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Quintilla Poems | Quintilla Examples

Quintilla Poems. Examples of Quintillas and a list of new poems in the correct poetic form and technique. Share and read short, long, best, and famous Quintilla poetry while accessing rules, format, types, and a comprehensive literary definition of a Quintilla.

A Quintilla is a Spanish form of five-line poetry that is eight syllables (Iambic Tetrameter) in length. The rhyming scheme can vary in presentation ie a.a.b.b.a, a.b.b.a.a. etc but only two consecutive lines may have the same rhyme scheme., but there is more to a Quintilla. What is Quintilla in poetry (complete definition)?

Premium Member Zen mode
noise of thought having receded base instincts too have been weeded all that cascades within is bliss we know now God is all there is our mind and heart, to Him ceded...Read the rest...
Categories: god, joy,
Form: Quintilla

Premium Member The direct path
Ignorance is the cause of sin In silence then, God-search begin What is religion but a cult Why not instead let heart exult Bliss borne rapture felt deep within...Read the rest...
Categories: silence, spiritual,
Form: Quintilla
Premium Member Invoking grace
Save aligning with throb of love, each touch mindful, like a peace dove, we do nothing to alter fate and have no agenda to state, yet blessings pour in from above....Read the rest...
Categories: blessing, love,
Form: Quintilla
Premium Member Divine Bliss
Written: January 27, 2024 __________________________________________ Two streams flow in a sea of love Serenade, love-tied bliss, and heat A glance makes our hearts skip a...Read the rest...
Categories: appreciation, beauty, love,
Form: Quintilla
Premium Member Ostrich syndrome
We see fear in the other’s eyes, which belies heart’s tremulous sighs, that would, if it could, freely dance but the spark of pure love’s romance needs to escape ego spawned lies....Read the rest...
Categories: fear,
Form: Quintilla

Premium Member Sense Of Wonder
Written: January 08, 2024 ______________________________________ A sense of thrill a gnawing lain Raindrops grasp my...Read the rest...
Categories: analogy, beauty, rain,
Form: Quintilla
Premium Member Toroidal heart
Toroidal heart sings a love song, taking all body nodes along, that bliss drenched presence may exclaim, light of the soul, our claim to fame, breath by breath, becoming more strong....Read the rest...
Categories: heart, joy,
Form: Quintilla
Premium Member Once we know
Once we have seen the light of Self, our life flows gently by itself, for having been, seen and so known, in time we come into our own, with no agenda on our shelf....Read the rest...
Categories: spiritual, wisdom,
Form: Quintilla
Premium Member Moods of Mourning
Season of death kisses in hues, of gold, auburn and blood red views. Cold air wraps around like a quilt. Morbid clouds veil my sun with guilt. As tears hide within misty dews. Puffs of ash float in moods of...Read the rest...
Categories: analogy, angst, emotions,
Form: Quintilla
Premium Member the way it is
Fears we once had, do not nonplus, since God’s energy flows through us and we are now free from desire, even though our heart’s all afire, joyously riding God’s bliss bus....Read the rest...
Categories: spiritual,
Form: Quintilla
Premium Member Vermilion Sunrise
Scarlet-orange sun rose brightly, As the cerise stars shine nightly. Honey sunshine caressed flowers- A gold thrall twixt silver showers; And ruffled, plum breeze came lightly....Read the rest...
Categories: beauty, color, day, flower,
Form: Quintilla
Painful Falls
It's nature's will in Autumn trees— To slip out of offbeat colors. There lay crushed prose he saw through her. My unattached ground still does bleed From raked walks on lanes— those who leave....Read the rest...
Categories: angst, autumn, introspection, life,
Form: Quintilla
Lost Joy
I desire my lost bark power The oak heart I used to possess My joy hidden in the rain’s mess The veiled light for leaves to flower To mute tyrants...Read the rest...
Categories: abuse, anger, anti bullying,
Form: Quintilla
Why Many Kind People Hide Their Problems
when you meet with some kind people. It is hard to know their problems. ...Read the rest...
Categories: imagery,
Form: Quintilla
Premium Member Christian Mirror II
I am a mirror so they say If you are kind to me this day A friend to you today I’ll be Reflecting all the things I see My Christian mirror shows the way...Read the rest...
Categories: christian, mirror,
Form: Quintilla

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