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1/24/2012 8:50:41 AM
I just need to talk, but... ok so i just signed up for this. i love poetry but my mom says it sucks. alot of it has to deal with " stuff" i went through before she adopted me. i read your poems and they are amazing and i was wondering if you could read the one i just posted and see if i should just forget about publishing my works. also you should check out Dorrence publishing and publish your works.
2/2/2012 7:21:27 AM
I just need to talk, but... ok my life sucks. i love am hopelessly still in love with my ex but he has a new gf. script was right when they say a heart doesnt break even. ugh and to make things worse he lied about until i saw them holding hands and kissin the other day. but i cant seem to get over him and its my fault we arent together any more. how can i keep this up for 4 more months which is when i graduated? my mom says i feel things too much and too deep which he uses against me. any ideas on what to do?
2/2/2012 7:27:15 AM
Really looking for critque!! A Thousand Eyes when it comes to you
i'm in a tizzy
my heart soars when you hold me
in your arms and tell me you love me
to the moon and back
but when i'm not with you
the doubts creep in
do you you really love me?
why would you love someone like me?
when it comes to you
i'm in a tizzy
i lve you more than life its self
and hate it when your not around
when i said i just wanted to be friends
i broke two hearts with those
stupid simple words yours and mine
when it comes to you
i'm in a tizzy.
2/27/2012 6:15:24 AM
I just need to talk, but... that is so true i love him and hate him at the same time. i wish he could see that hes hurting me when he plays his games. like last monday he was talkin about getting back together and then his "girlfriend" that he swears hes not dating found out and he blamed me for it and hasnt said anything to me since.
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