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Tazkira Poems | Tazkira Examples

Tazkira Poems. Examples of Tazkiras and a list of new poems in the correct poetic form and technique. Share and read short, long, best, and famous Tazkira poetry while accessing rules, format, types, and a comprehensive literary definition of a Tazkira.

A tazkira is a biographical anthology almost always of poetry alone, but there is more to a tazkira. What is tazkira in poetry (complete definition)?

Jo log dosron ki jaan MAAL ko nuqsan pohanchatay hain. Jo log dosron ki property ko jalatay hain. Jo log mandron or girjon ko giratay hain. Jo roads block kartay hain tires jalatay hain. Jo goliyan chalatay hain fire...Read the rest...
Categories: abuse, anger, character, child
Form: Tazkira

Abu ge chalain sair karnay?? Sidhi tarah dus goli ya teka?...Read the rest...
Categories: abuse, anger, drug, evil,
Form: Tazkira
DON,DAD ko tang kyun kartay ho? Yani mein tum say bada tang hun.....Read the rest...
Categories: abuse, anger, anxiety, death,
Form: Tazkira
Me to tumhain bada gairat mand samajhta tha, Tum to bay gairti mein meray bhi baap niklay.....Read the rest...
Categories: abuse, addiction, anger, evil,
Form: Tazkira
Ahsan Hadith
I learned from Speaker Shaikh sahib's lecture that the Quran contains the recorded Sunnah(practices)of all times.The essence of the Quranic verses conveys the Sunnah of Allah,the Sunnah of all Messengers and Prophets. These aspects are briefly...Read the rest...
Categories: allah, arabic, atheist, books,
Form: Tazkira

Wilayat(sainthood)is a special spark which God bestows upon His chosen men only by virtue of His grace and favour.According to me sainthood is the active stage of divine energy which is found in divine spark also known as Huzoori which...Read the rest...
Categories: allah, blessing, books, islamic,
Form: Tazkira
Vibe Khan
Q.What flexibility Islam has given to women??? only women are permitted to wear silken garments. only women may wear gold ornaments,jewellery etc. Islam gave women the right to education,to marry someone of their choice,to retain their identity after marriage,to divorce,to...Read the rest...
Categories: allah, books, islamic, religion,
Form: Tazkira
Greek Philosopher Anaximander
Greek Philosopher Anaximander proposed that all life began in the sea.Allah"made from water every living thing"And We created from water every living thing.Darwin did not know genetics. He also did not know about genetic mutation. Humans and monkeys are...Read the rest...
Categories: africa, age, allah, bible,
Form: Tazkira
Penal Code Act
1.The judicial system is on the verge of destruction. 2.It is on the mercy of dirty rich,corrupt & resourceful criminals. 3.Pakistan is a safe heaven for the criminals of all kind. 4.We are lost without any hope for...Read the rest...
Categories: books, business, corruption, fire,
Form: Tazkira
Dr Harold Shipman
The case report of a serial killer who worked at several hospitals as a respiratory therapist is presented.The suspect was initially labeled a benevolent Angel of Death who ended the suffering of elderly patients through...Read the rest...
Categories: addiction, america, angel, death,
Form: Tazkira
Symptoms of envenomation include headache, nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, collapse and paralysis.(putar tenu dasan ga)(oye na dasin) Note.Oye DON Hun dus goli ya Teka??...Read the rest...
Categories: body, drink, drug, fire,
Form: Tazkira
Down Dicktator
1.Pesa shaadi apna ghar, Supari Killer say dar(222) 2.Pesa shaadi apna ghar, Zafar Supari say dar(222) 3.Pesa shaadi apna ghar, Pagal Pathan say dar(222). Note.Gunfire or injection??...Read the rest...
Categories: addiction, betrayal, fire, forgiveness,
Form: Tazkira
Against All Odds
Engineer MA Mirza Against ALL ODDS Wiped out BABAS....Read the rest...
Categories: allah, blessing, books, boy,
Form: Tazkira
Neurotic vs Cardiac 1.Dhatura and strychnine are neurotics. 2.Aconite is cardiac poison. Note.zafar supari killer is dangerous....Read the rest...
Categories: body, books, drug, education,
Form: Tazkira
Human Toxicity
After injection,inhalation,or ingestion,the first symptoms to appear are muscle spasms.They appear very quickly after inhalation or injection within as few as five minutes and take somewhat longer to manifest after ingestion,typically approximately 15 minutes.With a...Read the rest...
Categories: addiction, body, drink, drug,
Form: Tazkira

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