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5/13/2010 10:35:35 AM
Pet Peeve I was wondering if people sometimes acted as a poetry group, then you do make comments which can be helpful, but it is tricky. You do not want to be harsh. Maybe just comments like check your spelling and/or usage of _____. I watched an instructor do it and she did not often comment on minor errors, people may have just mistyped ( a word?). She would say things like, "I did get stuck here" It was interesting and sometimes you changed something sometimes you didn't. I think there are some good poets here, a whole range of them. So I do learn just by reading poetry here. Take care all
5/23/2010 10:06:09 AM
Poll Question: Featured Poetic Forms... As long as we can post any form of poetry that we feel a call to write, featuring types of poetry would be an interesting learning opportunity.
5/23/2010 10:10:45 AM
Have fun and keep PoetrySoup a haven. This is what I have been looking for as I wandered thru the site. I think it's a good idea, maybe some general suggestions--bullets-- about how to critique? Something similar to what is provided by an instructor when they hold a workshop or class?
11/29/2010 2:27:36 PM
Rhymed Verse Trick Interesting, thank you. Can always used creative tools.
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