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12/31/2012 3:21:25 PM
My Reality I sit, eyes open to this portrayal of reality.
I wish to reveal my true self, so I look out
And witness the sights broken with a fine brutality
By those chosen to keep us safe- happy tragedy.

But seeing without
Does not reveal within.
12/31/2012 3:23:35 PM
Mirror Me I liked it. It had a deep meaning- hiding behind a mirror- and felt profound. I especially liked, "For lying behind your mirror, / Is another side of you," because I felt a bit of double meaning in "lying" (physically lying behind and the act of telling a lie). Good work!
12/31/2012 3:28:16 PM
Free verse writing It seems that writing free verse is a good way to start for the new poet. Many times when attempting to cram thoughts into a rhyme scheme, some lines will feel contrived because the poet formed the line and thought around the rhyme instead of forming the thought and fitting it to the rhyme. Free verse therefore frees you from this side of rhyming.
1/1/2013 8:40:56 AM
T i m e Time turns its wheel,
The pace exceeding comfort. Yet,
The world has proceeded
Time transitions with insistence
Between raging waterfall and, for a distance,
whispering river. Ever changing path and
Time moves, impatient,
Its inhabitants – unaffected-
Even while questioning
1/1/2013 10:56:11 AM
The Chase Very good! It was very well written. I especially liked the last four lines; they really conveyed that sense of running with the repetition of "I ran," while still showing the tiredness creeping in. And the last line really wrapped it up, and made me feel tired from running (in a good way of course). well done!
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