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2/7/2012 3:38:41 PM
Be brutal...The hypocracy that is me fierce, furious, rageful,
passive, meek and mild.
infuriated, vicious,
gentle like a child.

irrationally enraged
patient, quiet and calm.
murderously violent,
kind with open arms.

a rabid livid maniac
affectionate and sweet
desperate and demented
benevolent up beat

awful, brutal, bloodthirsty
thoughtful and generous
relentless savage wild
humane fun boisterous

Nasty evil horrid
courteous and cavalier
vile Disgusting mean
attentive debonair

insane trapped forgotten
gallant noble free
some of the words that best describe
the hypocrisy that's me

James Thomas Mahauariki
Copyright © 2010
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