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2/11/2012 11:36:13 PM
Hi, My Fellow Nubies! A big hello to all the new poets in here. I am Jane Richer and like yourselves brand new to this site and boy am I glad I came here! Free reign to post our poems, how cool is that and to get some great critique as well, total bonus! I am looking forward to making friends and critiquing and enjoying the myriads of writing in this site. Don't worry if your writing has a few errors or spelling is not quite right, we are here to improve and not to put anyone down, have fun! I am Canadian and proud of it, just like you are proud of the country you live in. I have been writing for years but the last few years more seriously and I am shortly to be published in a single poem on an online magazine in England! So if I can do it, so can you! Love Jane
2/25/2012 10:58:47 PM
Happy to Have Found This Site Hi Gail I am Jane and fairly new here also. This is a great site, filled with all manner of poetic souls like yourself who love to read and comment on others. Above all have fun, enter a few contest, they are a hoot and a way to get others to read your works and besides winning can't hurt either! Love Jane
2/25/2012 11:05:15 PM
Hi, My Fellow Nubies! Thank you Gordon and good luck on your poetic endevours as well, looking forward to reading a few of your poems! Love Jane
2/25/2012 11:16:26 PM
Hi I am finally back Deb Wagoner Hi Debbie, I am fairly new here but you are welcome to share a bench in church with me, this is a wonderful sight filled with people that have the agape love of God and don't care if you are here in sickness or in health! We all love to write and have others read our hopes, dreams, humor, saddness and need others that have a kindred spirit tell us what they think of our writing. I am looking forward to reading your poems! Love Jane
4/8/2012 12:42:44 AM
Newbie - Hello Everyone Hi Gloria; I am Jane and like you I have been writing poetry for some time as well. Have fun doing contests and sharing your imagination and don't let your muse take all the credit either. Mine drinks and then lets people think that she is the one who writes! lol Can't wait to start reading your poetry! Love Jane
4/8/2012 12:49:34 AM
Hey Nice to meet you William and good luck on any of those great careers. Finding your talent is fun and don't worry there are plenty of writers here that will help you along the way, so post some work and I will enjoy reading and critiquing it. Love Jane ps. above all have fun in this sight and don't sweat the little things! Big Grin
4/8/2012 12:50:33 AM
Hey oops that is site not sight! lol
4/8/2012 12:54:30 AM
Hello from the mountains Welcome Samia and you are right this is a great place to write and it is filled with a lot of people that are waiting to read your works! So have fun reading and writing here! Love Jane
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