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Quintilla Poems - New Quintilla Poem Examples

Quintilla Poems. Examples of Quintillas and a list of new poems in the correct poetic form and technique. Share and read short, long, best, and famous Quintilla poetry while accessing rules, format, types, and a comprehensive literary definition of a Quintilla.

A Quintilla is a Spanish form of five-line poetry that is eight syllables (Iambic Tetrameter) in length. The rhyming scheme can vary in presentation ie a.a.b.b.a, a.b.b.a.a. etc but only two consecutive lines may have the same rhyme scheme., but there is more to a Quintilla. What is Quintilla in poetry (complete definition)?

New Poems

Premium Member Today
notoriously silly ideas parade in my mind I pluck three out, the fourth is a terrific find. my muse is getting prissy listen to me missy! You better not try to stifle, hide, shelter or bind. ...Read More
Categories: muse,
Form: Quintilla

Premium Member Ben
Categories: care, food, health,
Form: Quintilla
Premium Member Giraffes
Giraffes are tall with tongues of blue, A long of them live at the zoo, All of them have very long necks, That must be given frequent checks, That's what veterinaries do....Read More
Categories: animal, blue, health,
Form: Quintilla
Premium Member Pink Pig
Life is a dream that won't come true, No need to let it bother you, Don't worry about your mistakes, They never happened! They are fakes. (High up above a pink pig flew)....Read More
Categories: animal, dream, life,
Form: Quintilla
Premium Member Going Too Far
Three wise men following a star Decided they had gone too far, They thought they must have lost their way, Quite sure that there could be no way The Child was in Australia!...Read More
Categories: bible, child, christmas,
Form: Quintilla

Premium Member Here I Am
When, in the night, your strength slowly wanes your future a dark unknown even left to breathe as you grapple demons inflicted ghostly pains and stare into swirling abyss not of your weave Alas! The end no sight...Read More
Categories: hero, pain, sick,
Form: Quintilla
Premium Member Courageous in the Night
My tears of gratitude incessantly have flowed at these, your tenderly written intrepid words Lifted my wilted feathers to fly with noble birds For, ever with illness thrust upon my life was sowed I’ve stood my ground and could...Read More
Categories: courage, strength,
Form: Quintilla
Premium Member Losers
After a bad day at the track - Not one cent of our bets came back - We went to the local for grog, Where we met with a nasty dog, Which at once went on the attack....Read More
Categories: day, dog, drink,
Form: Quintilla
Kitty Guilt
Kitty Guilt When all you see with you in bed a peeking kitty, Grandma's quilt, and there beneath--a fuzzy head, you sigh with resolute and guilt to put him out the house, instead....Read More
Categories: cat, pets,
Form: Quintilla
Premium Member Without a Doubt
Without a Doubt I’ve seen your yellow underbelly now and there’s no denying or going back a solid moral compass is what you lack this country torn, breaking bodies bough with deaths and sorrows piled upon your brow lying and cheating...Read More
Categories: anger, political,
Form: Quintilla
Premium Member The Gospel Of St Karl
Heaven holds the promise of peace, Since wars on earth will never cease, So we must hope with all our might That Karl Marx did not get it right, If so, it's no use to decease. Karl Marx referred to...Read More
Categories: death, earth, heaven, hope,
Form: Quintilla
Premium Member Free Of Me
I decided I should immerse Myself in the ways of Free Verse, I wrote some lines short, some lines long, But they all seemed to turn out wrong, So then I wrote them in reverse....Read More
Categories: allusion, freedom, inspiration, words,
Form: Quintilla
Premium Member Face It
When your eyes are getting dimmer, And you used to be much slimmer, Forget about your long dead youth, It must be time to face the truth, You aint never gonna shimmer!...Read More
Categories: analogy, death, youth,
Form: Quintilla
Premium Member Off The Lead
Took the poodle for a ramble, Off the lead so he could gambol, Let him mark his territory, Which he did in all his glory, While I followed at an amble....Read More
Categories: dog, environment, pets,
Form: Quintilla
Premium Member I Fly Among Spirits
Great Spirit Who is the center of all circles light, life, directions, colors and love I give you my heart....Wayne William Snellgrove Saulteaux Tribe Your thrum I felt in my inner heart Every day...Read More
Categories: bird, flying,
Form: Quintilla

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