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Roundel Poems | Roundel Examples

Roundel Poems. Examples of Roundel and a list of new poems in the correct poetic form and technique. Share and read short, long, best, and famous Roundel poetry while accessing rules, format, types, and a comprehensive literary definition of a Roundel.

A roundel is a is a form of verse used in created by Algernon Charles Swinburne that has three stanzas, and each stanza is three lines, but there is more to a roundel. What is roundel in poetry (complete definition)?

SURREALITY How does one know if it’s surreal Cold logic sometimes plays its part Is it what’s known or what you feel When it’s a dimensional shift It’s more likely brain, not the heart With many images to steal Yet Moebius loops...Read the rest...
Categories: fantasy,
Form: Roundel

I AM POETRY Do not mistake me for rambling prose As I have structure, rhythm and rhyme Demonstrating how a poem flows My verse is me, it is what I am Achieving resonance is sublime Making the heart feel what the...Read the rest...
Categories: extended metaphor, identity, poetry,
Form: Roundel
Premium Member Where Moonbeams Dance
Where moonbeams dance upon the ice on frosted lakes of arctic flow, a peaceful calm the night suffice where moonbeams dance. A tatted curtain veils the show of dappled blue white light precise dancing across the powdered snow. A scene so...Read the rest...
Categories: dance, environment, insect, moon,
Form: Roundel
Premium Member Filled With Regret
I'm filled with regret seeing you in tears please forgive me; I know you can't forget the way I've treated you over the years; I'm filled with regret. I pulled the strings of my marionette convincing myself, you spilt silly...Read the rest...
Categories: angst, anxiety, break up,
Form: Roundel
I dream of a house, near the stream deep in forest, with deers and bees wavering through wildflower regime evening whispers a rustling breeze. with mystic clouds drowning moonbeams, in avenue of verdant trees- I dream of a house on a hill,...Read the rest...
Categories: house,
Form: Roundel

Out My Window
Out my window, just out of reach Where I can see but cannot go Wanting to learn from what will teach Out my window Through panes of glass no pain to show The other side so close to breach When...Read the rest...
Categories: imagination,
Form: Roundel
Anchors Without Rancour
Anchors without rancour are rare today. They don’t just report rumors, they dissect some. Men like Brinkley and Huntley, anchors aweigh, anchors without rancour. They steer clear of party-lines with no humdrum. No newshawk floored CBS such a long...Read the rest...
Categories: 11th grade, integrity, leadership,
Form: Roundel
Red Moon Rising
Red moon rising scanning below Seeing all, keeping secrets close Nothing in the night it won't know Red moon rising In a haze just slightly morose To caws of a lone calling crow Clouds sweeping to briefly engross Hue in the sky...Read the rest...
Categories: nature,
Form: Roundel
Premium Member Onomatopoeia
"Life is too fleet for onomatopoeia" Mervyn Peake Crash boom bang, I gulp at the din A buzz then became a chatter Gone cuckoo at ding dong I'm in Crash boom bang Ring, zing, jingle what's the matter Thump, bump, today is...Read the rest...
Categories: art,
Form: Roundel
Premium Member In a Vampish Way
In a vampish way, the moon erupts from the sea pirouetting across white cap and trough valley through an impassioned performance of love set free in a vampish way. A persistent tease, she sets her mind to dally with...Read the rest...
Categories: environment, god, moon, night,
Form: Roundel
Kids are creative, made in God's image; we parents are just coaches on this earth. God has prepared for them lines of scrimmage; kids are creative. Kids demonstrate a great challenge at birth. We take pride; their "great"ness we...Read the rest...
Categories: 11th grade, creation, god,
Form: Roundel
We Can Rise Above the Strain
Pain is a cruel and vicious thing That grips us tightly in its sting It gnaws at us both day and night And makes us tremble with its might It starts with a twinge or a throb And quickly turns...Read the rest...
Categories: happiness, humanity, love, success,
Form: Roundel
I See the World With Open Eyes
My heart did beat, A fortress of stone, with no retreat, I kept the world at bay with ease, And let no one come close to me. But then one day, a crack appeared, A chink in my armor, to...Read the rest...
Categories: love,
Form: Roundel
A Spring That Swept In
In a spring that swept in nothing but frost Breath bating, waiting, no warmth did it bring Lifting spirits stalled with chilling exhaust In a spring that swept in No rays emerge like young sunshine offspring Our patience was low,...Read the rest...
Categories: nature, seasons,
Form: Roundel
Premium Member A Life Recovered
A life recovered from Stygian depths tainted by the horrors of dark abyss. He falters as he takes one thousand steps, a life recovered. Pale sunlight stippling through with warming bliss, luminescence he warily accepts, burning too brightly after...Read the rest...
Categories: addiction, faith, god, recovery
Form: Roundel

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