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Premium Member Are We Simulations
Are We Simulations..?

Each of us is capable of
Self-Recognizing ourSelves
As Awareness aware of Itself..
Within our Aware Self 
Are found thoughts and perceptions..
Appearances these include 
Human shapes  
Thinking and moving
Which we might aptly name:
Yes..Simulations...!...Read More
Categories: introspection, meaningful, spiritual,
Form: Bio

Just Looked In The Mirror
Just looked in the mirror,
said, 'hello, gorgeous.'
In all fairness,
I am one, handsome bastard for my age.
But I was an ugly baby.
I was! Honestly!...Read More
Categories: art, beautiful, best friend,
Form: Bio
Uncle Tree
A shrimp pond ahead. Then a carpeted road.
By the roadside mango-jamun-sal 
and coconut trees in line

All these trees, a long time ago, our old grandpa planted
He talks to trees as his offspring. 'Father,' softly they call him. 
'Uncle,' so I...Read More
Categories: 2nd grade, family,
Form: Bio
Categories: betrayal, career, celebrity, clothes, film, music, song,
Form: Bio
Premium Member Image of God
Image of God

Made in the image
The Book says..
Then arises our 
Dilemma of conditioning:
We look for God in
Our body-image..
And our mind exclaims:
Why not..? What's next..?
But of conditioning beware..!
The Book also says: I Am
With nothing beside..
Bringing shock and awakening:
Our body-image dances
Within and...Read More
Categories: inspirational, meaningful, religion, spiritual,
Form: Bio

Premium Member Then
When living lived and life just..
it was then
and then beers clanked happy anger cheers..
and then we loved how we loved
and promised and primped to make each other swell with pride and
Then we slipped and laughed...
and then when we fell and...Read More
Categories: abuse, heartbreak,
Form: Bio
Premium Member a POETIC bio

Alliteration,the starting place, alongside

cinquains,apace in time,crystalline

lanterne and rhyme.Inspiration drew forth

footle,broken monoku for a while short

imagist was my style.Sequenced longer

poems metamorphose within this crysallis

changing into ekphrasis.Open,and free to be,

as you see,structured prose poetry.With

cadence and pause,others hear my voice,

aural phrasis now...Read More
Categories: people, poetry,
Form: Bio
Happiness laced with fear. Tear after tear, year after year. Self hatred self regret.

If your looking for that one person who can change your life then look in the mirror. Put your self first.

Stop the self loathing. I've never been...Read More
Categories: happiness, health,
Form: Bio

Didactic description of feelings
Sunrise in the rain
Birth of rainbow in darkness
Depth of joys that makes words lame to whisper

Flawless imperfect figure 
Sweetness swaying my heart to leap
Dark skin of deep lucid thoughts
Thou art my sire and desire

The beauty of loving...Read More
Categories: 1st grade, angel, beautiful,
Form: Bio
So far with you
The beauty of loving is clearer with you in it
I'm glad God brought you to me and me to you
For the few seconds we've shared, I'm really looking forward to forever with you
I'm proud of the woman God is making...Read More
Categories: angel, baby, best friend, black love, blessing,
Form: Bio
I Rode Shotgun

I rode shotgun
		with someone
who look just like me

Had the same skin color
			as far    as I 
could steering wheel see

I rode shotgun
		with a racist someone,
	who hatefully 
talked the same way as me

Had the same gnarled speech,
	same gnarly hands,
		same...Read More
Categories: anger, hate, truth, wisdom,
Form: Bio
Why did he had to break my heart and left the scars inside my soul.
    Already knew, he have been hurt before but why did he had to hurt my heart cuz the scar his ex left...Read More
Categories: appreciation,
Form: Bio
Premium Member 0' Soul, Can Poetic Art Heal Such Broken Heart, Renewed Tribute Series, Emily Dickinson
0' Soul, Can Poetic Art Heal Such Broken Heart

