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Terzanelle Poems

Terzanelle Poems. Examples of Terzanelles and a list of poems in the correct poetic form and technique. Share and read Terzanelle poetry while accessing rules, topics, ideas, and a comprehensive literary definition of a Terzanelle. (New Poems Below)

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New Poems

Premium Member Dreams of Spring
*It is Groundhog Day

As a breath of mild winter blows
Warm air arrival with melting snow
Dreams of spring emerge - when, - no-one knows

The groundhog tries to say when it’s so
Either way, we dream of flower’s bloom
Warmer air with all the...Read More
Categories: dream, love, spring,
Form: Terzanelle

Premium Member WISHES TO BE
Sitting at the edge of the lake,
I watch reflections in front of me
Swirling with the wishes I make

So many, but the most to be free
As if I’m flying up in the sky
I watch reflections in front of me

I want peace...Read More
Categories: introspection, life, longing, water,
Form: Terzanelle
Premium Member Letters Home
I am writing letters home,
And will enclose in each a poem.
Here is my selection
For my verse connection.

I think for Maybelline
My best Alexandrine,
Six syllables per line,
That I'll polish till they shine.

Something different for Fritz,
I am sending him a Blitz,
I've not written...Read More
Categories: terzanelle, animal, cat, day, home, nonsense, poems,
Form: List
Premium Member 'My Beautiful Dream'
And in my dream I stand in a frozen woodland,
the air is cold, quiet, the sky is black as ink;
I wear a gorgeous red velvet cape quite grand.

Branches hold up icicles that drip with a clink,
my hair falls long and...Read More
Categories: dream,
Form: Terzanelle
Premium Member Merry Christmas

I wish you a Merry Christmas to all
Across the long distance of many miles
From shining stars to the sparkling snowfall

I wish for you presents of many smiles
And soothing bells ringing for you to hear
Across the long distance of many miles

For...Read More
Categories: blessing, christmas,
Form: Terzanelle

Premium Member The Lock on her Heart
Events in life, boxes of memories
Hidden in mind, with a lock on her heart
Preserving love, where all betrayal flees

No way to rewind to the very start
Scars of unforgotten tears, swept with lies
Hidden in mind, with a lock on her heart

Fortress...Read More
Categories: best friend, heart, soulmate,
Form: Terzanelle
Premium Member Without Notice to Run

Time can fly with inspiration and fun
Releasing our soul to love with our gifts
I walked a mile, without notice to run

Thoughts, grains of sand, collect in sand dune drifts
The ocean curls and wraps hugs around me
Releasing our soul to love...Read More
Categories: inspiration, life, ocean, time,
Form: Terzanelle
Premium Member A special poet

*Since Vijay always likes my Terzaenelle poems, giving special notice and positive feedback on them …I have dedicated this Terzanelle to Poet Vijay

There is a special poet, Vijay
I have met here a long time ago
A talented writer any day

The poems...Read More
Categories: appreciation, poetry, poets,
Form: Terzanelle
Premium Member Captured Thoughts

I stood and gazed across the hills afar
Breeze captured my thoughts in a snap
I know just where they’ll reach the guitar

As I listened to the water tap
Happy that you would be seeing too
Breeze captured my thoughts in a snap

Carried them...Read More
Categories: care, introspection, time,
Form: Terzanelle
Premium Member Freefall
Even when things are in pieces, apart
Everything is going to be alright
A new flower bloomed, embracing a new start

Through the curtain, there will be a crack of light
Shining in darkness, where dreams will ignite
Everything is going to be alright

Trust is...Read More
Categories: change, inspirational, trust,
Form: Terzanelle
Premium Member Change
Things can change like the wind very fast
Life like the weather,  stormy or not
Feeling the moment like it's the last

Going with the flow, harder than thought
Coins tossed with wishes, gambling at best
Life like the weather, stormy or not

Worry like...Read More
Categories: change, life, time, weather,
Form: Terzanelle
Love's Own Lullaby
Collection - 1.


Love sings its song, a lover's lullaby,
so softly it sings, right into the heart,
lifting the heart to the midst of love's sky.

A gentle song it has been, from the start,
I see Heaven in your beautiful face,
from me, the...Read More
Categories: love,
Form: Terzanelle
Premium Member Where Memories Die
There must be some distant venue
Where old memories go to die,
When forgetting them is due.

