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Dodoitsu Poems | Dodoitsu Examples

Dodoitsu Poems. Examples of Dodoitsus and a list of new poems in the correct poetic form and technique. Share and read short, long, best, and famous Dodoitsu poetry while accessing rules, format, types, and a comprehensive literary definition of a Dodoitsu.

A dodoitsu is a fixed folk song form of Japanese origin and is often about love or humor, but there is more to a dodoitsu. What is dodoitsu in poetry (complete definition)?

Premium Member Numbing The Pain
Sad husband just buried wife. Clad in funeral glad rags; Seeks refuge in libations. Taxi...Read More
Categories: drink, grief, husband, imagery,
Form: Dodoitsu

I loved you as i was ...Read More
Categories: allegory, love, metaphor, romance,
Form: Dodoitsu
Medicine cures evil, and...Read More
Categories: allegory, allusion, care, metaphor,
Form: Dodoitsu
Premium Member Stinger
Funny how love always stings Hurts when it begins and ends In between it feels so good Cupid has stinger written September 21, 2021...Read More
Categories: angst, humorous, love,
Form: Dodoitsu
Premium Member A Varicolored Bloom
anthers of orange and gold a large pink bloom soaks the sun light pink here and dark pink there with streaks of purple fragrance fills the summertime forever lived in one day beauty sensed by the senses never unnoticed...Read More
Categories: appreciation, color, day, flower,
Form: Dodoitsu

Premium Member forevermore love
his gentle way, his kind soul, falling in love was easy; walks in rain, snow and sunshine, oh, I miss my love . . . ________________________ August 21, 2021 - Reprint Poetry/Dodoitsu/forevermore love Copyright Protected, ID 08-1282-557-21 All Rights Reserved, 2021,...Read More
Categories: love,
Form: Dodoitsu
Premium Member Go-Between
Once happy home now broken; Mom and Dad are splitting up. Only child tries to fix rift, but it's all for naught. Date written: 08/05/2021...Read More
Categories: conflict, family, relationship, sad,
Form: Dodoitsu
Premium Member Cuddling
the softness of her sweet lips lingering on my forehead plant love in my drumming heart hugs sing harmony written July 31, 2021 ...Read More
Categories: kiss, love, romantic, song,
Form: Dodoitsu
Premium Member Existential Dread
A Black driver, pulled over. Out comes White cop, approaching. Scared, he's thinking morbid thoughts. "Is this my last day?" Date posted: 07/30/2021...Read More
Categories: angst, fear,
Form: Dodoitsu
Premium Member THE SUMMER SUN
The summer sun burns hot now. It dries the grass and the fields. Even the insects seek shade. Summer time is here. Iridescent dragonflies, Lovely colored butterflies, Busy humming honey bees, Even they seek shade. Roses droop their pretty heads. Lilies become limp in...Read More
Categories: summer, sun,
Form: Dodoitsu
Premium Member Masochist
great pleasure in self-torment; the more painful, the better. Addicted to discomfort, feeding it with glee! Date written: 06/17/2021...Read More
Categories: people, perspective,
Form: Dodoitsu
Premium Member Unhappiness
Depression's distant cousin invited to stay awhile. Clouds of gray block the sunshine, smothering its rays Date written: 06/17/2021...Read More
Categories: emotions, sad,
Form: Dodoitsu
Premium Member My Lifetime
Span of an entire lifetime Balancing one's smiles and tears Harmony and dissonance Measured in pleasures. written May 24, 2021...Read More
Categories: life, philosophy,
Form: Dodoitsu
Premium Member Secrets
Secrets are secrets better Locked tightly inside the mind Never to invite regret Learned the hard way May 22, 2021 ...Read More
Categories: betrayal, friendship, integrity, self,
Form: Dodoitsu
Carcharodon Carcharias
The great white shark of warm seas that is bluish while still young becomes whitish as years pass attacking humans....Read More
Categories: animal,
Form: Dodoitsu

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