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8/13/2012 8:35:07 PM
Butcher In a heap of careless bloodsheds

Shades of different twilights

And murders for that lone sake

for pennies clenched in fist to fight

with every stroke of a violence

born out of several reasons

u can feel the growth of a stranger silence

the one that bloomed through all seasons

In cheap so cash and a filthy trash

dumped with broken bones of fate

and a deal he made for a hunger's bash

with countless slaughters of helpless mates

but a hand that causes a thousand pains

not always dwells with a cruel mind

faces behind those bloody stains

belongs to a being of a different kind.
8/13/2012 9:11:45 PM
death of an angel A fictious mind c'nt give dos words...

the words tht speaks of a thousand tales..

in a darkened room...my broken loom...

can u weave the ship a hope to sail??....

now can you find in the misty winds.....a song long lost in childhood dream....

a tune u played in your mothers mind.... and an iron cone tht held your cream....

with ages past...all merry rhymes....

have lost their ways through memory lanes....

past my senses in a land of crimes...

past my broken window panes...

what distance more will u walk by side??

of faces u have never known

of moments that would lighten up

some memories of those strings long torn

a dirty game that once u played

in a secret closet of mindless thoughts..

what men u stabbed with a treacherous soul

what mighty angels... u slayed and fought

her love it was...that tried so hard

to calm a thirsty beast of violence

to spread her words of a noble truce

to kill the evil's brute defiance

but fell apart with a broken heart

before thou god of a cruel art

bled did she behind the bars of your prison

to quench the earth with a red so crimson

her wings of glory will no more fly

will no more rule the deep horizon

rest in peace thou noble soul

rest in the depth of a curseful season
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