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Metrical Tale Poems - New Metrical Tale Poem Examples

Metrical Tale Poems. Examples of Metrical Tale and a list of new poems in the correct poetic form and technique. Share and read short, long, best, and famous Metrical Tale poetry while accessing rules, format, types, and a comprehensive literary definition of a Metrical Tale.

A metrical tale is a simple and straightforward long story consisting usually of a single series connective events, and which usually do not form a plot, but there is more to a metrical tale. What is metrical tale in poetry (complete definition)?

New Poems

Felt but Forgotten
Willing to pay the most tragic of prices I just want to feel something soon Using her beauty for only the worst of vices Knows what she’s doing too Can’t stop the hate that follows temptation You’re all I want...Read More
Categories: 10th grade, 11th grade,
Form: Metrical Tale

All Aboard
On this day, a wee time ago_ after rough sails, you floated ashore. From life-giving waters, a brand-new soul_ for my eyes alone_ like unto one never-before. Bless my heart! Just look at that face_ round and...Read More
Categories: adventure, baby, birthday, celebration,
Form: Metrical Tale
Premium Member Ellipse
At sunrise the heron soars effortlessly upon the breeze as waves roll in and crash upon the rocks and beaches rising tides reach high upon the sands slowly fading away the sun breaks through my window and kisses...Read More
Categories: appreciation, beach, beauty, bird,
Form: Metrical Tale
Aap ki awaz
Aap ki awaz Na Mai mazboor nope it's a dark sky which cry when you cry and the sadness of your dreams comes near you like a shadow of love For giggling and waiting for...Read More
Categories: 12th grade, best friend,
Form: Metrical Tale
A nomad's lockdown tale
In a time of panic,when the world battled a pandemic, He was a migrant,kicked by nasty tyrants. Days of thirst,Months of famine; Shattered dreams,isolation and quarantine, The lock down had made him quite confined. His hardships began when they had...Read More
Categories: assonance, emotions,
Form: Metrical Tale

Premium Member Bi - folding Doors
Six months after my Mother decided to move out of the house, which only she and I shared. Had not...Read More
Categories: 11th grade, beauty, care,
Form: Metrical Tale
Eating Good in The Ghettohood
Life in the “Ghettohood” is finger licking good, All souls in their folly keeps my coffers full and jolly Anger hate and bigotry’s the best kind of energy. Loud ruthless gangsters, young naughty pranksters; Keeping up with the Kardashians,...Read More
Categories: career, character, corruption, environment,
Form: Metrical Tale
Premium Member Tales Of Forgiveness Challenge
Be it a notable stretch that stars wouldst a fairer chance embrace your warmth than I who hadst failed thee but tis once, shouldst I appeal the heavens tis noble quest so that I may...Read More
Categories: forgiveness,
Form: Metrical Tale
Yet I Smile With Sparkling Eyes
My anger boils deep down inside. Yet I smile with sparkling eyes. Hot blood flowing vie chamber to chamber… Thumping heart beats vexed closer to danger… Drinking in downpouring tears and cries. Yet I smile with sparkling eyes. Pissing out vengeance,...Read More
Categories: 2nd grade, anger, body,
Form: Metrical Tale
Premium Member Tale Of Death's Challenge
So when the webbed-tide snares the lunars nether recesses in its glow casting shadows that arise among the craggs wedged beside some cliffs of common confirmed debris of the unnamed fallen heaps of mucked mired...Read More
Categories: dark, death,
Form: Metrical Tale
Premium Member Tale Of Light's Challenge
'Tis presently an echoed day and with it, the lips touching an unbridled tongue for it has lain on a countertop of held shames beholden to tasteless breakups that fester in a devil's brew, for...Read More
Categories: fire,
Form: Metrical Tale
Cavorting around while fecund
Peachy keen verboten maiden jailbait USA plum ova ripe fruit inevitably, inimitably, invariably,... whets whistle pubescent magic flute impossible mission to rein with absolute zero sucks esse to temper acute raging testosterone, I attribute overbearing animal urge doth constitute difficult surge protector resultantly, subsequently,...Read More
Categories: 10th grade, 11th grade,
Form: Metrical Tale
Premium Member Tale Of Love's Challenge
Hail the phantom moon that traverses the murky chambered recesses of a remnant domain. Unspool gently for favorite eyes that cast within your magical lure that exacts Cupid's aim be true and that hearts pierced,...Read More
Categories: adventure, allegory, love, true
Form: Metrical Tale
Dark Secrets
Here we are, not knowing what to say To each others' face, as we both are confused Which face do we say it to? The faces we show, or the ones we hide? We put the niceties on display,...Read More
Categories: 12th grade, abortion, age,
Form: Metrical Tale
Premium Member The Lesson of the Chicadee
The Lesson of the Chicadee The Chicadee has found the tube Of little bird seed, then She flew away to spread the news To her flock to feed. To share her joy with Her friends in need....Read More
Categories: metaphor,
Form: Metrical Tale

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