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Dramatic Verse Poems

Dramatic Verse Poems. Examples of Dramatic Verses and a list of poems in the correct poetic form and technique. Share and read Dramatic Verse poetry while accessing rules, topics, ideas, and a comprehensive literary definition of a Dramatic Verse. (New Poems Below)

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blank verse, drama, free verse, narrative, prose, verse,

New Poems

"This might be of no value to your  instinct though,
Losing my presence might cause your flesh nothing,
Basically to the wisdom surrounding this lost age.
But speculatively would hurt the cleanest and sacred spirit willing to direct you.
I need you every...Read More
Categories: devotion, love,
Form: Dramatic Verse

Suicidal thoughts
These suicidal thoughts got me lost inside my head
It's hard for me to wake up  and roll out of bed
I'm tired of feeling weak, sad and I'm tired of feeling dead every day gets harder i destroy everything ...Read More
Categories: blue, crazy, death, god, health, heaven, hurt,
Form: Dramatic Verse
Perdoname Dios
No es ningún secreto, siempre soy vocal con la forma en que me siento
No quiero estar viva, la depresión me va a matar
La familia dice que necesito ayuda, pero no creo que la consigan. Lo que siento está grabado en...Read More
Categories: angel, anger, anxiety, care, emotions, father son,
Form: Dramatic Verse
This thoughts of killing my self
There is no one else to blame, I cause my own loneliness. I am the reason why my heart is broken in two. I looked in the mirror and at that person I barely knew. Who the hell am I?...Read More
Categories: absence, anger, anxiety, cry, depression, evil, feelings,
Form: Dramatic Verse
An aroma of Gardens
A rose peels back
to revel
an endless beauty,

Deep colors of Life,
A Symmetry of shapes,

An aroma of

This beautiful flower,

This Life balanced,
by a deeper grief,

A grief so deep,
Its roots can’t be seen,

For we know,

All that we have,
Must be given back,

Love borrowed,
Ready to be...Read More
Categories: beautiful, faith, giving, happiness, rose,
Form: Dramatic Verse

Premium Member This View in My Mirror How I See Myself
My blurry eyes are talkin 
As I look at myself in the mirror. 
Looks like my grandfather
Facial views this over round sounds
teary eyes saddened by my brown hopeless import Flan's I marry myself then I'll
The sunken grin my visage...Read More
Categories: allusion, appreciation, how i feel,
Form: Dramatic Verse
Brimstone Reign
Goodbye, Homo Erectus!
Talking monkey with the rainforest tan
Bent knuckles scarred ...
low brow crouching,
and arched eyes wondering — 
Looking at the bright yellow rock
dusk paper moon burning
Green banana hope 
is swelter swagger of nuclear dawn man

Bad buy, Homo Sapien!
Curious chimpanzee, ever...Read More
Categories: allegory, dark, memorial, visionary,
Form: Dramatic Verse
Premium Member Baptism of Love
And the water rolling down a mountain does the talking
where the streams murmuring echoes inside this earth 
Heart of one thousand whispers enters the soul 
rendering homage to Justice 
sin is an outrage to Thy Majesty 
Vain driven desires will...Read More
Categories: baptism, blessing, christian, faith, god, judgement, love,
Form: Dramatic Verse
Loves' Dissolute Games
How is it that you touch me without hands from afar heating my soul?
And awakening the deepest depths of my being.
Stirring my mind into lustful wonder, lifting me up, then pulling me under
Swaying me to and fro. Closing my eyes...Read More
Categories: absence, betrayal, conflict, dream, i miss you,
Form: Dramatic Verse
The silence fell like winter snow
The silence fell like winter snow,
Wrapping the landscape in an eerie quietness,

For a moment,
Bringing calm,
to our collective madness,

A gift
From heaven,

A glimpse offered,
As to what it is to be sane,

A Stillness,
That we may know our way back,
In the storm.

John Roberts...Read More
Categories: courage, earth, prayer, senses, silence, snow, winter,
Form: Dramatic Verse
A Baffling Question

Who do you say built the pyramids?
If you believe as many do that aliens did,
then please consider soberly
glaring objections to your theory.

