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10/15/2012 2:02:31 PM
STEER AND SHEER Theydeserve high angry waves,
Thehumble obedient slaves
Havefor long served sooty sails,
Onthe sloppy deck, the tame whales
Sangsentimental verses,
Whilethey were learning hatred and curses.
Theloss of love is a tutor of hate,
Andeffects on slaked spooks were radically great.
Theylaughed and sneered and rang a bell,
Anddeclared a benign destination at will.

Thestern faced the shores and sunny land,
Eachage, face and wrinkles and mighty hand,
Workedto secure the prow into doleful end,
Eachstroke of death in wretchedness became a friend;
Wishingall to be a great lie as old immortal history,
Yetthose who tell shall narrate a heroic story,
Ignoringto mention that
Duringthe valiant final combat,
thereprobates, fearing the betrayal of storm and devil,
opened a hole in the bottom of the legendaryvessel.
10/15/2012 2:04:59 PM
Black and White Suddenlystood she, a sad blind, tightly listening to her mind,
Adroitly,a wind deluded her insight of strides, wide and bright,
Infront of her, quietened, echoes teamed up with swish in swirl,
Unrevealed,I stood fascinated by two pearls steadily whirl in light,
Seekingfor light mingled with bleak black with everlasting blight,
Vividsounds divulge night.

Thenher gentle breath crawled to caress her lips then died,
“Who’sthat?” said she, ‘hides in shelter of my day knight”
Spellbound,I forgot my sageness and manners of fair essence,
MutelyI abode there disappointed with my inner witless fight,
Whileshe, distinctly in fright, inspected silence for her right,
“Whatscheme of voiceless wight?”

Istepped aside, I remember, while she passed in dead time,
Withoutsound, like my tears from their shore, heavy and light,
Undisclosed,in the street, I revised not my expired thoughts,
Sheresembles life, devised to break hearts with breathless might,
Whenit passes, lovely precious choice stands mute and slight,
Justtwo pearls of black and white.
10/15/2012 2:10:14 PM
New Moon so smart and nicely done.
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