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Prose Poems | Prose Examples

Examples of Prose and a list of new poems in the correct poetic form and technique. Share and read short, long, best, and famous Prose while accessing rules, format, types, and a comprehensive literary definition of a Prose.

Prose is a form of writing distinguished from poetry because it resembles the patterns of everyday speech and writing; including short paragraphs comprised of sentences, but there is more. What is prose (complete definition)?

Premium Member staying away from the teacher now
She is confused, a teacher says Why? Because her hair is dyed three colors? She wears goth clothes and her make up is dark Have you spoken to her? I ask The woman gives me a concrete stare I decide...Read the rest...
Categories: prose, student,
Form: Prose Poetry

Legal Truth
Defamatory words that fail to become legal truth for they are unproven in a judicial proceeding may just be some foul spits on open air... Yet, not every legal truth is real truth......Read the rest...
Categories: wisdom,
Form: Prose
Premium Member welcome to the fifties diner
Welcome to the fifty’s diner Where there are chrome stools Black, red and white leather seats A checkered floor Everything matches A soda machine is standing ready The chef is heating up the fryer Burgers and fries are the main stay The waitress...Read the rest...
Categories: prose, nostalgia,
Form: Prose Poetry
You are a long time ago
You are a long time ago Something so distant A stranger What it would be like to see you now It used to light up my face Before it started to make my eyes watery It's ironic We...Read the rest...
Categories: prose, break up, heartbroken, i
Form: Prose Poetry
Premium Member To Those True to Us
Those friends you have who are silent seeds that have you bloom into the flower of a poet you are! They glitter mightily in your soul's Always radiant universe, raising your Inspirations to the highest of stars. A poet...Read the rest...
Categories: prose, friendship, introspection, poets, strength,
Form: Prose Poetry

Premium Member Anomie
"In those days there was no king in Israel: every man did that which was right in his own eyes." Bible, Judges 21:25 The word 'Anomie' is new to my vocabulary, but by definition, I am well acquainted with...Read the rest...
Categories: prose, america, people,
Form: Prose Poetry
Premium Member Hangman
Hangman, hangman, That man is being hung Stop the atrocity. Let us hang him, Since we are all guilty Unless you're sinless Accessed in a mortality? ...Read the rest...
Categories: betrayal, conflict, dark, deep,
Form: Prose
Every Moment
Shun the hate and cherish every moment to be happy and productive, even on your own. For, a moment passed will not be repeated in another time and place. Happy Day Of Valor April 9,...Read the rest...
Categories: time,
Form: Prose
Premium Member Today I start a new adventure
Today I start a new adventure. Every day I do this. For this second is all I have. The next second is not promised. I can be stricken down at any minute. The older I get the more I see...Read the rest...
Categories: prose, life,
Form: Prose Poetry
Among the niche
I felt tears trickling down. After so many years. All persevering truce is a magnificent allegory , measuring minuscule salt portions with a grandiose precaution. The immediate call will be the lasting diva: “When you are...Read the rest...
Categories: prose, care,
Form: Prose Poetry
Premium Member hot hog
the motorcycle streaked past us so fast, I thought “night rider” Plus there were flames and it seemed to be on fire I wish it would slow down I thought. The hog instantly stopped near my driveway. I was...Read the rest...
Categories: prose, life,
Form: Prose Poetry
in the nature
Well, I must say that I did not want to walk two hours, some days I am downright tired of diabetes So I drove to Logonna Daoulas after a visit to the Kerdrein strike for the...Read the rest...
Categories: animal, nature,
Form: Prose
Premium Member Echoes Of A Shady Past Part Two
n icy chill descends on 13 Beaver Veil Cottage as sisters Ester and Ellie walk gingerly up the steps on this wet and windy night. This once charming pied-a-terre was now in a final phase denouement. The...Read the rest...
Categories: character, dark, death, emotions,
Form: Prose
Premium Member Sam was Never Alone
The shipwreck had left Sam a bit delirious. He had been floating in the ocean on a board for days. The sky opened and he saw a white cloud Sitting on it was a white wolf There was a...Read the rest...
Categories: prose, native american,
Form: Prose Poetry
Premium Member you are my everything
She sits patiently, trying to keep her face appreciative As he crones a love song; his sincerity obvious. He is not a great singer, but his heart is fully in it. He loves her, and that is what...Read the rest...
Categories: prose, love,
Form: Prose Poetry

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