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Vogon Poetry | Vogon Poetry Examples

Vogon Poems. Examples of Vogon and a list of new poems in the correct poetic form and technique. Share and read short, long, best, and famous Vogon poetry while accessing rules, format, types, and a comprehensive literary definition of a Vogon.

Vogon Poetry is very, very bad poetry, considered to be the third worst in the universe, written by Vogons, who are a fictional alien race in the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, but there is more to vogon poetry. What is vogon in poetry (complete definition)?

Fartesimal Fleebely
You’re a yoddering snake of fake! Feeble Farrell Farrelly! I’d disembowel the bark of a tree of three To rip out your organs and feed ‘em as fishery food!...Read More
Categories: fun,
Form: Vogon Poetry

Twas the sea giant of zoding fust
Twas in the waters, I waborn from flames and lust Ripped from the stars and the zoding fust Cast into the salty and swirlin mesty sea Twas in the sky, I was as a cloud in...Read More
Categories: anger,
Form: Vogon Poetry
its ffeels good to be free be what you like to be have all kinds of friends its not a sin free to chip in make life a better placee good to meet a newfaces not let...Read More
Categories: adventure, appreciation,
Form: Vogon Poetry
it been ups and down and around keeping our feet on the ground marching citis and town some treated like clown new song and sound hard work from the past song say free at last and we...Read More
Categories: adventure,
Form: Vogon Poetry
Loves Lost Time
A thunderous rumbling, lightning flashing all within my troubled brain, I wander in a daze, afraid of crashing. The cause is plain, I must see you again. The passing years, where each does live, In joy and Sorrow, and happiness spent, Each with another, who of themselves...Read More
Categories: future, heart, lost love,
Form: Vogon Poetry

this i won't you to no as you go will be by your side world wide so don't feel blue wiill stand by you too to me your heavenly you can COUNT ON ME ...Read More
Categories: angel,
Form: Vogon Poetry
Premium Member Esrever ni
Esraeh a ni ffo deluah, teop dlo Esremmi did eh, erol tneicna ni Esrow saw tahw tub, esimed sih etorw Esrever ni tnemom eht dloterof Esruc nogoV yldaed eht dehsaelnu ...Read More
Categories: silly,
Form: Vogon Poetry
Premium Member Vogon Elvish
Lo, ty mirthels cascahl ahvan soundrus Tinkling, drancig, veyless othel clef en blish Glimmish mare de propotel te groundus Toosh da ligty mith ah gentish kish ...Read More
Categories: sound,
Form: Vogon Poetry
Premium Member Ya ondrous wound
Ya ondrous wound sis thift shoes dake, mit olls ro sicely non e thongue. Te thords weem sancient, ong lago, E thears at thear hem thust me boung. A yme rhin ound sis ill steserved, Pra ifted shecho om fre...Read More
Categories: sound,
Form: Vogon Poetry
Premium Member Ro tairer feas
Thro song land anks thor fall e thish; Fy morpoise pere his ow nulfilled. Fespecially e thackerel: Mes, yose tharticulary pilled. Ne wall sheturn ro tairer feas; Se wip flour ails, tand ave woodbye. Gand ould shou yever ome cour ay, Wease...Read More
Categories: appreciation,
Form: Vogon Poetry
Premium Member U R Z 1
C, I M B-Z S A B O, Y M I O-K 2 B S B-Z, B-Z S A B? 4 I C, S, U R Z 1. I C Y, S, U R 2 B Z 1 2 B,...Read More
Categories: silly,
Form: Vogon Poetry
Premium Member edo nogov
sdrow modnar txet modnar deppilf redro dexev redro tsal ot tsrif ton tsrif ot tsal, on tsrow eht era smeop vogon*! ---------- *sometimes, even vogons must make concessions......Read More
Categories: word play,
Form: Vogon Poetry
again the dawn is ugly around here winter in the streets and in us installed cold pupils stare into the void of eternity the miniature elephants on the sideboard fill this life thrown away only insecure years await us meaningless situations soon...Read More
Categories: emotions, surreal,
Form: Vogon Poetry
Premium Member Schematize Science
Esteemed Mr. Elly reveres science friendly, Aibohphobia undiagnosed always studying, thinking constantly Azotemic energy, breathing theories ideas enlightened, eliciting fawning students readily schematize and azotize enjoying and debating behavior – memetic. ideas of mehitzas, encouraged muddy ammocete gently...Read More
Categories: 10th grade, 11th grade,
Form: Vogon Poetry
Gruesome as Judas cradle growl, I dabble in gore thereby. Everyday Norse hannibalish, so my ribs outward, exposed flesh, gangrenous. I beg water, I chew my tongue Schwedentrunk painful, Junked, revealed, confessed to. The immense crux pain, till my stomach bloated up. ...Read More
Categories: pain, violence,
Form: Vogon Poetry

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