Her pen bled deep, and this her fans may yet agree
She felt a torrid hell, darkest of angry seas
Should her pen have conquered deepest of her fears
Could her poems have stopped flow...Read More
Categories: bio, appreciation, art, character, death, deep, marriage, tribute,
Form: Sonnet
Thank you and goodbye
for all the teachings that help me learn
for all the knowledge that help grow
thank you and goodbye,

God has open my to the new world of possibilities, 
i have learn to love and hounor my roots. I have learn to be...Read More
Categories: age, appreciation, blessing, blue, care, class, culture,
Form: Bio
Premium Member Form is the beauty of Poetry
Each poem has its own form
you can't Rhyme with concrete it sets up to fast
Lyric creates its own rhyme
Sonnet seems to be out of time

ABC is Acrostic in line
Bio always has something to say
And Blank verse no one can see
Alliterations...Read More
Categories: bio, poems,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member a DEMI SONNET bio
My faith is part of me,
as is my poetry;
It could not be any other way,
two sides of one coin,I now say;
It's who I really am,you see
hidden,then released,in me 

Faith,and my poetry...Read More
Categories: bio, christian, poetry,
Form: Didactic
Susan Ashley: Daydreamer

wife of Bill,
mother of Brock, Julianna, Jocelyn and Marcus
step-mother of Heather and Billy, Jr.
step-grandmother of Logan, Delaney and Isaac
daughter of Alice and Albert and sister of Michael and Diane
lover of family, imagination and artistic expression, the skies in all its...Read More
Categories: introspection,
Form: Bio
which words speak me as your's
might your imagination
make you think of me as 
someone who loves you in resipitation
I speak of you as friend
but then what is spoken in private
you think is an conveyance of our togetherness
in categories i put...Read More
Categories: break up, celebrity, film, love, music, sexy,
Form: Bio
daddy's little princess
Published: April 2016 
When the King left his castle,
The Queen became distressed.
The Prince went into hiding,
And the Princess became depressed.

With nobody to talk to,
The Princess felt inclined
To tell all her secrets
To anyone who seemed kind.

But as she came to realize
Even...Read More
Categories: dad, dark, depression, emotions, fantasy,
Form: Bio
daddy's little misunderstood
I'm daddy's little misunderstood
Always wearing my hood
With my headphones in
Never letting you win
When you tell me what to do
But I'm not listening to you

I'm daddy's little baby
And I'm thinking that just maybe
I need to make a good impression
So I hide...Read More
Categories: anger, anxiety, conflict,
Form: Bio
Premium Member Slumbering Science
Slumbering Science

A world of separate objects
Has been the province of science
For centuries following centuries..
But now an occasional shudder
Cast by an uneasy perception
That our roots in separation
Have been only a useful dream..
The dream has turned sour 
And has drawn a darkened...Read More
Categories: confusion, dream, eulogy, i am, spiritual,
Form: Bio

My Love for Dogs

Dogs cute and fluffy!
Of all shapes and sizes, 
some look so puffy.

Some dogs' hair is scruffy.
Comb them, please and make
them sightly!

Grandma and I wrote this poem
A familial treasure, beyond any

(Written by Panagiota and her
grandson, Eddie)

Short Bio~*
Eddie is...Read More
Categories: bio, 7th grade, creation, grandmother, grandson, poetry,
Form: Rhyme
The name of my daughter
I would have given anything to find a good christain husband to have my own family.  I have no regrets though.

When I found out I was pregnant. It was early on. I loved her so much

I knew that day...Read More
Categories: betrayal, child, christian,
Form: Bio
Confronted by evil
After I got an honorable discharge from the military. I was so angry at him.  I went on an antiGod rampage and went to a pagan cerimony.  It was my turn to walk up to a person channeling...Read More
Categories: 4th grade, christian,
Form: Bio
Military family
Crying is draining I come from a military family where maybe you get a pat on the back,  or a grunt, if you did good my dad would never tell me he was proud. I would hear it through...Read More
Categories: christian, devotion, fathers day, parents,
Form: Bio

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