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Lento Poems

Lento Poems. Examples of Lentos and a list of poems in the correct poetic form and technique. Share and read Lento poetry while accessing rules, topics, ideas, and a comprehensive literary definition of a Lento. (New Poems Below)

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lent, quatrain, rhyme, verse

New Poems

Premium Member They Blamed it on Her
The bowl of fruit left on the table
to wither and rot by those unable.
Those whose minds are shattered by death,
whose minds are weakened and bereft.
There cliché exhibit they concede,
tells of their leal for their dead lief.
We sing a laud then...Read More
Categories: lento, character, dark, death, judgement, society, word play,
Form: Ballad

Premium Member Problem Child
When Uranus in the natal chart
Conjuncts the Ascendant,
The personality will be
Extremely independent.

Then imagine Uranus opposite the Moon,
Sure sign of separation -
Won't be the domestic type,
If that's the indication!...Read More
Categories: birth, home, mother,
Form: Lento
Forever Embrace Love
Grumbling constantly to others;
Mumbling about various articles.
Fumbling in a dark labyrinth—
Stumbling over the obstacles.

Whether Life throws us a curveball,
Together we will forge ahead. 
Never dwell on our differences—
Forever embrace love instead.
...Read More
Categories: love, relationship,
Form: Lento

na vida ou nos negócios
vá rápido o suficiente para chegar lá, 
mas lento o suficiente para ver o caminho.

O sucesso
não é sobre chegar rápido
é sobre conhecer o caminho
e nunca deixar ninguém para traz....Read More
Categories: lento, business,
Form: Free verse
The fleeting dawn has translucent crystal light
that shimmers and wrinkles my furrowed slack skin. 
Then a temperate touch, my terrors ignite
as beneath my waves, dark currents surge within;
since time began, I have carried human kind;
but still I yearn to swallow...Read More
Categories: nature,
Form: Lento

Premium Member Musical line
With pegs and pins in a bucket that’s full, 
She hangs her music to dry,
Where it hums a tune majestically soft, 
And it hums it up to the sky,

And the Lento and Largo sways in the breeze, 
The Staccato hangs...Read More
Categories: lento, imagery, music, symbolism,
Form: Personification
Crie um exercito de dois guerreiros
Crie - Forme um exército de dois guerreiros

Para prosperar 
na vida e nos negócios
Forme um exército
Com dois guerreiros poderosos:
a paciência e o tempo.

O guerreiro Tempo
É sempre livre.
 você pode usá-lo. 
pode mantê-lo, 
como pode perde-lo. 

O guerreiro Paciência é ativo
nunca...Read More
Categories: lento, business,
Form: Free verse
Guerreiros Poderosos
Guerreiros Poderosos

Os dois guerreiros mais poderosos são:
a paciência e o tempo.

O guerreiro Paciência é ativo
nunca passivo.
paciência é o guerreiro que espera
e continua a fazer sempre mais
quando tudo pode ser difícil e lento.

O Tempo é o guerreiro
que espera
o instante
na eternidade que
...Read More
Categories: lento, business,
Form: Free verse
Depression is my only song
Transgression with poetic verse
Nonaggression where it may belong
Suppression of feelings of self worth

Days I have spent locked in my mind
Ways to escape these feelings I do not crave
Praise my ways to have my shadows defined
Raise me...Read More
Categories: anger, angst, confusion, dark, pain,
Form: Lento

dove, it never was of peace, of dryland found.
shove, some need it to get them off the mark.
love, affection for whatever; each other, sound.
above all be one's self so don't live in the dark.

dark, beware, or you can share it...Read More
Categories: truth,
Form: Lento

Delight, when friendship turns into true love.

Spite, when friends do not always agree.

Might, when true love fits like a warm glove.

Fright, when the friendship turns scary.

True love, can be seen in each other's eyes.

Pursue it with passion, dive into...Read More
Categories: friendship, true love,
Form: Lento
I see her coming down the aisle
Her dress as white as snow

All faces shining now with tears
And me like Romeo 

I stood pretending to be calm
She turned and looked at me

And all at once I realized
I will now be carefree...Read More
Categories: marriage,
Form: Lento
Tomorrow never came
Tomorrow we agreed—at our special place
Where we always had—our special dates.
The blooming park with spring in swing
Bring out the larks—making them sing.