If we must tell the past "good-bye",
It would help for us to know
Where old memories go to die.

When there is no excuse to show
Any trace of...Read More
Categories: care, cry, goodbye, hurt, smile,
Form: Terzanelle
Premium Member The Return Of Spring
When the leaves are turning green,
As the winter turns to spring,
Wildflowers can be seen;

Birds are darting on the wing,
Welcoming the season in,
As the winter turns to spring.

Somewhere a buzz of bees begins,
Busy in the bright sunshine,
Welcoming the season in.

Tiny creatures...Read More
Categories: bird, flower, insect, september, sunshine,
Form: Terzanelle
Premium Member Consequence of power
He shamed, he criticized everything
Nothing at all was ever good enough
He taught, he tested the pressure, did sting

He pushed the perfection and being tough
Conditional love, unable to reach
Nothing at all was every good enough

His way of living was having to...Read More
Categories: angst, change, child abuse,
Form: Terzanelle
Premium Member Chicago Weather
Our Summer's too hot; our Winter's too cold
Our Spring is too rainy; Autumn's withheld 
Just hear me complain -- I'm sure sounding old

Our Summers are truly as humid as Hell
Clothes cling to your skin, not funny at all
Our Spring is...Read More
Categories: city, hyperbole, weather,
Form: Terzanelle
Premium Member Reaching
Riding waves of uncertainty far
Dreams shuffled like cards, so much unknown
Always reaching for that shining star

Looking back on places I have flown
Sorting through memories, making new
Dreams shuffled like cards, so much unknown

Holding onto strength, where I once flew
With many beautiful...Read More
Categories: change, desire, dream, hope,
Form: Terzanelle
Premium Member Together in Peace
We must believe all together in peace
To continue to give love everywhere
Reject negativity, choose release

Release to the wind, replace it with care
Shine on hand in hand, through shadows we see
To continue to give love everywhere

Spread smiles and laughter, then watch...Read More
Categories: care, giving, love, together,
Form: Terzanelle
Premium Member It Caught My Eye
I drove by snowbanks with mountains in view
Pleasant thoughts traveled with me on my ride
Under deep blue skies, in a bright sun’s golden hue

When it caught my eye, flying from the side
A Bald Eagle soared out of trees I passed
Pleasant...Read More
Categories: appreciation, beauty, bird, nature,
Form: Terzanelle
Premium Member Let's take a ride
Let’s take a fun ride where we want to go
Maybe we can sail in the open sea
Watch the seabirds fly and go with the flow

Let’s take a ride, together to be free
We can ride our bikes in wind to the...Read More
Categories: fun, travel,
Form: Terzanelle
Premium Member Oh, midnight valentine
Oh, midnight valentine, you are so sweet
You have trusted me and opened your heart
I will be gentle, in this place we meet

Oh, midnight valentine, we’re not apart
Our union is strong under this night sky
You have trusted me and opened your...Read More
Categories: love, valentines day,
Form: Terzanelle
Premium Member When will you learn
#12 Motivational Series

When will you learn, you cannot stop me?
My voice is mine to speak what I feel
I am free to be all I can be

All that I choose to pursue is real
My freedom is something that I found
My voice...Read More
Categories: freedom, motivation, strength,
Form: Terzanelle
Premium Member A Path I Took
My father once told me that life is like a book,
each phase we live is a new chapter,  a new chance;
for me each turn of the page, is a path I took.

In some chapters, I have just danced through...Read More
Categories: life,
Form: Terzanelle
Forever my love sings for you - Valentine's Collection
(Valentine's Collection)


In joy, forever my love sings for you,
within a joyous heart love is supreme,
my river flows with a love that is true.

Beloved, you come to me in my dream,
a beauteous rose that makes my heart shine.
within starlit gardens, beside...Read More
Categories: desire, dream, love, passion,
Form: Terzanelle
Premium Member Jubilant Joy
It is time to celebrate each life mile
There is so much joy to feel when we try
Let’s face the New Year with a shining smile

Let’s build our dreams as high as the sky
Let go of doubts like old feathers that...Read More
Categories: celebration, joy, new year,
Form: Terzanelle