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Masnavi Poems | Masnavi Examples

Masnavi Poems. Examples of Masnavis and a list of new poems in the correct poetic form and technique. Share and read short, long, best, and famous Masnavi poetry while accessing rules, format, types, and a comprehensive literary definition of a Masnavi.

A masnavi poem is a form of poetry consisting of spiritual or romantic rhyming couplets centered on God or love, but there is more to a masnavi. What is masnavi in poetry (complete definition)?

Premium Member Cenobite Muse
My muse keeps pestering like a cenobite, chewing my brain like a hungry parasite. Pressuring the ink to bleed like acid rain, catharsis to release perpetual pain. Hiding poems that live rent free like boarders, I'm...Read the rest...
Categories: muse,
Form: Masnavi

Premium Member Essence of my Poetry
How do I praise your influence, oh Rumi? For you are the essence of my poetry. Poet's quote. I was lost in mournful melodies of birds, until death brought me back to life through your words. My sleeping spirit...Read the rest...
Categories: appreciation, life, philosophy,
Form: Masnavi
I saw him today, I recognise him with his particular wings, And his sarcastic smile, This time he holds... A parchment in his hand, Giggling so hard, As he opened his parchment, That became a sort of tablet... I can't believe my eyes! It's...Read the rest...
Categories: extended metaphor, fantasy, journey,
Form: Masnavi
Dont ever ask me... Now! Where am I? Now! I won't answer your, All I can say... I'm on a pilgrimage... Dont you know? I said it to you twice, It's my healing year, I took it without any consultation, I'm free!...Read the rest...
Categories: growth, motivation, poems,
Form: Masnavi
I wondered today, As I drove on my way; How far could I? Be away... From your way, Could I even... Cross that highway? Be out of your sight way, Be far away! Out on a new roadway. Except, I found out, That you are in...Read the rest...
Categories: spiritual, true love,
Form: Masnavi

We've been lost, Between two earths, Looking to become exalted with peace, Somehow! This peace... Was already there, Between my notes, Inside your eyes, Rooted within our essences. Too late! Both our souls spoke out, We were apart, Both! You and I were living on different earths, But,...Read the rest...
Categories: fate,
Form: Masnavi
Rumi, My Roomie
I stared at the wall, it stared back at me. I was so lonesome longed for a roomie. And as I despaired, with feelings of dread, I heard a low moan at foot of my bed. Wonder of wonders,...Read the rest...
Categories: books, dream, fantasy, humor,
Form: Masnavi
Neurodeus Dophamine
Enthroned Qeis-Layla lay under God, Propheted a mania in madness blood. The spark of a padma has not died, A sorrow Hansel-Gretel lacrimated. A just far away lady likeness, Adore God for the grimness. Tristan- Isolde has begged Eden stair, A chivalric...Read the rest...
Categories: for teens, romantic,
Form: Masnavi
Premium Member The King of Mercy
He had the best of friends, they love him so much to take a risk But they could not heal his palsy, So paralyzed that he could not use his feet , A crowd thronged around the...Read the rest...
Categories: analogy, bible, character, creation,
Form: Masnavi
Premium Member The King of Mercy
Ten Lepers sought the Lord carrying their badges with a Plea unclean unclean was the cry Mercy alone was their Plea The King of mercy heard their cries by his word He healed them all One...Read the rest...
Categories: blessing, character, eulogy, gospel,
Form: Masnavi
Premium Member I Will Not Deny
I will not deny the groom, the Son of God. Would you deny what is tangible, defraud? The way that leads to destruction is broad. He is the way, the truth and life, light and salt. He loves you...Read the rest...
Categories: christian,
Form: Masnavi
Samara... Brilliant sunshine, silvery cloud; looked down and found me lost in a crowd. Some nights, I flew and followed the breeze. Some nights, my world turned into a freeze. Sometimes, I was lost, going my way; it didn't matter night...Read the rest...
Categories: allusion, life, metaphor, seasons,
Form: Masnavi
Motherland… I am a desert, barren and hot. Hoping for the rain, which I forgot. Once, I was green, golden, and bright. Nightingales singing night after night. My fresh breeze at dawn was ever nice, Showered me blossoms like paradise. Year after...Read the rest...
Categories: emotions, feelings, longing, peace,
Form: Masnavi
Double J - Just Jetsam
Marred and minced remnants pile high in a storm’s swarm Yesterdays, hardened-soft, surface where sea’s warm… Flotsam found, lays tales around, in frayed traces Another shattered shell whimpers of graces vying with the sea-swept sands: gloss embossed fades… Ocean’s dead!...Read the rest...
Categories: allusion,
Form: Masnavi
The Life Is
The Life Is … The Life Is … When I was young, there was no pain, The only pain was to complain. When I was young, I did not care, Just as long as my love was there. When I was...Read the rest...
Categories: allusion, angst, life, old,
Form: Masnavi

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