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Lento Poems | Lento Examples

Lento Poems. Examples of Lentos and a list of new poems in the correct poetic form and technique. Share and read short, long, best, and famous Lento poetry while accessing rules, format, types, and a comprehensive literary definition of a Lento.

A lento poem is a form of poetry created by Lencio Dominic Rodrigues consisting of two quatrains with a fixed rhyme scheme, but there is more to a lento. What is lento in poetry (complete definition)?

Premium Member Angels Of Music
Rotten old floorboards captured their blood stolen from the world yet still adored; Children taken because they could sing forgotten but for their sound stained horror; Held them and tucked innocence away felt their rhythm in the...Read More
Categories: angel, dark, emotions, feelings,
Form: Lento

Premium Member Poetry Is Not
Poetry is not a repeating phrase totally limiting your unlimited mind, Soullessly following another’s rules knowingly pushing your thoughts aside; Celebrate what’s inside of you extrapolate your soul’s unique dance; Elevate that inner rhythm create your own perfect cadence. ...Read More
Categories: inspiration, poetry, write, writing,
Form: Lento
Premium Member Simple Simon
What if the seeming complex is easy Sought after objects, the day we renounce Naught remain fears and our gait now breezy Caught not by thought plot, it’s ploys we denounce Know that love alone real, oh hermit Mellow...Read More
Categories: love, spiritual,
Form: Lento
Premium Member Synergy
Clasping onto the wildest dreams, grasping for those lost strings; Crashing on air that doesn’t come, wrapping me in excruciating longing; Prisoner of this world you created, conspirator as I breathe your energy; Provocateur...Read More
Categories: emotions, feelings, introspection,
Form: Lento
Wayward, where have all the before; Gone! and how long shall we go on; Accepting those that don't accept us; And why must we continue to bear this cross; be it loss; We catch up; Our powers gone; We belong; Before all the have...Read More
Categories: analogy, assonance, endurance, freedom,
Form: Lento

Premium Member Plotting the path
first things first, let’s understand where we stand thirst for God connect, requires a yearning worst is head and heart walk not hand in hand burst of narrow thoughts leave soul in mourning lament not oh hermit, go...Read More
Categories: muse, spiritual,
Form: Lento
For earth
Earth, today is your day, Faith, in our heart we have, Death for you is still unpredictable, Beneath your soil is our bodies alcove Foliage for you I wish forever, Age for you is not limited, Visage of our humanity is...Read More
Categories: natural disasters,
Form: Lento
Premium Member Lost in Darkness
Shaken birds shrill cry across darkened sky, Awaken to the biting cold wind howls. Taken by flash of lighting pulsing heart, Forsaken stretch of night as thunder scowls. Lost in the darkness, of pounding chill rain,...Read More
Categories: bird, weather,
Form: Lento
Premium Member Coos
Above a weeping cherry tree, whereof storm clouds divide their ways, a dove extends a mournful plea. A love, in quietude, delays. He weaves a mansion, weather prone. Free leaves descend against his will. He grieves a heart he's never known. She...Read More
Categories: bird, home, lonely, longing,
Form: Lento
Premium Member Summer for the Win
From behind packs of premature spring Comes molten summer for the win! Crumbs of hot rain snatched away Numb rivers sink into bleak basins May's but a gentle memory of Days kissed with misty green hindsight Bays and beaches fill with...Read More
Categories: seasons, sun, weather,
Form: Lento
AN EASY LIFE Knowing not a lot about Growing things from seed, Sowing in the proper places, Hoeing out the weeds Sought alternative solutions, Thought I’d scrap the flower bed. Ought to make my life far simpler. Bought a patio instead. 17th June...Read More
Categories: garden,
Form: Lento
REAL HAPPINESS Amazed to see ill-clad kids playing in sweltering...Read More
Categories: beautiful, cool, happiness, joy,
Form: Lento
The Journeys of the Prophet Mani
Greatly he played the flute of God in India fully Beautifully he played the lyre of light in Persia Gracefully he played the drum of power in Babylon Skilfully he played the harp of wisdom in Parthia No land...Read More
Categories: music, spiritual, travel,
Form: Lento
What Was I Thinking
Wringing my hands, I struggle with format. Flinging meter under the bus is a crime Bringing Soupers a cringe. THEY know the game, Ringing line after line in stylistic rhyme! Jump into Lento? What was I thinking! Dump the...Read More
Categories: angst, poetry, writing,
Form: Lento
Premium Member Our luminosity
Brilliant light, soft white, engulfs our presence Innocent heart joyous with excitement Luminescent soul with love in parlance Vibrant heart dissolves in the bliss current Prismatic hues of love, enliven form Ecstatic in our native element Magnetic...Read More
Categories: spiritual,
Form: Lento

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