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Blank Verse Poems

Read wonderful blank verse poetry on the following sub-topics: contemporary, iambic pentameter, life, love, nature, sonnet and more. Read a definition and example (where appropriate).

Note: The forms for these poems were selected by the poet. Often poems are assigned the wrong form. Please confirm the accuracy of the poetic form before referencing the poem.

List of New Blank Verse Poems

PMPoem TitlePoetCategories  
Premium Member Poem RUMOR Muhammad Safa Thajudeen abuse,
To Be Vanesa hughes life, spiritual,
Fear Vanesa hughes fear,
I Loved You Vanesa hughes hurt, lost love, love,
Premium Member Poem WORDS NOT TEAR LOT Muhammad Safa Thajudeen blessing, character, culture, destiny,
MARRIAGE Helen Oke future, marriage, memorial day,
Dance of Minions Cynthia Cross inspiration,
Always Is Cynthia Cross inspiration,
Mr Holmes Cynthia Cross inspiration,
Changes Cynthia Cross inspiration,
The Eyes of I Cynthia Cross inspiration,
How Green Is Your Heart Cynthia Cross inspiration,
Bound Cynthia Cross inspiration,
Ode to the No-Thing Cynthia Cross inspiration,
Dreamt of the Dreamer Cynthia Cross inspiration,
Dreaming Cynthia Cross inspiration,
Premium Member Poem Easter Monday Charles Coon anxiety, beautiful, dream, inspirational,
On Self Hate Matthew Anish how i feel, mental
Backstories Cynthia Cross inspiration,
Crop Circles Cynthia Cross inspiration,
Dandelion Pods Cynthia Cross inspiration,
Voices In My Head Cynthia Cross inspiration,
On My Shoulder Cynthia Cross inspiration,
Again, Again and Again Cynthia Cross inspiration,
Premium Member Poem CHURCHES WHY Muhammad Safa Thajudeen conflict, death, memory, racism,
Greenish Love Stanley Coffie 10th grade, 11th grade,
Young Hearts Kristie Raburn age, america, anger, angst,
Premium Member Poem PRISONERS Muhammad Safa Thajudeen dark, environment,
Flittering Furts Cynthia Cross fun,
Chance Cynthia Cross inspiration,
Silence of The Light Cynthia Cross angst,
Journey Cynthia Cross inspirational,
Glass Cynthia Cross inspirational,
Cow Jumping Over The Moon Cynthia Cross inspirational,
Lost In The Mind Cynthia Cross allusion,
Perspective Cynthia Cross spiritual,
Obligatory Phrases Cynthia Cross creation,
Thanks Giving Cynthia Cross thanksgiving,
Be his Peace, Not his Pain Ian Milligan angel, anger, pain, peace,
Voting Time Andrew Collinson community, society,
Premium Member Poem BANKS AND BANKS Muhammad Safa Thajudeen america, conflict,
Premium Member Poem VALUELESS Muhammad Safa Thajudeen conflict, imagination,
Premium Member Poem EUNOIA Muhammad Safa Thajudeen language,
Red String of Fate Mandy Dale beautiful, blessing, boy, childhood,
PARADISE Kathryn Tsosie love, paradise,
Premium Member Poem Natural Things Happen Before Dawn Caren Krutsinger 10th grade, 11th grade,
Premium Member Poem ASSASSINATION Muhammad Safa Thajudeen fun, imagination,
Premium Member Poem SHAMPOO Muhammad Safa Thajudeen fun, imagination,
Modern Churches David Welch christian, culture, faith, how
Hereditary Jaz Yeats absence, age, conflict, family,

About This Page

Blank verse Poems. Examples of Blank verses and a list of poems in the correct poetic form and technique. Share and read Blank verse poetry while accessing rules, topics, ideas, and a comprehensive literary definition of a Blank verse.

Brief Definition

A blank verse poem is one which does not rhyme. However, it does have iambic pentameter, which refers to a rhythm where you have an unstressed syllable immediately followed by a stressed syllable. So, when you consider blank verse, think of it more as a 'beat', like a heart beat. For example, a heart beat rhythm goes something like this: Ba BOOM ba BOOM ba BOOM ba BOOM ba BOOM. Here, you can see that there exists an unstressed syllable, 'ba' followed by a stressed syllable, 'BOOM'. In the study of literature, this pattern of 'ba BOOM' is referred to as an iambic foot. Pentameter tells us that there are five, 'pentameter' feet to a line or as in our example five 'ba BOOM's per line. It is estimated that up to three-quarters of the world's poetry is written in blank verse.

While iambic pentameter is the most common form of blank verse, there are other types as well. These types include Trochee Blank Verse, Anapest Blank Verse, and Dactyl Blank Verse. In Trochee Blank Verse, you have a stressed/unstressed syllable rhythm. Anapest Blank Verse's rhythm is composed of unstressed/unstressed/stressed syllables, and Dactyl Blank Verse has stressed/unstressed/unstressed syllables.

If you've ever read John Milton's Paradise Lost, that is an example of a poem done in blank verse. This literary device is also used for monologues. This is where one character speaks his or her thoughts to an audience. One of the most famous monologues in history is from Shakespeare's Julius Caesar, which begins: Friends, Romans, countrymen, lend me your ears. So while blank verse usually uses iambic pentameter, it can be written in any meter, and have no exact number of lines. However, it is important to not confuse blank verse poetry with free verse poetry, as free verse follows no specific literary rules, having no meter or no set rhythm. Free verse is meant to represent freedom from literary rules, closely mirroring our natural speech patterns. 

Blank Verse Poem Example

View It From Afar

To appreciate our planet
start with its snow capped mountains
where sunbeams morph crystals of ice
into gems of glistening light.

Witness white clouds traverse the skies
floating on a vista of blue
or a setting sun smear scarlet
onto puffs of marshmallow white.

See jungles at its equator  
create a sash of vibrant green
and burnt sands ripple its deserts 
with shifting dunes of tans and creams.

See its leafy forests change from
deciduous to evergreen
and tundra pitted with blue lakes
fade to stretches of virgin snow.

Watch volcanoes erupt in flame
spewing plumes of ebony smoke
and lava bleed from gaping wounds
while giving birth to molten earth.

See azure and aquamarine
waves crested with white foamy froth  
or tilted poles capped in ice
sparkling like crystalline jewels.

View it from afar as it twirls
in the vacuum of space like
a phantasmagorical
cerulean marble, called Earth.

Written 02/02/2016

I was pleased to see that this poem won poem of the day, resonating with so many people. Our planet is such a beautiful blue gem set against the velvet blackness of space. Nature is awesome and our phantasmagorical planet is a prime example of God's ability to touch our souls through our senses, drawing us closer to Him.

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