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Metrical Tale Poems | Metrical Tale Examples

Metrical Tale Poems. Examples of Metrical Tale and a list of new poems in the correct poetic form and technique. Share and read short, long, best, and famous Metrical Tale poetry while accessing rules, format, types, and a comprehensive literary definition of a Metrical Tale.

A metrical tale is a simple and straightforward long story consisting usually of a single series connective events, and which usually do not form a plot, but there is more to a metrical tale. What is metrical tale in poetry (complete definition)?

Premium Member One Circle
Eagles fly Minds soar While Eagle flies soaring off ahead to where s/he became back before Egged on Eagles fly......Read More
Categories: confidence, flying, integrity, journey,
Form: Metrical Tale

Premium Member Tale of the Forgiving Betold
*Image of Forgiveness by Pixabay. Tale of the Forgiving Betold Albeit a notable stretch that stars wouldst a fairer share of thee and sheath thy warm expanse. Sire, alack thy humble servant beseech thee, me Lord, for wouldst thee taketh to mind thoust faileth...Read More
Categories: anniversary, forgiveness,
Form: Metrical Tale
Premium Member Tale of The Last Warrior
*Image of Warrior and Sword by Pixabay. Tale of The Last Warrior Wouldst, such mortal traverse the crags of Ne'ermere tails, tis a grayest hour whence Luna's twilight flits her crown whipped freed of mnemonic shimmers. Hail winds bade the cliffs fond too...Read More
Categories: courage, endurance, imagery, meaningful,
Form: Metrical Tale
Premium Member Tale of The Night Movers
*Image of Lovers Night by Pinterest. Tale of The Night Movers Hail, a phantom moon traversing its cloaked chambered recesses of her prevalent crown. Unspool gently and host minding eyes immersed within your ethereal pull exacting Cupid's pursuit impresses dependably. Slay suspicious initiatives yond hints of...Read More
Categories: extended metaphor, good night,
Form: Metrical Tale
Premium Member Take Care Wally Cleaver
*Image of Tony Dow by News. AUDIO VIDEO of 500 Miles by Peter, Paul & Mary Take Care Wally Cleaver Wally: Watch the hair! My faculties are under arrest! I have been subpoenaed by a Board of Inquiry! Namely, Mr. & Mrs....Read More
Categories: appreciation, character, childhood, film,
Form: Metrical Tale

Loyal companion whose racing paws & booming howl is heard before she is seen. A wonderful addition to a family who’s known loss. Grayed from the years, you still seem playful and spritely, albeit a little fluffy....Read More
Categories: break up, cute, dog,
Form: Metrical Tale
Dale's Kale
Something came in the mail so i became pale but it was just a male named dale eating stale kale on sale found on a rail at yale but he failed and his female wearing...Read More
Categories: boy, drink, fate, food,
Form: Metrical Tale
Can A Lady Love This Mister
Because of it 'we' laughed as grass is green there is she common. Realized; how it is I became, such implied in her, with favor. And being left off distant of, but near to her, I thus...Read More
Categories: 12th grade,
Form: Metrical Tale
Premium Member In The Garden
In The Garden Wow! Plants and flowers and everything, they beautify the garden and make everything green. But just underneath what is that I see moving? It’s a cobra in its lair with...Read More
Categories: animal, beautiful, children, earth,
Form: Metrical Tale
Premium Member A Soft Silky Breeze
Light winds danced with tall trees. Bare branches swayed in a slow harmony as roots spread during an opus of a crispy moon. Frosted leaves lay in gathering heaps; victims of the equinox and winter’s dearth. I communed with...Read More
Categories: 11th grade, beauty, cool,
Form: Metrical Tale
Sometimes I walk at night alone With this knowledge and ability to take space and I remember the pain cutting me Like a thousand stabbing knives and I tried hard not to cry I could hear the paramedic say "This...Read More
Categories: anger, dark,
Form: Metrical Tale
In his last breath
A distant wail, a spirit cried “Too short a life! , too short a life!” A piercing sound in the dead of night “Too short a life! , too short a life!” My candle lit to seek the sight I...Read More
Categories: age, allegory, analogy, anxiety,
Form: Metrical Tale
A gardener to greens
The land you grow on is His, As water is, sunlight is; And I'm but a care keeper And claim to be no owner, I raise crops blest by His bliss… He says, heart gone...Read More
Categories: garden, green, nature,
Form: Metrical Tale
Morning Star
Morose morn, but sun’s a catalyst, warm On the eave, the pigeon’s contumely coo, rids a night’s cumbersome, cold, smother New day, dearth of dew on concrete lawn Its dull gray lightened by that eloquent hi nodding chesty chary iridescence...Read More
Categories: allusion,
Form: Metrical Tale
Witches And More Wood
Yeoman throw On another ****** Fuel the Fire Yeoman Throw on Another ****** To fuel The fire Yoe Man ...Read More
Categories: firework,
Form: Metrical Tale

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