On a wrought iron bench—waiting,
Fumbling a box that held a bond.
How to ask—will you respond?
I kept calm waiting by...Read More
Categories: lento, break up, lost love, love hurts,
Form: Rhyme

agriculturists, working the land for sustenance
horticulturists cultivation of a magic garden flower
bio-cultureists landscape ecology, how to finance
aquaculturists cultivation of seaweed to devour

entomologists, don’t you jus love the creepy crawlies
ornithologists their up there with our feather...Read More
Categories: science,
Form: Lento
refine our ways… let nature lead
define the paths of all creation
aline the equilibrium… succeed
fine weather helps procreation…

should we continue to live a lie
would lead to our total devastation
could be that all world life will die
good… no… but it...Read More
Categories: pollution,
Form: Lento
Enter Your Own Competition
Poetry contest I have now decided to soon sponsor
Try and write an original poem in any form for me
Why spirituality is an important and essential factor
By any measure in our strifed lives at present time.

If you feel in your troubled...Read More
Categories: devotion, god, poetry,
Form: Lento
Lord, when I worry about the bills,
Knowing I don't have money-making skills,
Please be my complete provider,
As well as my ever present minder.
When my life knocks me down,
And all I can do is frown,
Please come and comfort me,
For I will always...Read More
Categories: adventure, angel,
Form: Lento
Angry eyes
Unclosed eyes spew anger stern
Unstoked smokeless fire of the wild
Unclasped lost togetherness burns
Uncleaned ashes cover soiled mind.

Fiery disdain the bloody eyes spray
Scary voice threatens harsh to hurt
Flowery attachments wilt in disarray
Wary heart sinks and splits apart.

Remorse could melt mind to...Read More
Categories: anger, heartbroken, relationship,
Form: Lento
When your heart breaks
Your heart when it breaks
Yonder clouds enter the eyes
Under test the trust wrecks
Flower called love soon dies.

Your heart when it breaks
Near melts in distant crowd
Answer your question seeks
Unclear mind dons a shroud.

Your heart when it breaks
Rear time decays in wasteland
Pillar...Read More
Categories: heartbreak, lost love,
Form: Lento
What is real here in this world?
Am I real, my emotions, my pain and sorrow?
Or is my smile and laughter, the happiness borrowed?
What is real here in this very mind?...Read More
Categories: adventure,
Form: Lento
The tiny fresh bud in my garden,
Slowly bloomed into a bright rose,
Spreading exquisite fragrance all around,
That’s what it decided and chose.

Holding its head high in every storm,
Innocence lies in the way it smiles,
No matter what lies in the eyes of...Read More
Categories: appreciation, rose,
Form: Lento
(The Spanish conquerors of the
Americas read out their legal
document, the "Requerimiento",
to the Indians.  Failure to comply
meant the Spanish were free to
do what they wanted.)

Conquistadors in Vera Cruz 
found themselves a radical ruse. 
If pillaging was muy, muy lento, 
they...Read More
Categories: lento, history,
Form: Quatrain
Bliss - clouded windows of blue sky
Kiss my parted lips with moon shine
Miss me as the door divides us
This valentine of mine is so fine

Brand me yours, with a golden ring
Hand in hand we whisper our vows
Withstand anything together, dear
Husband...Read More
Categories: love, marriage, valentines day,
Form: Lento
The flairs ‘n radiances 
Elegances beyond my senses 
The charms ‘n serenities 
Beauties endless marvelous 
Beauties, valhallain marvelous
Allurs, colors charms 
Soft, fragile ‘n tender 
Gentle, gentle so gentler 
Longings, cravings ‘n fondness 
My heart my fondness 
Aaah beauties endless marvelous...Read More
Categories: class,
Form: Lento
The Binding
Abraham wrapped his robe about him,
Laced his sandals upon his feet,
Took his staff in his hand,
And started off down the path
To the place of which God had told him.

A young man rises early one cool morning
Washes himself and says the...Read More
Categories: humanity, religious, violence,
Form: Lento