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Lay Poems | Lay Examples

Lay Poems. Examples of Lays and a list of new poems in the correct poetic form and technique. Share and read short, long, best, and famous Lay poetry while accessing rules, format, types, and a comprehensive literary definition of a Lay.

A lay is a form of long narrative poem, especially one that was sung by medieval minstrels, but there is more to a lay. What is lay in poetry (complete definition)?

Layin' Pipe
Large hands, coarse, are prayin’ Another day, layin’ Yet again! The pipe grows Into the dark it flows Neath the underground, toil! Pushing dank sod till soiled Into the lightless folds Plundering till all’s cold Ever thus, life unfolds… (9/12/21) ...Read More
Categories: addiction,
Form: Lay

Two hands
I made a pact with pain In indolance i wont gain My black skin wont crack So will toil my sweat out Mind wont foil me, no doubt But i only gat two hands. Conceived a decade younger With ten feeble fingers Expected...Read More
Categories: africa, black love, corruption,
Form: Lay
Premium Member Lilting Lay for My Lifelong Muse
Forlorn, my Muse lets out a deep, deep sigh; silent, I just listen and don't ask why. Her sighs belie her true, carefree desire, for she's forever gay to just inspire. Though glum, she sees me in the...Read More
Categories: muse, music, mythology, nature,
Form: Lay
Premium Member Remember November
And so it comes, this time of year November starts, Christmas so near ...Read More
Categories: allegory, allusion,
Form: Lay
November Days
Slight chill to the mist laden air A clinging to warmth, homebound lairs. Bring down the trunks of warm woollies, Lay out soft scarves, gay similes. Sneakers come out, sandals go in, November enters cold and clean. Whispering frosty sweet nothings Migratory...Read More
Categories: change, nostalgia, november, weather,
Form: Lay

Premium Member Fallen Leaves Have No Winter Lair
I watch as roaring winds accost withered leaves that would soon be lost. Branches, once laden green, beware ~ November will strip your limbs bare. Your clothes swept to the muck and mire, raked onto their funeral pyre. Wet from drizzling...Read More
Categories: november,
Form: Lay
November days harbor a chill. The nights are so serene and still. The end of the year is now near. Memories are made and held dear. Winter's arrival will come soon. With nature covered in a tomb. A holy day commemorates, When...Read More
Categories: november,
Form: Lay
Premium Member November's Bronzing Glow
Detailing leaves of golden spiff I lean up close to take a whiff of turmeric colored leaves sublime and skies of ruby reds sweet wine Engaged upon the breeze my touch awaits the pinnacle's...Read More
Categories: nature, november,
Form: Lay
Premium Member Zeal of November
My evening sky glints motifs gold In orange vibes turned ruby bold Glowing remnants of shining snow Where pewter winds merrily blow Swirling imprints of amber glaze Bending hues of setting sun rays Prairies sway season’s dreaded hold Wailing in grief, as...Read More
Categories: eve, morning, november, seasons,
Form: Lay
Premium Member Winter's Gateway
November, as the poets say - autumn's demise, winter's gateway. Its shortened days and longer nights descending, death is in her sights: leaves fall, as is their yearly fate, and beasts prepare to hibernate. November, as my lady lies so silent, moving...Read More
Categories: death, grief, love hurts,
Form: Lay
NOVEMBER NIGHTFALL Color falling, slow and steady, covers sidewalks, gold already crunching under feet, home trodding. Wind blows tree tops, like heads nodding. Early night-time’s dark disguises draw out moonlight. High it rises! Inside houses, people huddle. Under blankets, pets they cuddle. Sipping mugs...Read More
Categories: autumn, good night, life,
Form: Lay
Premium Member November's Rose
Fallen frost its dew point laden Holds the rose as a fair maiden Briskly touching her petals spice Forging magic in dewdrops ice Paused unwrapping her coat open Her pageant exposed and woken Upon the snow where rains commenced She reached so...Read More
Categories: autumn, beauty, color, nature,
Form: Lay
Premium Member November Artistry
November Artistry Beneath the artist sculptor’s hand November shapes a changing strand Hidden beauty seen in the trees Now revealed through fallen leaves Twisted branches reach up so high Artwork thrust in autumnal skies. Sunshine hues glow in colors grand And paint...Read More
Categories: art, autumn, november, tree,
Form: Lay
Premium Member November's Song
This poem is November’s song. golden month of thirty days long with daylight hours that fade at dusk colors bright of orange and rust. Most human hearts are filled with glee another Thanksgiving to see November’s snow is new and bright Through...Read More
Categories: november, thanksgiving,
Form: Lay
Premium Member Wintering Birds
November rains pour from the sky, seated near window my thoughts cry, damp, cold weather and island life, memories hurt – like a knife, water bubbles gets swell and burst, deep red autumn hues are my thirst. Flocks...Read More
Categories: bird, rain, winter,
Form: Lay

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