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Italian Sonnet Poems | Italian Sonnet Examples

Italian Sonnet Poems. Examples of Italian Sonnets and a list of new poems in the correct poetic form and technique. Share and read short, long, best, and famous Italian Sonnet poetry while accessing rules, format, types, and a comprehensive literary definition of an Italian Sonnet.

An italian sonnet is a form of sonnet consisting of an octave with the rhyme pattern abbaabba followed by six lines with a rhyme pattern of cdecde or cdcdcd, but there is more to an italian sonnet. What is italian sonnet in poetry (complete definition)?

a port in Italy
A port in Italy Livorno was a dark town with sparse light that appeared Russian at an open place with many trucks and many women milling about I paid one she bent over the bonnet of a car did...Read More
Categories: absence, dream, funny love,
Form: Italian Sonnet

Categories: care, confusion, courage, emotions,
Form: Italian Sonnet
Premium Member Discombobulated
Old age can be a lonely time for some, friends become acquaintances, then slip away. Lifelong achievements bolster your resume, but as inks fade, memoirs seem so humdrum. And inexplicable wars leave you numb, for morals sink when love's a...Read More
Categories: age, angst, anxiety, emotions,
Form: Italian Sonnet
Premium Member My Love Is Not a Blinding Blizzard
My love is not a blinding blizzard, after all, Descending quickly, sweeping you off your feet, As though we were forever predestined to meet, Then hurriedly moving on to another’s faint call. My love comes slowly, more like a...Read More
Categories: love, lust,
Form: Italian Sonnet
Living in my little world That cannot be illustrated by word I didn't choose myself neither did you Who should be blamed my parents or who At sunrise I thought it was normal Young black boy now realises it's a...Read More
Categories: africa, anxiety, confidence, creation,
Form: Italian Sonnet

Dark illusions
A thought to think As u fight To breath No demons like Reality In which u seek At your feet Battler warriors A priceless soldier A worldly romancer On earths tiny lil dancer . A fight well fought Captured moments Well bought So...Read More
Categories: anger, black love, crazy,
Form: Italian Sonnet
Premium Member Prophetic Power
If in dreams prophets wield prophetic power, then prophetic power have I; for I dream of things to come, and of acts too extreme: the saint, the liar...Read More
Categories: dream, god, imagery, metaphor,
Form: Italian Sonnet
Premium Member Choosing Obscurity
Can any fonder love myself endure Than self-regard bestowed upon a name, Or for the cause of unrelenting fame Become a thing unpleasant to inure Myself, I think it wise, I must demure, And savor all the taste of dignity If...Read More
Categories: pride, self,
Form: Italian Sonnet
If anything were to ever happen
"If anything were to ever happen," whispered a girl with heavy eyes and lips, "remember to set your alarm for six, you have a bad habit of sleeping in." She sighed as the sky began to blacken  and sniffled in...Read More
Categories: 12th grade, longing, memory,
Form: Italian Sonnet
Premium Member Calliope Lost
Under her magic, honeyed words poured forth filling his fervent verse with rhyme and wit for suitors to woo and doxies commit to carnal indulgence and thus henceforth as topmost poetaster of the north his purse was filled with gold...Read More
Categories: fate, inspiration,
Form: Italian Sonnet
Premium Member Approaching Anniversary of Losing My Wife
Three long years since my love has gone away And I have settled into a life of lonely self-ease, Seeing no regrets or sorrows I need to appease Still sometimes I think I live in perpetual disarray. If morning...Read More
Categories: anniversary, death, loss, lost
Form: Italian Sonnet
Premium Member To My Daughters, Alexandria and Christina
My daughters, I’m so very proud of you. You have grown to become, fine young women. Let not your hearts or lives be ruled by men. Stand fast, and to your own desires be true. Take what you need,...Read More
Categories: daughter, family, father daughter,
Form: Italian Sonnet
To be one with the world
Curbed, is the joy to dance in soaking rain, when its descant’s encore mistunes its beat. Choked, is the charm of flowers fragrant treat, for lifetimes falter till aromas wane. Dulled, is the shine of stars in cosmic reign, once...Read More
Categories: child, life,
Form: Italian Sonnet
Premium Member I Think of Life with an Elegant Man
I think of life with an elegant man. I see a man whose hands are silk to me. He's stunning in a suit (well-groomed is he). He loves to read and maybe plays Chopin. He whisks me off to...Read More
Categories: men,
Form: Italian Sonnet
Premium Member Picking Blackberries
Farther down the glade beyond Myrtle Creek Where, as a kid, I went hunting for raspberries, We discovered a ripening patch of blackberries Grandmother and I went there for a solid week. One early morning we heard a frightful...Read More
Categories: adventure, fruit, grandmother, nature,
Form: Italian Sonnet

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