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Poetry Terminology

A comprehensive dictionary of poetry terminology that is excellent for teaching and learning various elements of poetry. This glossary of all poetry terms is a valuable resource for poets and educators.

PoetrySoup makes a distinction between poetry terms and forms of poetry. Forms of poetry adhere to a certain pattern, scheme, or meter, etc. However, our poetry terms are words or terminology that are closely associated with poetry while not a form of poetry. We have seperated poetry forms from these definitions.

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Terms by Letter

Popular Poetry Terms

Assonance - Definition

Caesura - Definition

Consonance - Definition

Dactyl - Definition

End Rhyme - Definition

Enjambment - Definition

Envoi - Definition

Foot - Definition

Hexameter - Definition

Iamb - Definition

Line - Definition

Meter - Definition

Octave - Definition

Pentameter - Definition

Poet Laureate - Definition

Refrain - Definition

Rhyme scheme - Definition

Rhythm - Definition

Septet - Definition

Sestet - Definition

Spondee - Definition

Stanza - Definition

Strophe - Definition

Tetrameter - Definition

Trochee - Definition