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Famous Faith Poems by Famous Poets

These are examples of famous Faith poems written by some of the greatest and most-well-known modern and classical poets. PoetrySoup is a great educational poetry resource of famous faith poems. These examples illustrate what a famous faith poem looks like and its form, scheme, or style (where appropriate).

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by Brackenridge, Hugh Henry
...owns and wreaths of glory won; 
I sing the rise of that all glorious light, 
Whose sacred dawn the aged fathers saw 
By faith's clear eye, through many a cloud obscure 
And heavy mist between: they saw it beam 
From Judah's royal tribe, they saw it shine 
O'er Judah's happy land, and bade the hills, 
The rocky hills and barren vallies smile, 
The desert blossom and the wilds rejoice. 

This is that light and revelation pure, 
Which Jacob saw and in prophetic view, 
Did h...Read more of this...

by Whitman, Walt
...gineer’s—he can make every word he speaks draw blood; 
The years straying toward infidelity, he withholds by his steady faith,
He is no argurer, he is judgment—(Nature accepts him absolutely;) 
He judges not as the judge judges, but as the sun falling round a helpless thing; 
As he sees the farthest, he has the most faith, 
His thoughts are the hymns of the praise of things, 
In the dispute on God and eternity he is silent,
He sees eternity less like a play with a prologue an...Read more of this...

by Browning, Elizabeth Barrett purely, as they turn from Praise. 
I love with a passion put to use 
In my old griefs, and with my childhood's faith. 
I love thee with a love I seemed to lose 
With my lost saints, I love thee with the breath, 
Smiles, tears, of all my life! and, if God choose, 
I shall but love thee better after death. ...Read more of this...

by Alighieri, Dante
 I tell thee, when she saw, she called, that so 
 Leaned Lucia toward her while she spake - and said, 
 "One that is faithful to thy name is sped, 
 Except that now ye aid him." She thereat, 
 - Lucia, to all men's wrongs inimical - 
 Left her High Place, and crossed to where I sat 
 In speech with Rachel (of the first of all 
 God saved). "O Beatrice, Praise of God," 
 - So said she to me - "sitt'st thou here so slow 
 To aid him, once on earth that loved thee so ...Read more of this...

by Byron, George (Lord)
No gift beyond that bitter boon — our birth. 


If aught he loved, 'twas Lara; but was shown 
His faith in reverence and in deeds alone; 
In mute attention; and his care, which guess'd 
Each wish, fulfill'd it ere the tongue express'd. 
Still there was haughtiness in all he did, 
A spirit deep that brook'd not to be chid; 
His zeal, though more than that of servile hands, 
In act alone obeys, his air commands; 
As if 'twas Lara's less than /his/ desi...Read more of this...

by Frost, Robert
...been another maple like it?
They hovered for a moment near discovery,
Figurative enough to see the symbol,
But lacking faith in anything to mean
The same at different times to different people.
Perhaps a filial diffidence partly kept them
From thinking it could be a thing so bridal.
And anyway it came too late for Maple.
She used her hands to cover up her eyes.

 "We would not see the secret if we could now:
We are not looking for it any more."

 Thus had...Read more of this...

by Milton, John
Conjugal love, than which perhaps no bliss 
Enjoyed by us excites his envy more; 
Or this, or worse, leave not the faithful side 
That gave thee being, still shades thee, and protects. 
The wife, where danger or dishonour lurks, 
Safest and seemliest by her husband stays, 
Who guards her, or with her the worst endures. 
To whom the virgin majesty of Eve, 
As one who loves, and some unkindness meets, 
With sweet austere composure thus replied. 
Offspring of He...Read more of this...

by Tennyson, Alfred Lord
...loat himself, and ooze
All over with the fat affectionate smile
That makes the widow lean. "My dearest friend,
Have faith, have faith! We live by faith," said he;
"And all things work together for the good
Of those"--it makes me sick to quote him--last
Gript my hand hard, and with God-bless-you went.
I stood like one that had received a blow:
I found a hard friend in his loose accounts,
A loose one in the hard grip of his hand,
A curse in his God-bless-you: then my ey...Read more of this...

by Whitman, Walt

Endless unfolding of words of ages! 
And mine a word of the modern—the word En-Masse. 

A word of the faith that never balks; 
Here or henceforward, it is all the same to me—I accept Time, absolutely.

It alone is without flaw—it rounds and completes all; 
That mystic, baffling wonder I love, alone completes all. 

I accept reality, and dare not question it; 
Materialism first and last imbuing. 

Hurrah for positive science! long live ex...Read more of this...

by Chesterton, G K

"Night shall be thrice night over you,
And heaven an iron cope.
Do you have joy without a cause,
Yea, faith without a hope?"

Even as she spoke she was not,
Nor any word said he,
He only heard, still as he stood
Under the old night's nodding hood,
The sea-folk breaking down the wood
Like a high tide from sea.

