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Bio Poems - New Bio Poem Examples

Bio Poems. Examples of Bios and a list of new poems in the correct poetic form and technique. Share and read short, long, best, and famous Bio poetry while accessing rules, format, types, and a comprehensive literary definition of a Bio.

A bio poem is a form of poetry written about one's self, life, and or personality, but there is more to a bio. What is bio in poetry (complete definition)?

New Poems

jaalaad jin jinatha
Arj kiya hai Rouhey taak pukarey 5 Waqut kha chupey ho sar sey ley kar zameen taak huie kuch khata tho na bolna hoon mai alag paheli Key chirag mai tha karta intazar ki arj...Read More
Categories: abuse, anger,
Form: Bio

Yet More Than A Brother
Moods oscillate in cadences of peaks and valleys Music to fractious emotions on greasy dance floors Mistimed cues of flares smouldering relationships Angst of redundancy seethes from within as lava Anger is camouflaged with the cloak of reticence Ardour suffocated...Read More
Categories: allusion, analogy, appreciation, brother,
Form: Bio
Great thoughts once kissed my lobes Before blank despair her flags raised; And brimless hope reigned as globes Of full-shining stars in glowing cased. Now see what dismal desolate shells Melancholy sulk where dreams stood; Wherein arid future's unavailing...Read More
Categories: allegory, allusion, anger, dream,
Form: Bio
Meri payari chilam
Meri payari chilam Dekh dhek hari nas badey jo payas meri choom kar hoyt laal dehk punyatama bahang ka ras tambakoo ki kushbu ragad ka atama yaad aaie meri chilam joad kar ganja agani ki...Read More
Categories: absence,
Form: Bio
Words of love and dignity save us from the anguish of life...Read More
Categories: abuse, age, america, angst,
Form: Bio

I have a vision I have a passion I have a wound I have a poem Thank you Allah for that!...Read More
Categories: adventure, africa, age, allah,
Form: Bio
A sister
A person who cares Someone who can make you understand the world Whose words heal and who empowers your feelings Your sister is your friend ,she cares like no other...Read More
Categories: age, allah, america, angst,
Form: Bio
Imitation cloud
In my imitation cloud voices heard not listened to white noise everywhere entrenched, engulfed, faceless I can but cant, I try but cant, forgive me stained mind bleeding, till end help me, help me, help you help yourself, help me, help you what about me who...Read More
Categories: anxiety, betrayal, childhood, deep,
Form: Bio
Nevertheless They are a pit of losers#...Read More
Categories: addiction, age, allah, america,
Form: Bio
It's nothing personal
It’s nothing personal It’s nothing personal; I hate the entire human race. It’s the way they talk, the way they act, I hate the look upon their face. In fact I hate everything about you all. Like I said...Read More
Categories: anger, depression, hate, how
Form: Bio
Fearless Long hair waving in the new wind. Time changes and it’s a nude beginning. Bowie, I only worship one king. All that is left are the songs we are still singing. Heroes fall under the thunder sounds. Waterfalls endlessly come...Read More
Categories: change, death, hope, life,
Form: Bio
Daze Feeling dead when I’m alive, My sun no longer shines. Crazy days are all behind me; All I have is half-remembered memories. Time is not a healer and I am not a friend. Every time I see her face, I want...Read More
Categories: anger, crazy, depression, me,
Form: Bio
Love love
Love Love Maybe I am just in love with love, But is that such a bad thing? If I want to find love, why can I not keep on believing? I may just love love, but surely when I...Read More
Categories: introspection, love, me, true
Form: Bio
Interesting Times
Interesting Times We live in interesting times when it comes to rhymes. I can say what I want but never mind. I went a little insane when I lost my love life, But like I said…Interesting times. You can never...Read More
Categories: change, depression, life, love,
Form: Bio
Heavy Feather
Heavy Feather Life is on top of me, eating my soul. Whatever happened to all the hope? People come and people go. Why am I unable to just say no? I am weak in a world of warriors. Feeble mind, broken...Read More
Categories: depression, hope, life, loss,
Form: Bio

Specific Types of Bio Poems

Read wonderful bio poetry on the following sub-topics: death, funny, me, nature, sad and more.

Definition | What is Bio in Poetry?