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Bio Poems | Bio Examples

Bio Poems. Examples of Bios and a list of new poems in the correct poetic form and technique. Share and read short, long, best, and famous Bio poetry while accessing rules, format, types, and a comprehensive literary definition of a Bio.

A bio poem is a form of poetry written about one's self, life, and or personality, but there is more to a bio. What is bio in poetry (complete definition)?

Premium Member IT IS ME
IT IS...Read More
Categories: self,
Form: Bio

Equality Among Red Yellow Brown Black and White
The Lord God Almighty "Marvels" at "The Human bodies"and many other bodies of flesh that he has created. We "Marvel" at them too! The Olympic Games helps to bring "Equality to Man and Woman"!!! We...Read More
Categories: 11th grade, 12th grade,
Form: Bio
Premium Member My Bio Poem
Andrea, a woman considerate and kind, mellow, down to earth, and fun-loving, she loves to use her mind. Thefore, scrubbing on her knees, this gal you’ll never find! Sisters she has four of, but there are many others. Gal pals...Read More
Categories: poetess,
Form: Bio
What I Am
I am a windmill, dilapidated but still rotating, creaking, Lake Windermere off season, quiet and autumnal, a tooth ache throbbing, an irritation, black decay inside. I am a foot stool unvarnished, one leg uneven, rarely used, a penny farthing holding up...Read More
Categories: body,
Form: Bio
Badnam Kuoch ise Tarah chal pada mai onn rasto par Jisey zamana badman khata hai Unhey kaya malom hai kitani kabare dafan hai Zamaney mai kaya rakha hai ahkhir rhak hie tho...Read More
Categories: bereavement, faith,
Form: Bio

Tun Kya samajhta hai hamain khabar nahi Tun aik zamanay mein Karachi mein white and brown sugar supplier tha Rupay Kay lalach me gang join kiya aur jurm ki dunya ka badshah ban gaya Tun saza say darta...Read More
Categories: business, conflict, culture, evil,
Form: Bio
Premium Member Privilege Matters Not
I am a white male suburban-raised ivy-league-educated coddled spoiled baby boomer who wasn't tough enough to make it in the business world You now know me inside and out... ...Read More
Categories: business, i am, identity,
Form: Bio
Premium Member Discovering Myself
Ha! A Princess in ancient times - my first name XXXXXXXX! Imagine, in a male-dominated society, how blessed was I to...Read More
Categories: i am, life,
Form: Bio
Premium Member Bio poem
Joanna Sister of; Donna-Marie, John, Daniel, Blake Lover of; Seductive embers, Sweet almond oil, musical stimulation, my faithful husband Matthew Mother of; Harry, Latin for ruler of the house. Who feels; Submerged by prejudice views, judged on expressive ink,...Read More
Categories: feelings, inspiration,
Form: Bio
Who I Am
Diane Aging - gracefully, contemplating life - past, present, future, holding tight to memories - what was,...Read More
Categories: age, time,
Form: Bio
Categories: beautiful, blessing, care, caregiving,
Form: Bio
Premium Member About myself - My bio
My poetry reveals a lot about me I feel many know much about me I am 50 + married housewife, female (Many think I am a male) Lost my mother when I was ten My father when I was thirty-one I...Read More
Categories: 10th grade,
Form: Bio
Premium Member Floral We Know
First Name: THERESA ROSE Four Traits: Special, Hidden, Wild, Red. Parents: Rosetta and Silvio Thornbush I feel: A bit wilted sometimes. I love: The sun, but I don't see much of it. I fear: Being plucked and watch grow, etc. Love...Read More
Categories: allusion, rose, song, sun,
Form: Bio
Who I Am
My first name is a sonnet interwoven through the generations of yesteryear. Observant eyes see through the shroud of ill-intent. An insatiable hunger only succumbs to the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge. Trials and tribulations...Read More
Categories: celebration, history, poetry, self,
Form: Bio
She arrived in June
My name is xxxxxx I arrived in June One night whilst the cow jumped over the moon I am vegan, loyal, afraid and brave The Sister of one and that’s it for me I’m the lover...Read More
Categories: life,
Form: Bio

Specific Types of Bio Poems

Read wonderful bio poetry on the following sub-topics: death, funny, me, nature, sad and more.

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