He only heard the heathen men,
Whose eyes are blue and bleak,
Singing about some cruel thing
Done by a great and smiling king
In daylight on a dec...Read more of this...

by Byron, George (Lord) their chief's command; 
A soul for every enterprise, 
That never sees with terror's eyes; 
Friendship for each, and faith to all, 
And vengeance vow'd for those who fall, 
Have made them fitting instruments 
For more than ev'n my own intents. 
And some — and I have studied all 
Distinguish'd from the vulgar rank, 
But chiefly to my council call 
The wisdom of the cautious Frank — 
And some to higher thoughts aspire, 
The last of Lambro's patriots there [35] 
Anticipat...Read more of this...

by Wordsworth, William
...ugh primrose tufts, in that sweet bower,  The periwinkle trail'd its wreathes;  And 'tis my faith that every flower  Enjoys the air it breathes.   The birds around me hopp'd and play'd:  Their thoughts I cannot measure,  But the least motion which they made,  It seem'd a thrill of pleasure.   The budding twigs spread out their fan,  To ca...Read more of this...

by Bridges, Robert Seymour
A grace of silence by the Greek unguesst,
That bloom'd to immortalize the Tuscan style 
When first the angel-song that faith hath ken'd
Fancy pourtray'd, above recorded oath
Of Israel's God, or light of poem pen'd;
The very countenance of plighted troth
'Twixt heaven and earth, where in one moment blend
The hope of one and happiness of both. 

For beauty being the best of all we know
Sums up the unsearchable and secret aims
Of nature, and on joys whose earthly names
We...Read more of this...

by Tennyson, Alfred Lord, mindful of our Lord. 
And there awhile it bode; and if a man 
Could touch or see it, he was healed at once, 
By faith, of all his ills. But then the times 
Grew to such evil that the holy cup 
Was caught away to Heaven, and disappeared.' 

To whom the monk: `From our old books I know 
That Joseph came of old to Glastonbury, 
And there the heathen Prince, Arviragus, 
Gave him an isle of marsh whereon to build; 
And there he built with wattles from the marsh 
A ...Read more of this...

by Chaucer, Geoffrey
...answer'd: *angrily
"Whether say'st thou this in earnest or in play?"
"Nay," quoth Arcite, "in earnest, by my fay*. *faith
God help me so, *me lust full ill to play*." *I am in no humour
This Palamon gan knit his browes tway. for jesting*
"It were," quoth he, "to thee no great honour
For to be false, nor for to be traitour
To me, that am thy cousin and thy brother
Y-sworn full deep, and each of us to other,
That never for to dien in the pain ,
Till that the dea...Read more of this...

by Scott, Sir Walter
     With friends whose hearts were long estranged.
     They come, in dim procession led,
     The cold, the faithless, and the dead;
     As warm each hand, each brow as gay,
     As if they parted yesterday.
     And doubt distracts him at the view,—
     O were his senses false or true?
     Dreamed he of death or broken vow,
     Or is it all a vision now?

     At length, with Ellen in a grove
     He seemed to walk and speak of love;
  ...Read more of this...

by Thomson, James
...on the hallow'd Hour, that none intrude,
Save Lycidas, the Friend, with Sense refin'd,
Learning digested well, exalted Faith,
Unstudy'd Wit, and Humour ever gay.

CLEAR Frost succeeds, and thro' the blew Serene,
For Sight too fine, th'Ætherial Nitre flies,
To bake the Glebe, and bind the slip'ry Flood.
This of the wintry Season is the Prime;
Pure are the Days, and lustrous are the Nights,
Brighten'd with starry Worlds, till then unseen.
Mean while, the Orient, da...Read more of this...

by Byron, George (Lord) them, wake 
Upon the thrones of earth; but let them quake! 


'Five millions of the primitive, who hold 
The faith which makes ye great on earth, implored 
A part of that vast all they held of old, — 
Freedom to worship — not alone your Lord, 
Michael, but you, and you, Saint Peter! Cold 
Must be your souls, if you have not abhorr'd 
The foe to Catholic participation 
In all the license of a Christian nation. 


'True! he allow'd them to pray God; but as ...Read more of this...

by Schiller, Friedrich von
Naught now remains,--in the breast even the god goes astray.
Truth disappears from language, from life all faith and all honor
Vanish, and even the oath is but a lie on the lips.
Into the heart's most trusty bond, and into love's secrets,
Presses the sycophant base, tearing the friend from the friend.
Treason on innocence leers, with looks that seek to devour,
And the fell slanderer's tooth kills with its poisonous bite.
In the dishonored bosom, thoug...Read more of this...

by Akhmatova, Anna

x x x

With pride your spirit is darkened
For this you won't know world at all.
You say that this faith is a dream
And mirage is this capital.

You say that my country is sinful,
Your country is godless, I scream.
May the guilt still lie upon us --
We can correct and redeem.

Around you are water and flowers
Why seek a beggar and sinner, my dear?
I know that you're sick very badly:
You seek death and the end you fear.

x...Read more of this...

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