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Madah Poems | Madah Examples

Madah Poems. Examples of Madahs and a list of new poems in the correct poetic form and technique. Share and read short, long, best, and famous Madah poetry while accessing rules, format, types, and a comprehensive literary definition of a Madah. What is madah in poetry (complete definition)?

Beyond the Veil of Emotion
Always lingering just beyond the realm of hurt Emerging against whispers of the heart Appearing against its hesitant pleas for caution Showing up when the heart advices not to Flourishing amidst uncharted moments Thriving amidst an unexplored territory Running away from...Read More
Categories: dedication, emotions, fantasy, sorrow,
Form: Madah

I'M An African Woman
I'm a woman Yes, an African woman ...Read More
Categories: confidence, humanity, literature, mother,
Form: Madah
Premium Member Madah: Highest Be Praised
*Image of Best Startups by WMaga. Madah: Highest Be Praised Yes, praise be to the Highest, Yes, praise be to the Highest above them all, Praise be true to the king that rule, Praise be the realm his people's home, Praise...Read More
Categories: beautiful, prayer,
Form: Madah
Premium Member Madah--I Do Sing Praises To My God--
Categories: adventure, appreciation, dedication, devotion,
Form: Madah
To Remember
I'm writing this down because I don't know how to express my feelings or emotions I feel so much that I get lost in emotional adventures of anguish, sometimes of ones with angels I am writing this...Read More
Categories: forgiveness, memory, perspective, remember,
Form: Madah

Premium Member My Devoted Patron
No one ever had a more devoted super patron. He marveled at every painting and poem I thought up. He cheered at each of my gaudy crazy color choices, He toasted all my thoughts with a golden glass...Read More
Categories: friend, life,
Form: Madah
Honestly True
(Fact) I am not a Queen but we do shared the same birthday. She's the greatest role model ever existed to me She's is the person I would look up to more than my parents. She would be...Read More
Categories: truth,
Form: Madah
Premium Member The Wedding Picture
Mom and Dad's wedding picture frames a glass-covered black and white frozen moment with warm smiles for invisible cameras. He in his WWII uniform of a first class private Republican with recent patriotic death technology experience. She in a white satin...Read More
Categories: community, creation, earth, family,
Form: Madah
You Are Love of My Heart
You are just you are The love of my heart. It's just me,I just love Now with just that. Can not live in, Away from you, Now also a moment. It is from you only from you, Is my world. I do not have...Read More
Categories: april, aubade, august, bangla,
Form: Madah
Hood Rat
Zero chills Poping pills Month 9 panctured belly Baby never made it Mama still shaking booty Thursday reaggae Still lit she feel Someone call Dr dolittle I got a litre of baby bloody juice Lit mamma,s litter Littered by the lit...Read More
Categories: abortion,
Form: Madah
The Figure a Poem Makes By Robert Frost
Abstraction is an old story with the philosophers, but it has been like a new toy in the hands of the artists of our day. Why can't we have any one quality of poetry we...Read More
Categories: art, education,
Form: Madah
Kata Tajam
kata-kata yang tajam bisa menjadi pedang penikam untuk menghancurkan keburukan dan menggiring pada kebaikan Jogjakarta, 30 April 2016...Read More
Categories: inspirational,
Form: Madah
The Sheikh
The flying hills and its tinted gold Its pyramids and the blinking moulds Beautiful the night, a city behold New dawn it was at Bur Dubai The city that never boasts of mountain Infertile the land unfriendly the grains Until comes...Read More
Categories: appreciation, dedication, eulogy, humanity,
Form: Madah
Up Another Level
I got slower in my travels The sadder the sights that meet my eyes A reflection on the train windows Cities in decay, streets overcome with tears It cant move fast enough for me I feel the dirt of the...Read More
Categories: life,
Form: Madah
Poets Are Prostitutes
Poems, prose and roses Poets hate politicians Poets prefer poking pens at people P-words, power and paupers Poets love writing about love Tears, the sky and meadows Poets are prostitutes They are sex vendors They expose their naked thoughts To the world They talk dirt...Read More
Categories: africa, character, emotions, feelings,
Form: Madah

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