no wings
The owl knows everything
But the cat has a tail and a tale to tell

The owl can turn its head 270 degrees
A cat’s head just meows
Owls are wise with big eyes
They also sleep...Read More
Categories: children,
Form: Free verse
Family Holiday

Just got Home

Suitcase Open

Full of Dirty Washing

I dare not wash the Love Out

Heart Broken

Left with only Photographs 

To File in said Gallery

Until Next Time

...Read More
Categories: family, holiday,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member These Eyes Will Never Wonder
Only your beauty I see
Embracing ever look
Being in a trance 
With amazement

God broke the mold
None so beautiful 
These eyes have ever seen
From the top of your head

Down to your feet
Spell bound I am
Another perfect
Creation by Him

The 9th Potion
You must have...Read More
Categories: love,
Form: Free verse
A letter to my father
Dear father.

Do me a favor K*ll  yourself. 
You and your malpractioners are getting on my nerver what the hell.
You are not a saint but a evil from hell.
You take advantage of women and have no remorse like hell.
Now you...Read More
Categories: truth,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Death of a Leaf A Sad Tale To Tell
Once Green In The Spring Then Hot Summer Nights Now Falling

As trees sway in the wind sending their leaves gently to the ground
It becomes a colorful array of yellow and browns floating against the sky
Twirling like a kaleidoscope through the...Read More
Categories: tree,
Form: Free verse
Vanilla froth of the sea milk shakes 
Rising and falling with my jumps, in motion with the rest of the crowd 
All shimmering with sunscreen and that shiny, slick glow of freedom

Droplets shaken off a bikini land on my magazine...Read More
Categories: beach, beautiful, culture, happiness, holiday, jewish, october,
Form: Free verse
To Beg
In a heated pace  
beauty breeds her longing face  
with set back eyes,
piercing and penetrating
where smoke can only hope to find  
embers that burn thru time  
and continuum  
pure oxygen stoked in flame...Read More
Categories: kiss,
Form: Free verse
Teaching history and advising students
Making an impact in the community
Reaching for the stars and serving man
This professor reaching all his students
Teaching things they do not know
Expanding their knowledge faithfully.

Thank you Doctor!...Read More
Categories: appreciation, confidence, teacher,
Form: Free verse
Segunda ou sexta e mesmo sabado

segunda ou sexta,
olho para o rosto de todas as pessoas 
mas não estou vendo olhos, 
narizes e bocas. 

Só vejo histórias. 

Toda pessoa tem uma história. 
Todas as esperanças e sonhos na pele da face. 
Todos os medos. E...Read More
Categories: business,
Form: Free verse
Previsto no sabado
Previsão de sábado

Descobri: somos melhores em prever
eventos na borda da galáxia 
ou dentro do núcleo de um átomo 
do que se vai haver presença
das convidadas nesse sábado de tarde.

[...] convidar para sábado
é uma experiência espetacular. 

Tenha fé...Read More
Categories: business,
Form: Free verse
October Old World Country Comforts
Screams of terror fill in the cracks
Of  ancient crumbling castle rocks
Everyone enjoys old world accommodations 
Hotels are always cheap but at full capacity  
Cries for help escape into the black 
Dungeons are open to the public at a...Read More
Categories: abuse, age, appreciation, dark, halloween, horror,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Mermaid
Silver flashes through ocean swells
sound ripples across the water
strolling the moonlight kissed water
surrender to nights sensual promise
foam breaks, mermaid soars resplendent
cobalt teal diamond skin shimmers
powerful tail propelling her way
phosphorescence trails behind
sea sparkles flitting in her wake
face startles, finely dotted aqua...Read More
Categories: ocean,
Form: Free verse
My Shadow
I will always make you laugh
Laugh tears of joy
So that you never know
The shadow deep inside

I will always make you smile
Smile about life
So that you never know
The parts you try to hide

I will always make you happy
Happy to feel alive
So...Read More
Categories: deep,
Form: Free verse
Princesses rise
Princesses rise
From the ashes
Beyond rainbow
Her glory days
...Read More
Categories: care, emotions,
Form: Free verse
Lonely Soul


I am all alone,
Inner mind says,
On both your sides,
In front of you,
Behind you,
Some one going with you,
All the time.

Yes, I am with you,
Says a voice,
Do not be afraid,
Go ahead,
Hold my hand,
No turning back,
Take your step,
Steadily, calmly.

Family may disown...Read More
Categories: age, lonely,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Out of Control
One day, two days, three days,
One minute, two minutes, got three?
Even if I forever walk this world alone 
four minutes, five minutes 
Damn it! I will be stone; 
One second, two more seconds, 
Tasting eternity;
I will walk by...Read More
Categories: angst, anxiety, emotions,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member His Paintbrush
Sunlight breaks through the trees
Shining against the limbs and leaves
Highlighting the soft hues of emerald
Blended into the golden orange of autumn
Colors that put me at ease with relief
That this perfect image will be with me
Always enlightening me to believe
God’s paintbrush...Read More
Categories: blessing, god, heaven, inspirational, nature,
Form: Free verse
Grow Old With You
"Grow Old With You"
You taught me this song
And that's when I knew
I had to stop singing along...

This song wasn't for me
But I memorized each line
This song wasn't about you and me
But my love for you is blind

What's with this song?
I...Read More
Categories: crush, cry, cute love, love, love hurts,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member A Wisp of Thought
There was a glimpse of time unknown to man
The things none may ever describe
All wrapped within this wall of thoughts
For if a moment of my thoughts are clear
They are not my thoughts at all
Never again will I see the light...Read More
Categories: beautiful, dream, grief, lonely, lost, metaphor, philosophy,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Weak Thoughts
Why, I forever ask myself
When deep below the oceans surface
Never, would I reach for your hand
For you witness fear deep within my eyes
The sweetest kind of lie, perhaps,
You spoke
It was so softly you cried it to me
As I felt desperation...Read More
Categories: conflict, deep, grief, loneliness, sad, solitude, symbolism,
Form: Free verse

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