First, the question of space travel,
specifically the means and how possible?
If from as yet an unknown planet,
in which galaxy...Read More
Categories: destiny, mystery, space, travel,
Form: Dramatic Verse
Truth be told
I no longer want deaths and wars
Come part the horizon, Jesus
Christ come now to receive us

If there were a Santa I want only just to know his true origin
What I want for Christmas, love and freedom

Twas just a...Read More
Categories: analogy, appreciation, assonance, blessing, encouraging, engagement, how
Form: Dramatic Verse
Premium Member BLACK AND BLUE- -
 I am a Son of an African American
I run
my turmoils taints the history books
yet people give me evil looks
I run
I choose
Yet I am 
Black and blue, this is my physical hurt

Been given a name by my parents James
This is...Read More
Categories: analogy, anxiety, appreciation, black african american, bullying,
Form: Dramatic Verse
Morsels of Deceit
Give the people what they want,
let them have it   quickly
The pot is on the boil,
hissing steam 
Desires of an improper seethe

Angry thoughts on a roil,
the patience of diligence dissipating
Hurriedly, they the cast the peppery vote
For they all savor...Read More
Categories: perspective, political, truth, wisdom,
Form: Dramatic Verse
Perdon si te lastime Dios ya me perdono
La conciencia no aguanto el remordimiento
el sufrimiento va consumiéndome Lento
pero se bien que yo me Lo eh ganado
eh pecado y por ti seré castigada 
puedo mentirle a Los demás pero a ti no dios 
se que observas cada paso que...Read More
Categories: blessing, cry, faith, family, funeral, god, goodbye,
Form: Dramatic Verse
In the land of gods and demons 
I was an angel a beautiful innocent angel .....but I taste the evil 
Living in the garden of evil
Sins and curses are in charge in this life Shining like a beacon of fire...Read More
Categories: addiction, dark, drug, evil, fire, god, heaven,
Form: Dramatic Verse
En la tierra de dioses y monstruos
Yo era un angel
Viviendo en el jardin del mal
Pecados y maldiciónes cargo en esta vida 
Brillando como un faro de fuego
Tienes esa medicina que necesito
Que va directo ala vena del corazón quiero más y...Read More
Categories: abuse, addiction, adventure, allusion, angel, beauty, crazy,
Form: Dramatic Verse
Mi destino fue amarte
Yo en la luz de la luna e mirado mi destino 
de las luces que a lo lejos van
marcando mi retorno
son las mismas que alumbraron
con sus palidos reflejos
 horas de dolor y sufrimiento 
y aunque no quize el regreso
siempre se...Read More
Categories: addiction, baby, death, dream, emotions, i love
Form: Dramatic Verse
hace calor esta noche, la ciudad de Los Angeles la mejor ciudad para soñar con el cielo y las estrellas y la luna llena yo quiero llenar mis venas de heroina para morir y viajar ala luna y no regresar...Read More
Categories: adventure, angel, anger, city, death, depression, destiny,
Form: Dramatic Verse
Premium Member And then the guns fell silent
And then the guns fell silent
Smoke and death were in the air
The sounds of echoed silence, 
so many dead were everywhere
Your eyes were tired and weary 
but you did not dare break your stare
Friends and comrades lie around us, 
the...Read More
Categories: cry, death, deep, fear, horror, soldier, world
Form: Dramatic Verse
Lesson at Luigi's
Myra mouse made Micah mad
Spun old Micah turning sad
He runs away to find a bite
For two at Luigi’s diner

Along his way, the red hawk gliding
Overflight above Luigi’s
Quickly spots a dapper mouse
Hawk dumpster dives for dinner

Micah never thought to fly
But in...Read More
Categories: analogy, animal, forgiveness,
Form: Dramatic Verse
Sweet Imagination
Super Fantasy is my new Teacher
Secret code to talk in Letter
Services are to do to show Man-li-ness
Inner-Peace falls in this Category

Teenage is just Time-For-This
Activity to do is Really-Nothing
New-Embodied-Heaven is that Place
Where Intelligence is in Awakeness

Goal is to make Joy and...Read More
Categories: anti bullying, art, autumn, humorous, imagination, innocence,
Form: Dramatic Verse
Premium Member Fashionably Deadly
Movie star eyes
Perfect caramel skin
Screech. That would be too perfect.
Change that to something pastier
Alabaster maybe

The monster in the mirror 
Smiled with her green eyes
Vivian Leigh maybe?
She watched her face transform
But she added the caramel
And she looked more like
Sophia Loren

Maybe brown...Read More
Categories: 10th grade, 11th grade, 12th grade, scary,
Form: Dramatic Verse
Titali hazro rang ki
Titali hazaro rang ki 

Thand mai likehi shaeye hoto say na Jane mhohabhat hai unsey muje barso sey kulfi ki lali hoto sey tapakti huie purkarti hai us garmi Key mosum ke jo chod chali yaadey tand Key ose paal...Read More
Categories: art, cute, dance,
Form: Dramatic Verse
So deep I am still falling
And as the bus hit a bump,

She turned,
And my eyes met her eyes,
and like black holes
They drew me in,
So deep I am still falling,

And now I wonder,
If this spell could be broken,
or do I each day wear another chain,
falling further...Read More
Categories: beautiful, deep, feelings, for her, true love,
Form: Dramatic Verse

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