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Metrical Tale Poems | Metrical Tale Examples

Metrical Tale Poems. Examples of Metrical Tale and a list of new poems in the correct poetic form and technique. Share and read short, long, best, and famous Metrical Tale poetry while accessing rules, format, types, and a comprehensive literary definition of a Metrical Tale.

A metrical tale is a simple and straightforward long story consisting usually of a single series connective events, and which usually do not form a plot, but there is more to a metrical tale. What is metrical tale in poetry (complete definition)?

Premium Member True Story
True Story We were there in the beginning with the Father and His son, His Spirit all around us… in a world all of our own.The other angels, spiritual beings, created just like you and...Read the rest...
Categories: bible, christian, creation, faith,
Form: Metrical Tale

Premium Member The Heir
In days of yore, when gods ruled and men sinned, a tale unfolded, whispered by the wind. Etana, King of Kish, his heart aflame, yearned for a son; a successor to name. Escaping corporeal bounds,...Read the rest...
Categories: myth, mythology,
Form: Metrical Tale
The Undying Voices
1952. Curfew was on and roads were vacant. Some armed hands were still haunting there To hush every possible roar or uprising rant With the spiteful hammer of thunderous fear. But a murmur of revolution was soon heard As thousands...Read the rest...
Categories: conflict, history,
Form: Metrical Tale
The Eighth Note of Octave
Pray, spare this man of a rare calibre, Fine, let him prove how good he’s as singer. Soon as Malhar was sung, rain cooled the breeze, Leaves perked up to listen from nearby trees, Beats of Mridang on...Read the rest...
Categories: history, music, silence,
Form: Metrical Tale
Wonders of Love
Life is short But love can be shorter I wonder if love could ever be overwhelming I wonder if we could ever get tired of love I wonder if we’d push people away because they love us Is...Read the rest...
Categories: 10th grade, best friend,
Form: Metrical Tale

Jair Bolsonaro
Amidst the storm of public unrest, Bolsonaro took charge in Brazil's nest, The race for president was questioned with zeal, But Bolsonaro won, his opponents left to reel. The world was watching, hopeful in wait, For a leader who'd bring...Read the rest...
Categories: memorial,
Form: Metrical Tale
There Was An Old Lady Who Lived In a Hut
I heard a story being told by a traveling man. He told of a story that was passed down from father to son for generations This story journeyed from country to country and was translated...Read the rest...
Categories: appreciation, friendship, society, symbolism,
Form: Metrical Tale
Son of the rising sun; a child of prowess. Hatched from the spawn of the raiders' conquest. He rose from the trail of the claws that raid. His sage was a tale that became a...Read the rest...
Categories: hero,
Form: Metrical Tale
Goddess From Heaven
Goddess from heaven with a top of golden; Descended like an omen to brighten the minds of men. She sings deeply well; She dances like an angel; She acts like it's real and casts away her spell. ...Read the rest...
Categories: beauty,
Form: Metrical Tale
Goddess of Sultry
Goddess of sultry As adored by many Her hair golden Makes the heart smitten Like a lily of white A rose with astride Makes the wind like To take away her wrap Her mysterious craze...Read the rest...
Categories: beauty,
Form: Metrical Tale
Premium Member Tale of An Ambivalent Guise
' Hesitant Heart to wobble despite of desirous soulmate to welcome.' ...Read the rest...
Categories: anxiety,
Form: Metrical Tale
Premium Member Tale of the Magic Mirror
People said she was ugly, this simple girl of fifteen springs. At home she didn’t have a mirror, because her parents thought her fragile heart would break if she saw her face so very ugly. She liked...Read the rest...
Categories: girl, mirror,
Form: Metrical Tale
Premium Member Geese, Goslings and the Bridge
Geese, Goslings and the Bridge Sometimes, when you least expect it, Mother Nature makes a u-turn and draws you into the ridiculous. Such was the time recently as I was returning from a friend’s home...Read the rest...
Categories: bird, family,
Form: Metrical Tale
The Quest of the Tridents
In days of old, stood the protectors of the realm, Ocean protectors that stood strong at the helm, King Neptune spoke of a vivid dream, That perturbed him it would no doubt seem, His wondrous kingdom was under...Read the rest...
Categories: adventure, change, environment, hope,
Form: Metrical Tale
Tale of the Lost Chalice
They journeyed through the woods Over the mountains and hills The book spoke about them It said nothing about their adventure It said nothing about their sojourn To retrieve the lost chalice Mysteriously stolen Enchanted and bewitched It had brought calamities and...Read the rest...
Categories: mystery, poetry,
Form: Metrical Tale

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