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Bio Poems | Bio Examples

Bio Poems. Examples of Bios and a list of new poems in the correct poetic form and technique. Share and read short, long, best, and famous Bio poetry while accessing rules, format, types, and a comprehensive literary definition of a Bio.

A bio poem is a form of poetry written about one's self, life, and or personality, but there is more to a bio. What is bio in poetry (complete definition)?

A Letter poem to a CEC
I wish I could be an interpreter throughout the day, With the most specific interpreter number, lasting With the specific hearing vows, call numbers, ensuing able to understand silly and the silliest incognito for every oncoming calls, ringing. For every...Read More
Categories: appreciation,
Form: Bio

Premium Member SPONTANEITY
music of art fills my mind.. soothing perspectives enter the mood drip into my unconscious then inside from out random feelings impressions back & forth to& fro spontaneous drop-one ...Read More
Categories: art, poetry, word play,
Form: Bio
Cambiate IlRe Pesce
"The Nephilims!; he bellowed. "The Nephillen"! He bellowed over the drums of the and cackling unshirted women. "The Nephilim shall walk among men"! "To arouse the women: and make men tremble with fear"! He than spoke in a tenorish ...Read More
Categories: business, celebration, character, film,
Form: Bio
Premium Member EMBROIDISTA boetti
EMBROIISTA  multicoloured    fragmented bits &pieces all    embracing cutting         edge arrazzi      agenda of mosaic     grids of   sophistificaton...Read More
Categories: art,
Form: Bio
The Makkin's of You
a halfed loaf of unsliced bread. Use garlic spread and grill the both sidees golden brown. The morning prior I spent the day roasting a pork shoulder. Orange juice,lime juice, cumin, cooreander, salt, apple ciderv inager, rum, cilantro, garlic and...Read More
Categories: encouraging, french, music,
Form: Bio

Premium Member I AM poetry
Come.. fly with me beyond,beyond imagination Capture.. ...Read More
Categories: word play, words,
Form: Bio
this art of mine started as a blank page ...Read More
Categories: art,
Form: Bio
Don't worry
Don't worry I am busy You thought I will push hard work Ohh my lady of life Don't worry about me I respect your government...Read More
Categories: 10th grade,
Form: Bio
The Fire Within: Tales of Lifelong Passion
In the depths of Van Gogh's starry night, A passion burned, and a soul took flight. Colours swirled in a cosmic dance, His paintbrush, his fervent romance. Michelangelo with marble white, Carved life from stone, a glorious sight. David emerged with...Read More
Categories: appreciation, endurance, inspirational, passion,
Form: Bio
Premium Member Vignettes
In the corner weighing 200 pounds trying to make myself small to escape notice in the fog of Dad's drunken rage. Waking in darkness seeing in light from the living room Dad's bloody face begging Mom to take blame...Read More
Categories: life,
Form: Bio
Resilience in Research: A Scholar's Journey
In the labyrinth of research and scholarly delight, Eleven years, a journey, a scholar's fight. Studied child rights in Panchayats' embrace, Seeking justice for every child's space. Through case studies, interviews, discussions sprawl, Moments lost, a hard drive's fall. The symphony...Read More
Categories: remember, thanksgiving,
Form: Bio
Literary Gardeners
In the realm of words, where knowledge thrives, Teachers guide with wisdom, where the ink arrives. Enhancing writing, a guiding light they bear, To elevate students, their written tales to share. They mould the process, each stage they steer, Prewriting,...Read More
Categories: teacher, thanksgiving,
Form: Bio
Oh love devine
They seemed more interested in ruining our relationship it became apparent that her attractiveness was and appeal became the lie to believe: in there gathering.The" foregot's to mentions" and " the Honey tomorrows":began to write the...Read More
Categories: love, music,
Form: Bio
Premium Member REDAMANCY defined
a first love so compelling- homage to another to love's sweet refrain- an...Read More
Categories: love,
Form: Bio
Nacho cheese
Ground brisket and red bean chili over rice ,................... Deep fried spaghetti noodles w/zucchini and bacon and marinara sauce .............. Teriyaki Roasted pork or Teriyaki Roasted turkey W/ broad noodles and vegetables .............,........ ........beef half smokes In carmelized onions and green peppers Sweet potato pie Bourbon...Read More
Categories: beautiful, chocolate, engagement, love,
Form: Bio

Specific Types of Bio Poems

Read wonderful bio poetry on the following sub-topics: death, funny, me, nature, sad and more.

Definition | What is Bio in Poetry?