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Blank Verse Poems | Blank Verse Examples

Blank verse Poems. Examples of Blank verses and a list of new poems in the correct poetic form and technique. Share and read short, long, best, and famous Blank verse poetry while accessing rules, format, types, and a comprehensive literary definition of a Blank verse.

A blank verse is a form of poetry consisting of regular meter, but no rhyme, but there is more to a blank verse. What is blank verse in poetry (complete definition)?

Manson the surgeon
Manson, the surgeon. I know of a famous neuro-surgeon who retired at 65 to write a book that made him more famous Now he is 72 and has cancer of the testicles, life in the fast lane has...Read More
Categories: best friend, courage, cute,
Form: Blank verse

The therapy Once I drove from the south to the North of Portugal with a sojourn into Spain, long enough to see how different the two countries are made me anti-unipolar. I was driving around before the creation of...Read More
Categories: angst, appreciation, best friend,
Form: Blank verse
The Singer And The Song
To sing, or not to sing, the tongue is dry; Yet still, lyrics written with some caution, The words and music are pleasantly heard; The song takes shape it is ready to sing, And by singing it shall become...Read More
Categories: feelings,
Form: Blank verse
Poets Do Not Make Mistakes
Poets do not make mistakes When we throw the pen It lands in ink, on purpose Then on paper in lines we hunt you till we find you And haunt you with echoes Poets get it right when we walk...Read More
Categories: allusion, poets,
Form: Blank verse
the man who wanted to be an emperor
The man who wanted to be Emperor He was (is) a great president of his country, the two presidents before him had nearly destroyed the country one for being naïve, the other for a hopeless drunk. The state...Read More
Categories: anger, devotion, history,
Form: Blank verse

Premium Member Time Well Spent
In my mind’s eye, I see it standing there, the small brick siding house where I once lived. No sign of it remains. Oh, how I wish I had one small memento to embrace. The trees we children climbed...Read More
Categories: nostalgia,
Form: Blank verse
dysfunctional family
Life isnt fair And it starts at home When you're the responsible one Even if you weren't there You get exploited and used Yet still it's not enough Whatever the issue It was because of you If only you would get your act...Read More
Categories: family,
Form: Blank verse
Premium Member Winter Rains
The rain sprays the doors and windows The grounds soften, the leaves flap in the winds The beginning I hope, the start of the winter Books and movies the mailman walks through the Breeze. My mind...Read More
Categories: blessing, rain, winter,
Form: Blank verse
when love is not enough
When love is not enough The bird of love sits in a gilded cage, sometimes it gets out and flies in search of mischief. Anton, a young student from a middle-class family sat in a crowded café drinking a...Read More
Categories: anti bullying, break up,
Form: Blank verse
Bicycle Poem - 2
A wobble waiting in the shed A joke cracked by Victorian comedians A test of youthful instability A trial by tarmac An unyielding seat with changing views A wetter way of travelling through rain A soundless nemesis for pensioners A tin-tack gathering...Read More
Categories: analogy, funny, hilarious, imagery,
Form: Blank verse
the highborn woman
The highborn woman and her sons. An old woman has died she was famous for having no opinion about anything; talking about “families” soft as flannel patting a child’s stately bum. One of her sons has taken her place...Read More
Categories: abuse, birth, break up,
Form: Blank verse
cold winter of 1949
the cold winter of 1949 The frost hung mercilessly over our town the woman who had had her nose frozen off in the winter of 1933, said this time it was worse. It was bad, cats jumping from one...Read More
Categories: birth, earth day, november,
Form: Blank verse
fire engine
Fire-engine Now that it is autumn going towards winter I often think about morbid things to avert this I think of what I liked as a child. The sound of the fire engine rushing through the town; ran...Read More
Categories: best friend, birthday, history,
Form: Blank verse
Present Living
Got to be in the moment. Live. Be present. Forget the past. Don’t anticipate the future. Just live. To presently live is to let go of anxious thoughts. Let go of held stress baring weights. Let go of...Read More
Categories: faith, life, wisdom,
Form: Blank verse
How to be Wise and Nice
If we forget noble friends And stay with no regrets One day we will lose them Due to our careless mind If we shrewdly use time And distribute it equitably Our success is assured We get in life victory If we know to...Read More
Categories: care, nice,
Form: Blank verse

Specific Types of Blank Verse Poems

Read wonderful blank verse poetry on the following sub-topics: contemporary, iambic pentameter, life, love, nature, sonnet and more.

Definition | What is Blank Verse in Poetry?

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