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Hybronnet Poems

Hybronnet Poems. Examples of Hybronnets and a list of poems in the correct poetic form and technique. Share and read Hybronnet poetry while accessing rules, topics, ideas, and a comprehensive literary definition of a Hybronnet. (New Poems Below)

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couplet, hybrid, rhyme, sonnet

New Poems

A Statement Not A Poem:
So these are it. The poems from and 
about my trip. Thanks to all who have
taken the time to read these, and especially
to those who have made comments. I do 
apologize for not reading or commenting on 
other's poetry during...Read More
Categories: muse,
Form: Hybronnet

Premium Member In Vacation Mode
The water lulls me into a soft sleep
Lingering at the ocean six minutes
My relaxed breathing gets even more deep
My eyes flutter as I dream of flowers

Unicorns in meadow take a front seat
Meditative state I find myself in
Dreaming softly in sun...Read More
Categories: vacation,
Form: Hybronnet
Premium Member Heart Fast
"i carry your heart with me (i carry it in
my heart) i am never without it (anywhere
i go, you go". 

e. e. cummings.

A little boy has crept into my heart,
And in its depths he will always remain,
For how could I...Read More
Categories: age, blue, child, fish, love, mother,
Form: Hybronnet
Premium Member Sky Study
I have given the matter careful thought,
Awarded it due consideration,
And I believe that children should be taught
To appreciate the fascination 
That can be found in the stars in the sky,
In the planets, and in the sun and moon,
That historically have...Read More
Categories: appreciation, birth, history, philosophy, stars,
Form: Hybronnet
Wondrous family bond’s tenacity
Bracing love-anchored parental duty
There children enjoy great security…
Sweet home I witness as hedge of beauty.

Lovers’ lane welcomes couple’s engagement
Delighting in grand magical moment
Near water garden brings me fulfillment
Since I’m park showcase with light’s entanglement.

Being a steadfast gracious...Read More
Categories: appreciation, christian, faith, family, god, meaningful, uplifting,
Form: Hybronnet

Premium Member Experience Cannot Be Beat
Confidence easily had 
Is a matter of practice
Things that start out prickly bad
Can smooth the thorniest cactus.

Tenacious trial and error
Experience cannot be beat.
If you honestly care
To delve into a new feat.

Encourage yourself to try
And you will never be askance
Effort’s product...Read More
Categories: 10th grade, 11th grade, 12th grade, 7th
Form: Hybronnet
A Beauteous Sight - Hybronnet
My eyes, they beheld A Beauteous Sight,
Before my eyes, it did shine like the sun.
I did see such beauty within the light,
Tonight, passion’s fulfilment would be done.
A woman did stand on Heaven’s bright plain,
Her temple praised by the Angels on...Read More
Categories: beauty, dream, love,
Form: Hybronnet
Premium Member healing takes time
Healing takes time
And loving leans
Us survive in
This sultry world
Of sin and

...Read More
Categories: health,
Form: Hybronnet
Quirky tricks of my special child are amusing…
But vexing when they turn to be mischievous acts
Exposing follies in the guise of innocence;
Thus, I respond with love-filled correction-dealings.
My child’s mischief reminds me actually of mine
Which I try to hide to...Read More
Categories: character, child, faith, forgiveness, god, spiritual, truth,
Form: Hybronnet
In my wretchedness, so miserable
God compassionately reached down to me;
Offered me His precious love, valuable…  
He paid by His blood* of sacrifice-fee.

From heaven, He came to give me freedom
To unshackle me from sins’ bondage-chain;
Against eternal pangs of hell’s kingdom…
He...Read More
Categories: appreciation, christian, faith, god, inspirational, spiritual, thanksgiving,
Form: Hybronnet

He sits high upon golden calf
— invisible to naked eye.
If they saw him they’d know the half.
The mocking dragon waves goodbye.

The red face of Moses turns pale.
He descends the holy mountain.
Harried stone tablets —downward sail!
Quake splits...Read More
Categories: bible, sin,
Form: Hybronnet
Premium Member O HEART

Tracing its symmetrical shape —
claustrophobic butterfly wings,
sensate sweep, with kisses my nape.
The flutter of my heartstrings sing.

Don’t break my wings of happiness,
this bellyache ballerina,
this lavender oil of sweetness,
and lover’s splash of katrina.

