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Rengay Poems | Rengay Examples

Rengay Poems. Examples of Rengays and a list of new poems in the correct poetic form and technique. Share and read short, long, best, and famous Rengay poetry while accessing rules, format, types, and a comprehensive literary definition of a Rengay.

A rengay is a contemporary collaborative six-verse form of linked poetry based on a unifying theme, but there is more to a rengay. What is rengay in poetry (complete definition)?

Premium Member Elegance In Flight
Shadow wings across the ground glide along without a sound. Beware young mouse in grassy field your fate it seems has been sealed. A predator has come on quest and little ones await in a nest, for sustenance to get them...Read More
Categories: bird, nature, poems, poetry,
Form: Rengay

And to autumn turns spring
Karmic seeds once sown, Thought, I’d reap fruits by me grown, Spring came, soon was gone, And turned to summer too soon, And fruitless far my fortune! It dawned: I might sow, But it pays if I well know: My job’s...Read More
Categories: philosophy, work,
Form: Rengay
A Confession to the Red Rose
Though People think you are so soft But I know in your veins is blood Who want to touch you in the...Read More
Categories: conflict, feelings, identity, image,
Form: Rengay
Horny Games
World becomes the hell Rulers when cultivate greed Hate begets revenge Warfare body lives on blood Deaths are politician's game 16.09.2020 Chattogram...Read More
Categories: life, political,
Form: Rengay
Premium Member VERBAL COMPICATIONS-No Talk Back
Address antenna Voices demanding Optic invasions Speech enabled knot Talkin noisy Autobots Intervision Lip syncing mouth Verbal conversion Boiling in a pot As the metal rots Verbal sparring thoughts 8/22/20 Written words by James Edward Lee Sr 2020...Read More
Categories: allegory, metaphor, symbolism, word
Form: Rengay

Winter Morning
This winter morning Herons come to the swamp land Seeking living food Suddenly black cloud sheds rain Winter coldness hugs born pain -January 02,2020 CTG, BD...Read More
Categories: cool, life, winter,
Form: Rengay
Tender Me a Kiss
Tender me a kiss a brush of lips upon my cheek gentle, loving, fragile wish, sheik to set my soul afire, soft and weak. Whisper love and comfort, joy and peace to right this world so...Read More
Categories: allusion,
Form: Rengay
I Never Danced
I never danced not a stride hard as I tried the rhythm and the songs pushed two left feet along ever turning to the right but I watched you in the midnight light. A spin, a twirl along...Read More
Categories: dance,
Form: Rengay
In confluence of the river of life Who hymn lots to gain gets pain like hell besides having a lot of gems and wealth. Those whose biography sails love and compassion fair and faith lives in love in words...Read More
Categories: character,
Form: Rengay
Premium Member Stank Breath and Funky Shoes Blues
Stank Breath and Funky Shoes Blues I was at the soda shop the other day. Met a cute girl there by the way, Only thing about that I can see She had terrible stank breath...whooooeee ! On top of...Read More
Categories: funny,
Form: Rengay
Example Renega Structure
one two/three one/five three eight/two line four/nine line one/ two/three one/five...Read More
Categories: write, writing,
Form: Rengay
noun verb noun verb object subject...Read More
Categories: write, writing,
Form: Rengay
tantrum spoilt greed shadow...Read More
Categories: assonance, write, writing,
Form: Rengay
tile floss hem ...Read More
Categories: write, writing,
Form: Rengay
hello squash attack...Read More
Categories: write, writing,
Form: Rengay

Specific Types of Rengay Poems

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Definition | What is Rengay in Poetry?

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