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Tazkira Poems

Tazkira Poems. Examples of Tazkiras and a list of poems in the correct poetic form and technique. Share and read Tazkira poetry while accessing rules, topics, ideas, and a comprehensive literary definition of a Tazkira. (New Poems Below)

Poem Topics Related to Tazkira

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New Poems

I need to walk away
I have to work
I have to smile
I have to be patient
I have to live with those people 
Who all always hate me,
Because I have no choice 
Because i can't go away
Because I am human being.
I have to temperate myself
I have...Read More
Categories: cry,
Form: Tazkira

Baqreid the 2nd Eid
This day to celebrate the supreme sacrifice
of the ancient prophet Abraham
This day to ponder and reminisce
that divine substitution of Ismail for a ram! 

This Quranic and biblical factual story
shall never diminish in its age-old glory

That superb reliance on and compliance...Read More
Categories: celebration, faith,
Form: Tazkira
Nature held a Beauty Pageant
Guess who was crowned a crest? 
A flowery green meadow was the stage and rostrum
Watch who won the contest.

Well, the peacock from India was crowned beauty King
The bird of paradise from New Guinea became Beauty queen.

And...Read More
Categories: animal, appreciation, beauty, creation,
Form: Tazkira

poor cinderella 
her pumpkin coach was delayed
castle clock struck twelve
once again a chamber maid
the handsome prince was dismayed

she was dressed in rags
her glass slippers were old boots
her hair a disgrace
the prince didn’t give a hoot
he knew that beautiful face

so?...Read More
Categories: birthday, fun,
Form: Tazkira
Martyr's Paradise
With the brave nerve and poetic verve,
I have viewed martyr place in a daydream,
Almighty allocate, there righteous soul thereafter life,
Marvelous, awesome, splendid paradise it Seem,
Bowing trees of olive, flowing torrents of milk and honey,
Hanging fruits trickling nectar, Queuing castles...Read More
Categories: emotions, feelings,
Form: Tazkira