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Blank Verse Poems | Blank Verse Examples

Blank verse Poems. Examples of Blank verses and a list of new poems in the correct poetic form and technique. Share and read short, long, best, and famous Blank verse poetry while accessing rules, format, types, and a comprehensive literary definition of a Blank verse.

A blank verse is a form of poetry consisting of regular meter, but no rhyme, but there is more to a blank verse. What is blank verse in poetry (complete definition)?

Horizons I sit on the verandah look at the sea no ships in today open view until the horizon after that, on the other side there are new limits I have seen many horizons, some of them...Read More
Categories: blessing, friendship,
Form: Blank verse

in the afternoon glow
In afternoon glow I ought to take an interest in death but I don´t find it a stimulating subject it has to do with acceptance. This is comforting since I’m not religious but has a strong spiritual streak. I believe in...Read More
Categories: blessing, devotion,
Form: Blank verse
Premium Member SCRATCH
Back when the strange appeared uncommon, I knew I was just beginning to scratch The surface of the truth. So I got myself a shovel. As I continued to dig deeper I discovered my scent so jaded As to...Read More
Categories: allegory, journey,
Form: Blank verse
Waiting for 5:00
Time slows painfully speeding up past joy *** More
Categories: career, humor,
Form: Blank verse
Live the life where you let others judge and praise more religiously than God, with all the shackles of social media you adorn in blindness, letting trinkets fill you with ecstasy,  and trends that eventually bend,  and lies smothered with flies. Boasting faces and...Read More
Categories: anger, emotions,
Form: Blank verse

Dilatory Deeds
Hie thee, to warm utterances that soothe reddened hearts.  Hie thee to where it knows no crackles from a cold spirit, not even from seething sips of a blackened stout. Hie thee, where no emerald flocks, to blind thee into tempted wastes. Hie...Read More
Categories: religion,
Form: Blank verse
minimum wage
Minimum wage The olive trees in the landscape near the village, Have working-class trunks and no illusion Of becoming middle-class trees. They refuse to grow in a plant- nursery and be tampered with by botanists. They do not envy tall palm trees. Good luck...Read More
Categories: blessing, deep,
Form: Blank verse
my Africa
My Serengeti I have neglected to visit my “Africa”, the flatland between two hills that appear like a young mother`s breasts. I know the trees and bushes, used to drive there to say hello. Time changes I have no...Read More
Categories: absence, africa,
Form: Blank verse
Nourished by the Lord in His love-filled nest E v e r l a s t i n g I i f e my soul does enjoy Nurtured with Christ’s g r a c e,...Read More
Categories: appreciation, birthday, blessing, christian,
Form: Blank verse
Premium Member Moments
Paper lanterns carrying spirits of the dead Wind their way toward the Sea of Japan; A procession bearing its own light, Silently, to a destination without moments. Moments, the interface through which life flows From now to then, are put...Read More
Categories: analogy, time,
Form: Blank verse
Premium Member DEADWOOD
I'm working off my sins in the usual way, A Cornish knight of no worship, Languishing amid the aroma Of easy women and open bets. Don't tell the boss, but I'd do it for free...Read More
Categories: allegory, western,
Form: Blank verse
the sea ghosts
The sea ghosts The first time I went to sea as a mess-boy, it was on an old ship. It took two days to find my seaman's legs and take a look at my surrounding. The crew didn´t...Read More
Categories: conflict, corruption,
Form: Blank verse
Premium Member A NEW MYTHOLOGY
There is a new mythology emerging, Howling from the hind end of the pack, Scorching the composted leavings Of established orthodoxy as a pillar of flame Showing the way for true rock & rollers. It’s...Read More
Categories: allegory, mythology,
Form: Blank verse
Premium Member SECOND-HAND SOMETHING - With apologies to the Surgeon General
Lord, it’s been a good chunk of time... Been such a long time. Time enough for me to know... To know it so well. Been without it too long... Too long to take it. And baby...Read More
Categories: addiction, allegory,
Form: Blank verse
Epiphany 1950, there had been a war, but things were going back to normal. My mother had a new boyfriend who also had a small cabin on an island and a rowing boat. On a nice Sunday, we...Read More
Categories: devotion, growing up,
Form: Blank verse

Specific Types of Blank Verse Poems

Read wonderful blank verse poetry on the following sub-topics: contemporary, iambic pentameter, life, love, nature, sonnet and more.

Definition | What is Blank Verse in Poetry?

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