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Masnavi Poems

Masnavi Poems. Examples of Masnavis and a list of poems in the correct poetic form and technique. Share and read Masnavi poetry while accessing rules, topics, ideas, and a comprehensive literary definition of a Masnavi. (New Poems Below)

New Poems

In silence
In silence, we can hear wisdom imparted;
the strident bell of argument departed.
Because we cannot hear when we clamour, speak:
When we become sentient in our quest to seek
the value in others and their true motif,
hidden from themselves in a layer of...Read More
Categories: philosophy,
Form: Masnavi

My mango and banyan made for the shoreline
and found the vagabond truths so unrefined
New ways to live in the harsh scalding of salt
gravely dug where rivers cast slough of sad malt
Roots grappling dregs of mud-rich detritus
offering alms to canopy’s incubus
Veering...Read More
Categories: allusion,
Form: Masnavi
Premium Member Realistic Statistics
Christmas is always a busy time of year,
More traffic on the roads, as the Day draws near,
Shopping to be done, last-minute gifts to choose,
Searching for that something you think will amuse,
In an atmosphere that is optimistic,
No one expects to be...Read More
Categories: christmas, day, death, drink, giving, political,
Form: Masnavi
Double J - just jetsam
Marred and minced remnants pile high in a storm’s swarm
Yesterdays, hardened-soft, surface where sea’s warm…

Flotsam found, lays tales around, in frayed traces
Another shattered shell whimpers of graces
vying with the sea-swept sands: gloss embossed fades…
Ocean’s dead! These are castaways of Hades,...Read More
Categories: allusion,
Form: Masnavi
Premium Member Divine Diana
Diana, our beloved princess, has been killed,
The blood of "the people's princess" too cruelly spilled,
The car in which she travelled moving much too fast,
And now our precious English Rose has breathed her last;
She was too innocent, too beautiful to die,
And...Read More
Categories: beautiful, car, death, farewell, innocence, rose,
Form: Masnavi

Premium Member The life is
The Life Is …
When I was young there was no pain,
The only pain was to complain.
When I was young I did not care,
Just as long as my love was there.
When I was young the life was great,
But always I was...Read More
Categories: allusion, angst, life, old, poetry,
Form: Masnavi
Premium Member Playground

I am making decisions every morning,
None of them comes along with any warning.
To go right or to go left which one is right?
Living in darkness or hoping to see light.
I made million decisions most of them fine,
Few I made that...Read More
Categories: age, allusion, anger,
Form: Masnavi
Premium Member Oneness

I was thinking of my good old grandpa, 
I loved him so much and called him Bababa.
He was my favorite person in my life,
He was always in peace even in his strife.
He was kind and giving, joyful to us...Read More
Categories: allusion, muse, spiritual,
Form: Masnavi
Premium Member My God Is Love

Are we mystical beings? the child asked me.
Theological question given to thee.
How do I answer? I have nothing to hide.
My true response lies deeply way down inside.
Answer not easily given my child.
Oft given in dreams or walks in the wild.
So...Read More
Categories: philosophy, spiritual,
Form: Masnavi
Truth is clear and One, but the veils of belief
hide outward constructs causing spiritual grief.

The Word is Truth, in reading some comprehend
but the heart’s intuition does not transcend

the Spirit’s intent, so, afraid to awake 
and slumbering ‘til death, His truth...Read More
Categories: faith, religious, spiritual,
Form: Masnavi
A Muzdawidj
All is alive and living, rising to light
civilizations peak in power’s full might
kingdom building, making self’s endeavors right.

Jackals searching for water in desert sand
dried streams and thorns in wilderness’ empty land
Allah’s Truth lost and too blind to understand

The dry seed...Read More
Categories: allah, religious, spiritual, truth,
Form: Masnavi
Kingdom of Ants
Little ant where are you going so busy
digging tunnels through life’s dust and living easy?

Chasing after the wind of lost mortal time
a meaningless meandering through world’s grime

Weak kingdoms of dark earth with shadows of death
hiding the truth of destruction with...Read More
Categories: arabic, religious, spiritual,
Form: Masnavi
Premium Member The Watch Maker
                  The Watch Maker…

Let me be, leave me alone, I'm Him, leave me alone.
I'm in pain; let me be, let me be, on...Read More
Categories: creation, fantasy, love,
Form: Masnavi
Premium Member Hero's Game
            Hero’s game ….
I want to know, how should I play?
What are the rules, day after day?
I want to know, where is it gone?
What was it there, that’s gone...Read More
Categories: confusion, metaphor, spiritual,
Form: Masnavi
they come you jump
some get bump
at a  holloween dance
you  hump and prance
you have a task
watch whats  the mask
stay near street lights
Categories: betrayal,
Form: Masnavi
Premium Member Let me fly away
             Let me fly away ….

Open up the door now let me fly away.
I will be in pain more, if you let me stay.
You promised me flowers, nightingales...Read More
Categories: fantasy, flying, loneliness, pain,
Form: Masnavi
Premium Member In the Fall
               In The Fall… 

Wait for love until Fall,
nightingales they will call.
Nightingales are divine,
they sing drunk with no wine.
With all eyes wait and see,
how do trees...Read More
Categories: age, autumn, beauty, love,
Form: Masnavi
Premium Member My Shadow
                  My Shadow….

Lost in the path of this dreadful life,
thinking of years that I spent in strife;
walking and thinking, what is ahead?
Living with...Read More
Categories: age, allusion, imagination, life, spiritual,
Form: Masnavi
Premium Member The Voice
                               The Voice…

In a dark night that was darker than...Read More
Categories: imagination, journey, metaphor, symbolism,
Form: Masnavi
Premium Member Regret

I flew once in a field, full of flowers,
a...Read More
Categories: allusion, fantasy, imagination, love, metaphor, spiritual,
Form: Masnavi
Premium Member Falling Spring
                        Falling Spring..

Alas that my spring, my youthful nights gone.
  A thousand laughter and all candle...Read More
Categories: anger, beauty, old, pain, spring,
Form: Masnavi
Premium Member Cat and Mouse
                           Cat and mouse

Within a garden somewhere out there,
Butterflies were dancing free from care.
Thousands...Read More
Categories: death, life, spiritual, symbolism,
Form: Masnavi
Premium Member The Question
                   The Question … 

Once I had a question, I asked a friend,
What is my purpose, and what is the end?
What happen...Read More
Categories: fantasy, satire, science, spiritual,
Form: Masnavi
Premium Member In the silence of the wind
                    In the silence of the wind 

To a flowering tree, what does the wind say? 
    ...Read More
Categories: destiny, love, pain,
Form: Masnavi
Premium Member Who am I
                       Who am I? 
Once I was a man, working in my field
     Thinking...Read More
Categories: confusion, deep, dream, fantasy, imagination, mystery,
Form: Masnavi