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10/29/2010 8:43:56 AM
let me have it!!! Turkey day is finally here, along with that mid-afternoon paralysis

Half the family made it this year, and thank God, 'cause we're short chairs!

Apple, pumpkin, and mince-meat pies fill the air with cinnamon dust-devils

Nevermind the barking dogs and screaming, running and tattling kids,

Kooky and drunk, your favorite uncle swears you can light a fart!

Surely we've got BIGGER fish to fry today.....how's them 'taters doin'?

Goodness knows how amazing Granny's poultry gravy is gonna be

I just hope some jerk doesn't bring that Jello with raisins, carrots, and lettuce......YUCK!!!!

Vodka is easily hidden in the various holiday beverages,

I swear it's the ONLY way I can tolerate half of my family!

No one's really that bad, but a little goes a long way!

God bless every single, dysfunctional, and oblivious one of us!

Dinner comes and goes........the herd migrates to the TV for pig-skin dramas

All say their goodbyes and don coats and scarves

YIPPE!!! They're all gone!!!......oh crap!!!! WHO'S gonna help with the dishes????
11/17/2010 7:44:51 AM
Is there anybody who would like to write lyrics fo i'd like to try.....i'm a musician and lyricist.....email jimmyjamusa@yahoo.com landline (usa) 503-339-7021... i have samples and can even do a test/mock up sample as an audition if you wish....
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