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10/11/2012 1:43:40 AM
Hello I'm Izzy! :) I'm Isabelle or Izzy for short
I'm currently finishing my A-levels and I'm hoping to further study the Japanese language as so far I have taught myself a few sections of the Hiragana alphabet and picked up a few phrases I absolutely adore Studio Ghibli films, such a great escapism! I currently work as a waitress but I have a new job now so I've been preparing for a fresh start.I'm thinking about starting up a few new hobbies, writting poetry being one and once I've ordered some clay I would love to start making charms (such a geek I know!) I love horse riding and I used to do karate but hopefully after A-levels I will go back to it! I love setting new goals and trying new things so I would love to start dabbling in different types of poetry to see what I like I love meeting new people so I won't hesitate if someone needs a chat xx
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