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Terzanelle Poems | Terzanelle Examples

Terzanelle Poems. Examples of Terzanelles and a list of new poems in the correct poetic form and technique. Share and read short, long, best, and famous Terzanelle poetry while accessing rules, format, types, and a comprehensive literary definition of a Terzanelle.

A terzanelle poem is a form of poetry (combination of the villanelle and the terza rima) made up of 19 lines, five triplets, and a quatrain at the end, but there is more to a terzanelle. What is terzanelle in poetry (complete definition)?

Premium Member In Death MIXED
1. If you could look into your future and choose one day to see what would happen, what day would that be and why... ~~~ When death calls my name, as I walk my last mile, Will the...Read the rest...
Categories: death, eulogy, memory,
Form: Terzanelle

Premium Member Rambling
When time echoes the promise of a rambling soul, one who knows that the past never can be left, because it is there that solace leaves its caress, its breath ever rising in the presence...Read the rest...
Categories: age, confusion, dream, emotions,
Form: Terzanelle
Premium Member Whispers of Light
"The love we give away is the only love we keep." — Elbert Hubbard. In breathless dreams, my passions were growing, fanciful feelings, wordlessly screaming, when your eyes met mine, blessings were flowing. sure that your smile would bring...Read the rest...
Categories: appreciation, blessing, love, marriage,
Form: Terzanelle
Premium Member Rise And Fall
inspired by The Platters song, ‘Ebb Tide’ Rise And Fall Salty tears ebbing away on moon’s tide as whispered love echoes on ocean waves across caramel sands where hearts reside. Coves of sheltered inlets harbour veiled caves that glistens with laced,...Read the rest...
Categories: beach, romance, sea,
Form: Terzanelle
Premium Member Passing Noonday Flux
When sky born laughter a strained ode construed, soaks up the pale rust yellow foliage, visual feast pursuit awhile imbued, An early morning spell I might engage, while breathing in the faraway sea chill, one awe struck heart...Read the rest...
Categories: beautiful, beauty, color, emotions,
Form: Terzanelle

Premium Member Faith in Nativity
Categories: birthday, christian, christmas, god,
Form: Terzanelle
GOD’S ONLY BEGOTTEN SON Jesus is God’s “Only Begotten” son, “sons of the true God”, Gen. 6:2, verse shows God had other sons … not just one. Sometime between March and April, Christ died, most know on Nisan 14th, this...Read the rest...
Categories: birth, birthday, christian, christmas,
Form: Terzanelle
Premium Member Sans thought who are we
Know that all manifestation is thought Life’s but an illusion, a lucid dream We, as entity that seek, exist not Let’s look at desires, that from our heart stream Sans desire, we’re in an inky black void Life’s but an...Read the rest...
Categories: spiritual,
Form: Terzanelle
My True Passion
Finding peace in the things I do So many things not enough time Aspirations are what I view Like a mountaineer ready to climb Motivated by the things my mind sees moving quickly yet stop on a dime My workshop like...Read the rest...
Categories: creation, dream, happiness,
Form: Terzanelle
"BIRDS GATHER ON ELECTRIC LINES KEEPING THEMSELVES WARM Terzanelle " Those the little birds warming themselves warmth on standing electrical and telephone lines together side by side one by one doth--- ~ The bird’s stance summer breathless leaves adjoining, aligned, snuggle...Read the rest...
Categories: analogy, bird, caregiving, engagement,
Form: Terzanelle
False sense
I've got a feeling the devil made you mine. The sand grazes my skin, gives me cuts in two straight lines. Pull limbs, twist sockets to dislocate, beaten body filled with water to drown would be escape. Foam falls down...Read the rest...
Categories: allegory, bible, conflict, desire,
Form: Terzanelle
Premium Member God Only Son
John 3:16: “For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.” Placed Eighth in: God`s Only Son Poetry Contest Sponsored by...Read the rest...
Categories: birthday, christian, christmas, god,
Form: Terzanelle
God's only son
Charred in solace of your embrace reminiscences engrossed as imprint harboured in placards of your grace A birth, a thousand with no squint in winter's pure pour of snow reminiscences engrossed as imprint Giggling with nights glow in waxes and treelights in winter's...Read the rest...
Categories: christmas, december, deep, devotion,
Form: Terzanelle
Premium Member Reconciled 2
RECONCILED I’ve stumbled in my walk with You Grumbled when I’ve talked to You, Ambled steps away from You, Humbled, now I pray to You. Jesus! I don’t deserve Your grace! Hard to look upon Your face, Knowing what You’ve done to...Read the rest...
Categories: jesus, mother, religious,
Form: Terzanelle
Blessed Beginnings
Blessed Beginnings Cynia Nicholson The period of blessings is finally here. Spirits arise when we celebrate God’s perfect creation. ‘Tis the season of love; the best time of the year. Come all ye faithful, listen...Read the rest...
Categories: 10th grade,
Form: Terzanelle

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