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Epithalamium Poems | Epithalamium Examples

Epithalamium Poems. Examples of Epithalamiums and a list of new poems in the correct poetic form and technique. Share and read short, long, best, and famous Epithalamium poetry while accessing rules, format, types, and a comprehensive literary definition of an Epithalamium.

An epithalamium poem is a form of poetry written in honor of the bride and groom, but there is more to an epithalamium. What is epithalamium in poetry (complete definition)?

Two of Hearts
Two hearts beat as one Red hearts merged as one Two hearts knotted as one Loving hearts grew strong, not wan...Read the rest...
Categories: cute love, marriage,
Form: Epithalamium

Love For Keeps
Merging of hearts, solemnized as one Cruising darts, piloted by the Almighty One Scents of Chrysanthemum, crowned in leis Glade of momentum, sweeping for deis As you renew your vows There are no buts or hows Cling to each other without...Read the rest...
Categories: marriage,
Form: Epithalamium
Premium Member Celebration the Wearing of Purple and Gold Robes-
Let us bath in the spirit; Let us splash within ourselves; Flowing waters flow; Drenching all sons and daughters Naked we came into the world While at death we just rest And in the awakening we’re wearing purple and golden robes 2/3/22 Written...Read the rest...
Categories: adventure, analogy, appreciation, feelings,
Form: Epithalamium
Premium Member Blessed Exchange Underneath Her Heart Is E Father's Breath-
Underneath her heart is the Fathers breath Under her mind feelings of loving bliss And under her apparel those the clothes she adorns Ravishing silks, perfumed and her tapered body Scented and oiled for her husband A view of nakedness...Read the rest...
Categories: analogy, appreciation, blessing, celebration,
Form: Epithalamium
Fihademus Sirken
and yes we are the ones who assume that good will prevail because we profess good practices in life such is our commiseration and pity acquiescence and bliss pretending to forget the success of iniquity and impudence of those unjust...Read the rest...
Categories: destiny, life, loss,
Form: Epithalamium

Premium Member Blessed Blissful Wedding
In God’s perfect time their hearts tied by love divine now wondrously bear marriage contract seal upon sublime altar date conquering pandemic’s threat through faith in the omnipotent Saviour along His supreme sovereign approval midst parents’ delightful consent and jubilant favour… Blissfully expressing...Read the rest...
Categories: blessing, christian, faith, god,
Form: Epithalamium
A Statement: Not a Poem
Hello friends and future friends. I hope my choice of my poetic form is totally absurd. I don't even know what an Epithalamium is; so if you are looking for this form, I'm sorry to...Read the rest...
Categories: muse,
Form: Epithalamium
Premium Member Match Made In Heaven
She was lovelier than any bride the church had ever blessed. A beauty in love with a pure heart. Her groom was handsome, standing tall and delighted. The whole church lit up when they saw her walking...Read the rest...
Categories: wedding,
Form: Epithalamium
Premium Member Wedding Bliss
God be praised for today’s wondrous altar date That you, very new couple, Brother Noel and Sister Berlin became one flesh*… Tied in the Lord’s love of blissful blessings. We jubilantly greet you with our earnest prayer For grand...Read the rest...
Categories: blessing, christian, devotion, faith,
Form: Epithalamium
Premium Member Bride and Groom Chapel Bells At An Outside Wedding--
Dong!!! Dong!! Dong! The sounds of the chapel bells Ringing to the rhythm of Christian and other spectators wails; She comes my love, flowing walking down the aisle; Formal dress flowing in the midst of the evening winds Amidst this outside wedding… Sweet...Read the rest...
Categories: analogy, appreciation, celebration, inspirational,
Form: Epithalamium
Premium Member In Celebrating Marriage and Love--
Looming bells; Celebrating marriage and love Channelling flowers; Overlooking for the bride; From a distant you can smell her; Aromatic like oracle flowers; She walks softly and quietly; Celebrating marriage and love Flowers surround and hang surrounds them; Bride to be and her groom; Standing...Read the rest...
Categories: appreciation, celebration, marriage, wedding,
Form: Epithalamium
Premium Member Bride and Bridegroom Visual Smiles As Wide As the Horizon-
O' my lady whose was on her way to her marriage chamber, both Father and father embrace her; A smile as long as God's horizon, as you thank Him for your bridegroom; Hallelujah; 8/10/19 Written by James Edward Lee Sr.2019©...Read the rest...
Categories: analogy, beautiful, desire, i
Form: Epithalamium
Premium Member A Godly Wedding Nothings More Beautiful Than This-
At the altar together they stand; An open venue love is present; As a guest we honour; Ahh! we celebrate shower you in flowers; We see that you love each other; Mr Man God has loaned you His daughter; We share...Read the rest...
Categories: appreciation, i love you,
Form: Epithalamium
Premium Member Lo Epithalamium These Two In Holy Matrimony-
A poem written in honour of the bride and groom. EPITHALAMIUM O' Father we come to saturate We come to honour to celebrate EPITHALAMIUM lo' epithalamium Hallehullia, wedding angel These two bride and groom Holy nuptials these two shall make 1st we honour you,...Read the rest...
Categories: analogy, appreciation, celebration, engagement,
Form: Epithalamium
Summer Wedding
Your heart is in my possession, to show the heaven that my love is so dear,even if the cloud is not clear, I stand in this summer light to let my true complexion exhibits itself with rays of emotions_ that is...Read the rest...
Categories: love, romance,
Form: Epithalamium

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