O pheromone pulse! Rapturous!
A dance in the mirror...Read More
Categories: emotions, love,
Form: Hybronnet

                                       ...Read More
Categories: addiction, anxiety, desire, fashion, money, society, vanity,
Form: Hybronnet
Premium Member Cupid Pours, From Love's Golden Cup
Cupid Pours, From Love's Golden Cup

Sad knowing thy heart was so bruised
Seeing deep pain in such blue eyes
Tragic, such kind heart thus abused
By deadly slashes in dark lies

Pray I, for soul's quickest healing
With a true love to soon arrive
For such...Read More
Categories: art, betrayal, creation, hope, imagery, lost love,
Form: Hybronnet
My Woodland Haven
The forest is my last retreat.
There breezes sing a quiet song.
As flowers scented air stays sweet,
My heart with music sings-along.

There, nature has a love affair.
Squirrels’ treetop tricks solicit smiles.
The beastly beings living there, 
Array the day with fun lifestyles --

Protected...Read More
Categories: happy, nature,
Form: Hybronnet
A Haven Worth Ravin' About
Safe haven – a sanctuary, 
a loving father’s arms of rest,
asylum sans adversary, 
a place wherein we know we’re blessed.

Heaven! that’s our final refuge
though there are many here on earth.
It's worth checking out, who'd refuse
a place where you can find...Read More
Categories: blessing, forgiveness, happiness, heaven, paradise,
Form: Hybronnet
Hypnotic Eyes

Hypnotic are your eyes in light
of sun and stars and luring moon.
Eyes crystal blue flame coldest night
then look away as lovers swoon.
Like them, I long to lose my head
and heart to love, not just a game.
Enlightened by a kiss, we'd...Read More
Categories: desire, longing, love, passion,
Form: Hybronnet
Premium Member Heartache Carved Knots
Chilly the pride shredding me torn.
In soft grass I lay odd pieces
of my new wound, bloody from scorn
and wrath as pushed in my creases. 

I sent harmony into flight
to secure love’s peaceful, prime feel,
but rage launched and eclipsed my light.
My...Read More
Categories: abuse, character, conflict, peace,
Form: Hybronnet
Premium Member Heartache
Narrow grows the infinite sky
In mind a list of all who've gone
before - years passed- so quickly by
Enough to prejudice the dawn
And little joys and larger griefs
Consumed our hearts and minds at will
Dared us to question our beliefs 
Until that...Read More
Categories: death, fate, grief, heartbreak,
Form: Hybronnet
Her eyes sparkled as if from wine,
But it was early in the day.
I could near feel her lips on mine,
But she made no effort to stay.

Her feelings hidden somewhere deep
Within her mysterious soul .
She turned to walk as if in...Read More
Categories: lost love,
Form: Hybronnet
Unimaginable Truth
The nation is controlled by Corrupt individuals,

the inability to control it drives us insane. 

We sit alone brooding the old--grasping the new, 

Eager to make it's value more than what it's worth. 

We try to commemorate our past, 

by Rebuilding...Read More
Categories: america, emotions, humanity,
Form: Hybronnet
Vineyard's Lifecycle
We've grown from the same root

We stick together

like a grape bunch.

Until a final decision is made

Stay in our bunch and enjoy our company.

Grow older, you can become finer

A Chardonnay or Sauvignon?

A finer wine

Made from the roots you grew up in.

Combined...Read More
Categories: life,
Form: Hybronnet
I won't leave you again to ruin,
The pagearity of my soul shall grace you.
Once I left you moulded black,
Now I won't leave you again to rot.

Let my words germinate in your palms,
In vain vanities have I made you vain,
Graceful paths...Read More
Categories: africa,
Form: Hybronnet
Distantly connections seemed like there have been interruptions
The changing of tides seas storms com busting
Be honest tell the truth it really is okay
To let go of what is bothering you today

I am here 
I will listen
let’s score these symphony notes...Read More
Categories: blessing, courage, encouraging, friend,
Form: Hybronnet
Rivers of Love
red is like the petal of a flower
like rain on a sunny day small areas of showers
red is like pillow stuffed feathers to complete
the texture too soft and plain to see

red is like a tear that falls on the side...Read More
Categories: metaphor,
Form: Hybronnet