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Bio Poems | Bio Examples

Bio Poems. Examples of Bios and a list of new poems in the correct poetic form and technique. Share and read short, long, best, and famous Bio poetry while accessing rules, format, types, and a comprehensive literary definition of a Bio.

A bio poem is a form of poetry written about one's self, life, and or personality, but there is more to a bio. What is bio in poetry (complete definition)?

Jaipur Call Girl Service
At the point when you merit a treat, let energetic Zoya convey the dream you have been longing for. She knows what to do has a very model youthful body that she appreciates to...Read More
Categories: angel,
Form: Bio

Premium Member A Purpose to Understand
The happiest times in my life came late After military service and my college years Mid-thirties, I would not hesitate to say, I finally moved beyond many crippling fears Determining my own destiny, my path in life, Away from the...Read More
Categories: abuse, childhood, growing up,
Form: Bio
Bay izti
DON.Bay izti ho gaya bay izti ho gaya bay izti ho gaya. Majnu.Ye suba suba kya dramabazi laga rakhi hai?? DON.Bus ye ho gaya wo ho gaya ho gaya ho gaya. Majnu.Kya tumhara kisi nay taang toor diya...Read More
Categories: abuse, meaningful, philosophy, wisdom,
Form: Bio
Hereditary traits I’m my father’s son I carry his genes He is a part of me this is inescapable If I hate him, I hate myself. Now that I’m older than my father He is my son, you...Read More
Categories: africa, aubade, beach,
Form: Bio
I Me Myself
Lanat meri zaat par. Lanat meri auqat par. Lanat meray Pita par. Lanat meray Lun par. Lanat meri gaand par. Lanat meray wajod par. I am a self made chutya. Me bay gerat me randwa. Myself is Harami Plus LUL.. Note.HAHAHAHAHAHAHA.....Read More
Categories: abuse, literature, nonsense, silly,
Form: Bio

Daddy.Satya baita satya kahan ho? Duktar.Abu ge kitchen mein hon. Daddy.Baita wahan kya kar rahi ho? Duktar.Abu garam kar rahi hon. Aaj don a raha hai us ko deni hai garma garam malai maar kay. Daddy.Baita ye kya bool rahi ho...Read More
Categories: cinderella, daffodils, drink, father,
Form: Bio
What is manners Eating a barfi and keeping Back the eaten barfi, back in the plate Or Manners are Smiling at new faces???...Read More
Categories: allusion, america, angel, angst,
Form: Bio
Unscrupulous Judge ICT
Maleeha Soomro,mother of Barrister Fahad Malik,who was gunned down in the capital some six years ago,appealed to the Supreme Court of Pakistan to take suo motu on the murder of her son as additional and...Read More
Categories: corruption, drink, drug, fire,
Form: Bio
Janoni Joshila Mard
Bhalu.Bus yaar hun nahi mein tenu deni.. DON.Tera pyo ve davay ga teri asi tesi.. Bhalu.Ja fair pyo de lay mein nahi tenu deni.. DON.Tun menu kyun nahi deni vajah shareef? Bhalu.Anari ka chodna hai choot ka nuqsan.. Tenu karan...Read More
Categories: abortion, adventure, bullying, child
Form: Bio
Karina Kapoor
Q.Baji aap kya kehti ho? A.Me nahi kehti chodan ki omar me ghar say bhago.. Me nahi kehti pandran ki omar me ghar say na bhago.. Q.Baji aap kehna kya chahati ho? A.Me nahi kehna chah rahi pandran ki...Read More
Categories: celebrity, character, city, education,
Form: Bio
Who You Are
You You had to Grow up much too fast Scarcely got to laugh Have a tale as beautiful as it is sad. You You want to be okay But it can’t be today You wonder if you’ll ever be laughin’. You came to...Read More
Categories: allusion,
Form: Bio
Islamabad Rawalpindi
Islamabad Rawalpindi walo banda qatal karda ay tay oda qatilan vich name hunda ay hawa vich thora-e-ho janda ay??? Islamabad Rawalpindi walo Banda badmashi karda ay tay oda name badmashan vich hunda ay hawa vich thora-e-hunda...Read More
Categories: fire, hurt, truth, urdu,
Form: Bio
The Art Of Lying
Qatilon me hamara name rahay ga leykan ham qatil nahi.. Badmashi me hamara name rahay ga leykin ham badmash nahi.. Hamaray khilaf ki janay wali sari batain bay bunyad Hain.. Chonky awam ki aksariyat hamain support Karti hai...Read More
Categories: 9th grade, anti bullying,
Form: Bio
Criminal Class CC
Ibad.Iqrar kya waqiye koi gang hai?? Iqrar.Han gang bang squad hai. Ibad.Gang ka mukhya head kon hai?? Iqrar.Underworld Don Supari mafia head hai. Ibad.Gang kahan say operate hota hai?? Iqrar.Gang ko Islamabad Rawalpindi say operate kiya jata hai. Ibad.Gang kis qisam kay...Read More
Categories: business, city, class, drink,
Form: Bio
Deceit is a mulberry Bush who sneezes like a witch!...Read More
Categories: absence, addiction, america, anger,
Form: Bio

Specific Types of Bio Poems

Read wonderful bio poetry on the following sub-topics: death, funny, me, nature, sad and more.

Definition | What is Bio in Poetry?