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Double Dactyl Poems | Double Dactyl Examples

Double Dactyl Poems. Examples of Double Dactyls and a list of new poems in the correct poetic form and technique. Share and read short, long, best, and famous Double Dactyl poetry while accessing rules, format, types, and a comprehensive literary definition of a Double Dactyl.

A double dactyl is a form of verse consisting of two quatrains each with three double-dactyl lines and invented by Anthony Hecht and Paul Pascal, but there is more to a double dactyl. What is double dactyl in poetry (complete definition)?

Mesmerizes Holly Dolly Mesmerizes me Ahead her work Calls Me Proofs her love Not for me But for hersake Abandoning Romance...Read More
Categories: 10th grade, abortion, beauty,
Form: Double Dactyl

Deceitful Tongues
Rabasha Kabasha Old Prophet Noadiah Rifling society Lying to God Judgement shall fall on thee Incomprehensibly Thou art an enemy One to the Lord...Read More
Categories: 10th grade, 11th grade,
Form: Double Dactyl
Van Helsing
Wig-wam Gabriel Van Helsing came so great like a speeding arrow, never comes late under call as megalomaniac and charging sparrow....Read More
Categories: hero,
Form: Double Dactyl
Premium Member Scotus Pick
Extraordinarily sterling law pedigree Jackson, Ketanji Brown's confirmation went down: no ugly fight. Ology, Elegy What's this fresh hell I see? Lenient sentencing, can't define womanhood, natural rights. ---------- Name ordered based on meter only: dactyl, dactyl As an answer to a written question, Jackson wrote, "I...Read More
Categories: political,
Form: Double Dactyl
Premium Member Politics and Pulchritude
Higgledy-Piggledy Forty-fifth president Some think him marvelous; Others a jerk. Chasm political Breached by consensus, his Cosmetological Routine needs work....Read More
Categories: fun, funny, political,
Form: Double Dactyl

Premium Member Sir Edmund Hillary
Skillary Spillary Sir Edmund Hillary Climber, Philanthropist First up Mount Everest Liked to keep bees New Zealand juvenile High-altitudinal Knighted in fifty three Maintained humility Loved Nepalese...Read More
Categories: history,
Form: Double Dactyl
Premium Member Benoit B Mandelbrot
Boggledy Mindalot Benoit B. Mandelbrot Perfect recursion sought Infinitely! Franticly, fractally Near-mathemagickly Spiraling endlessly Exquisitely! Bratwurst and sausages Mandelbrot hostages Escaping inwardly Labyrinths for me!...Read More
Categories: silly,
Form: Double Dactyl
Premium Member Emiline Richardson
Diggety Duggety Emiline Richardson Studied the Etruscans Classically Votive bronze objects, all Archaeological: What I dug up on her Posthumously ...Read More
Categories: history, humorous,
Form: Double Dactyl
Premium Member Carolyn, Mortified
Recipice Precipice Carolyn Child would be Mortified watching me Cooking with joy and glee Random ingredients Thrown in a pot! Hardly comestible Near-indigestible Never repeatable Undefatigable Principal requisite Just make it hot! ————- Not a pure double dactyl, but in the spirit of one… Julia Carolyn Child is the...Read More
Categories: humorous,
Form: Double Dactyl
Premium Member Harmless Or Serious
Hurgle-y, Gurgle-y Gastrointestinal Silly sounds stomachs make: Borborgymi! Reflux and GERD both see Hyperacidity, Heartburn and stomach aches: More Tums for me! ————— Note to self: Double Dactyl, somewhat akin to a limerick… A dactyl is a three syllable word with the emphasis on...Read More
Categories: health,
Form: Double Dactyl
Premium Member The Maigue Poets of Croom
Friggity friggity! MacRaith and O’ Tuama: poets incessant and blabbering bores. Publican served insults – flibbertigibbeting. Rhetoric ingrained dull; flyting supreme! ________________________________________________________ The limerick is an English comedic five-line poem. The form could be found in England as far back as...Read More
Categories: friend, language, poets,
Form: Double Dactyl
Premium Member The Trial of the Former President of the Usa Donald John Trump
"The Prosecution "NOR" "The Defense", makes the accused come to court,and this is something I must "Report".The accused is not going to get a jail or prison sentence,and this is a fact that cannot go...Read More
Categories: 10th grade, 12th grade,
Form: Double Dactyl
A Piece of Cake
Clickety clackety Queen Marie Antoinette "Cake let them eat", she said When they'd no bread Due to her callousness, Improvisational French mob decided then "Off with her head" 09.02.2021...Read More
Categories: french,
Form: Double Dactyl
Premium Member Controversial Scarlett
Wiggedly giggledly Scarlett Johanasson. She’ll play “any person” or “any tree.” “Under the Skin” - a film fant-alien-ation - had her preying on men. All right by me! Feb. 8, 2021 for William Kekaula's Double Dactyl (Win For Paid Membership) Poetry Contest "Under the Skin"...Read More
Categories: star,
Form: Double Dactyl
Premium Member Chiggety Piggety
Chiggety Piggety Salvador T Dali upside down and backwards terrific artistry Smiggety Biggety amusing me greatly his wonderous paintings Supercilliously Written 2-05-2021 Contest: Double Dactyl (Win For Paid Membership) Sponsor: William Kekaula...Read More
Categories: 10th grade, 11th grade,
Form: Double Dactyl

Specific Types of Double Dactyl Poems

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Definition | What is Double Dactyl in Poetry?

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