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Lay Poems - New Lay Poem Examples

Lay Poems. Examples of Lays and a list of new poems in the correct poetic form and technique. Share and read short, long, best, and famous Lay poetry while accessing rules, format, types, and a comprehensive literary definition of a Lay.

A lay is a form of long narrative poem, especially one that was sung by medieval minstrels, but there is more to a lay. What is lay in poetry (complete definition)?

New Poems

Premium Member November Artistry
November Artistry Beneath the artist sculptor’s hand November shapes a changing strand Hidden beauty seen in the trees Now revealed through fallen leaves Twisted branches reach up so high Artwork thrust in autumnal skies. Sunshine hues glow in colors grand And paint...Read More
Categories: art, autumn, november, tree,
Form: Lay

Premium Member November's Song
This poem is November’s song. golden month of thirty days long with daylight hours that fade at dusk colors bright of orange and rust. Most human hearts are filled with glee another Thanksgiving to see November’s snow is new and bright Through...Read More
Categories: november, thanksgiving,
Form: Lay
Premium Member Wintering Birds
November rains pour from the sky, seated near window my thoughts cry, damp, cold weather and island life, memories hurt – like a knife, water bubbles gets swell and burst, deep red autumn hues are my thirst. Flocks...Read More
Categories: bird, rain, winter,
Form: Lay
Premium Member November
Autumn light of day ripples through Embracing shadows shade of blue. October's breath blessed November Hues with warm scarlet and amber. Underneath spun amorous scene Of sweet scent tease, forgotten green. Thanksgiving's feast aromas drew, All appetizing wafting through....Read More
Categories: autumn, november, october, thanksgiving,
Form: Lay
Premium Member Tame November
There's no chill in November's wind. Of late, it's weather has been kind; the mouth muzzled so it won't bite. ...Read More
Categories: autumn, november, poetry,
Form: Lay

Premium Member holding on to the lei
the garland braved the ocean’s crested might a narrow surfboard bobbed in and out of sight exotic waves welcomed currents and its spray a feast of skill and courage at Waimea Bay I tried it once but could not...Read More
Categories: beach,
Form: Lay
Premium Member Wrap It Up
Tie a ribbon around the past And free yourself from it at last, For what has been, has been and gone, And need no more be dwelt upon, Tomorrow is another day, And soon it will be underway. We spin the...Read More
Categories: appreciation, blue, day, flower,
Form: Lay
Huge bonfires burn with flames so bright, as fireworks light the sky tonight Excited children’s faces glow as we observe a stunning show; with rockets shooting in the sky but loud bangs make some children cry I set some gold sparkler’s...Read More
Categories: firework, fun, november,
Form: Lay
Touch Of November
The glare of summer is long gone, through window open on pale lawn, music of rustling leaves I hear. As autumn scene fades I see clear, sky sparkles with sapphire allure, silk clouds drift on silver contour. Thin thickets trap tinge...Read More
Categories: autumn, november, winter,
Form: Lay
November fall
Here comes anew, November fall Beneath blankets I wish to crawl, On this shy and young, early morn Bereft of leaves, a silent mourn Comes with a cool and breezy wind A blue, cloudless heaven is pinned....Read More
Categories: heaven, imagination, nature, new
Form: Lay
Premium Member Welcome to a Fine November Day
Written 11-11-2020 Contest: Lay November Poetry Sponsor: William Kekaula Orange, brown and red oak leaves with spots galore, Blowing out piles into my front door, Pumpkin spice, hot candles, cinnamon bread, Our campfire is deliciously red. Jack-o-lanterns gone, witches put away. So welcome...Read More
Categories: november,
Form: Lay
Premium Member Assuage
Gray is this damp November day If only in the bed could lay But duty calls then come enjoy Bees, butterflies have a convoy On zinnias, pineapple sage They dance, flutter as if on stage A few lavender blossoms sway 'Pon rosemary;...Read More
Categories: november,
Form: Lay
Premium Member At Autumn's Farewell Ball
November weaves herself a gown that sparkles like snow falling down. At Autumn’s Farewell Ball she’ll meet the one who’ll sweep her off her feet as they go waltzing on leaves strewn on forest floor ‘neath silver moon. When all fall’s...Read More
Categories: november,
Form: Lay
Premium Member In Apologia
Oh Tiger Moth, my gallant steed, My actions have been crass indeed, I stand before you full of shame, I have disgraced my father's name, Tiger Moth, I am but a fool, I am mean-spirited and cruel. My actions were all...Read More
Categories: allusion, best friend, father,
Form: Lay
Premium Member November
tread on dry leaves slowly, softly, in death they lie yellow, curly, cold frosty mornings freeze their zeal, yet they hold romantic appeal, cast off from trees in late slumber, Year in the month of November! lonely hearts come, wander this...Read More
Categories: color, heartbroken, lost love,
Form: Lay

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