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8/19/2012 2:21:36 PM
Just wanted to share a little about myself My life has been colorful. I have given everyone, that the Lord has put in my path, the same opportunity to reveal themselves. I do not judge...but I have a self proclained gift of instantly knowing anyone I meet. I had to experience it all; from glamour to gutter. I have realized one thing, most folks are afraid of being themselves. I can't handle that...so I write. Being in the realm and writing about a character, or myself, is far more satisfying than the real thing. Here on these websites...we are real; we are interesting; we are honest; considerate, and everything else we are meant to be. I write for all or you too! I can care less about fame...I have had it....I can care less about money....it's worthless. I write for us. Me and you...or You and I.....That is my joy.
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