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Roundel Poems - New Roundel Poem Examples

Roundel Poems. Examples of Roundel and a list of new poems in the correct poetic form and technique. Share and read short, long, best, and famous Roundel poetry while accessing rules, format, types, and a comprehensive literary definition of a Roundel.

A roundel is a is a form of verse used in created by Algernon Charles Swinburne that has three stanzas, and each stanza is three lines, but there is more to a roundel. What is roundel in poetry (complete definition)?

New Poems

Premium Member VERSE FREED to antiphon
Each day remember not,forgive my sin My Lord,within In worship as I praise to You my hands...Read More
Categories: christian, word play,
Form: Roundel

Premium Member Rondels, Roundels and Rondeaux
Rondels, Roundels and Rondeaux These are poetic forms similar to villanelles, with refrains (repeated lines) and sometimes double refrains. Rondel: Merciles Beaute ("Merciless Beauty") by Geoffrey Chaucer loose translation/interpretation Michael R. Burch Your eyes slay me suddenly; their beauty I cannot...Read More
Categories: art, beauty, heart, repetition,
Form: Roundel
Premium Member Double Down -A Rondel for Donald Trump
A Rondel for Donald Trump When those Fake News polls keep coming 'round And their predictions drag you down, Just face the music like a Man And deny it all, the best you can As you try to hide that...Read More
Categories: political,
Form: Roundel
Premium Member Charles d'Orleans: a Medieval Marvel
Charles d'Orleans: a Medieval Marvel Spring by Charles d’Orleans (c. 1394-1465) loose translation/interpretation by Michael R. Burch Young lovers, greeting the spring fling themselves downhill, making cobblestones ring with their wild leaps and arcs, like ecstatic sparks struck from coal. What is their brazen goal? They grab...Read More
Categories: art, autumn, french, prison,
Form: Roundel
Premium Member A Subtle Perfume
A subtle perfume was worn by the gentle Young miss who had entered the room, Making all the men feel sentimental, A subtle perfume That any potential groom Might consider transcendental In the fragrance of its bloom: This was possibly not accidental By...Read More
Categories: girl, men, senses, words,
Form: Roundel

Premium Member Consider The Crow
Consider the crow, that disreputable bird, Of whom, as we know, Little good is ever heard, Consider the crow, Pretty songsters are preferred By most people, although To some it may perhaps have occurred That this bad bird does show, Though it may...Read More
Categories: appreciation, bird, image, song,
Form: Roundel
Premium Member All Shapes And Sizes
Life comes in all shapes and sizes, We never know what to expect, Any day may bring surprises, Something with a different aspect. We never know what life comprises, Its whims are too hard to detect, Life comes in all shapes...Read More
Categories: allusion, day, image, life,
Form: Roundel
Premium Member This Is Not A Wallflower
Sh! Children, come here very quietly to look at the baby deer that's laying in a bed Hiding in among the purple flowers In it's bower. It has a sweet aromatic bouquet that is circling The little ones head. It...Read More
Categories: adventure, animal, appreciation, baby,
Form: Roundel
Premium Member Pouring Out The Stars
Look at the lustrous pearl moon all a glow. I found the ageless elusive Judy in the sky Standing on the moon pouring diamonds From her magical watering can for us to admire. See the way their blinking,...Read More
Categories: adventure, appreciation, beauty, blessing,
Form: Roundel
Premium Member Rainbow Lorikeets Macaws And Finches
What an adventure To see colorful birds that God designed In a book someone left behind. The title was Birds In Nature When I opened it up I saw some awesome Pictures This was a great find. What an adventure To see...Read More
Categories: adventure, art, beauty, bird,
Form: Roundel
Premium Member The Birth Of A Dragon And Rider
Come. John your a dragon rider. Who me? Yes, Your dragon Is being born at this minute in that cave you'll have to ride him up in to the sky To fulfill the prophesy Where two become one That can't...Read More
Categories: adventure, appreciation, beauty, birth,
Form: Roundel
Premium Member I Declare
I saw a small Child with blonde curly hair Talking to a cat with out a care Sitting on what looks to be a tall Brick wall. This was something I had to share. I saw a small Child with...Read More
Categories: adventure, beautiful, cat, change,
Form: Roundel
Premium Member Dead Leaves
My tears fall, every one a dead leaf, I am as a lonely tree, bereft, Leaf-tears to symbolise my grief, My tears fall, every one a dead leaf. And now I stand with nothing left, This blow has shattered self-belief, An...Read More
Categories: cry, death, depression, emotions,
Form: Roundel
Premium Member We Were Waiting
We were waiting on the platform, Our patience disintegrating, To avoid the thunderstorm, We were waiting, The sky had been reverberating As it threatened to transform Into chaos devastating, A dark departure from the norm; We were sick of hesitating, But there was no...Read More
Categories: anxiety, dark, sky, weather,
Form: Roundel
Premium Member When The War Ends
If we meet again when the war ends, I suppose we'll discuss the campaign, Pretending we'd seen all its trends If we meet again. No matter how many have been slain, We will agree that so much depends On what we...Read More
Categories: bereavement, death, friend, war,
Form: Roundel

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