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5/17/2010 4:30:49 PM
Her impression Am I happy
Today I was asked
Am I
My head is in the past

Every moment I ever smiled
Every feeling I ever said
Truth and lies filed
Heartache only fed

Every kiss we shared
Every look she gave
She is tangled in the air
That I will take to my grave

Every feeling thought
She showed pure to me
But every time we fought
I wanted to be free

Foolish and stupid
Is what I am
Hate the thing cupid
Through choices I swam

But what an impression
I never the same forever
Even though a freshman
My choice wasn’t clever

With hearts in hand
I walk alone
I will never demand
From what I must atone

Am I happy
Today I was asked
On impulse I dreamed her memory
I smiled, I laughed
5/28/2010 8:21:40 AM
Holy Diver I’m what they call
Scourge of the sky
From clouds I fall
Don’t ask why

No matter blood and gore
I am the survivor
Through Carnage I soar
The holy diver

Blazing wings beat
All battles halted
Feeling disapproving heat
Shining light, exalted

Wave of judgment flows
To hell I am your driver
I am your pain and woe
The holy diver

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