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5/6/2010 8:24:37 PM
Relationships relationships are always hard in any shape or form,,your friends more than likely hate her somewhat because of her age to which is not great but I have found 18 to 20 year olds kind of don't like being around your girlfriends age group,,they seem to be envious or just cannot relate to the need and want differences,,but anyway don't relate your happiness to your friends make your self happy and fix whatever may be wrong between you two.,,if they are truly your friends they will be there....maybe drift away for awhile but will return,,,any relationship has give and take,,I have a rule within my life,,to get you must give and visa - versa anyway I hope you are always happy and love surrounds you forever,,,Blessings..Cecil
5/6/2010 9:34:45 PM
Entering Contest Competitions well preety much all of my poems are written within about 3 to 15 minutes,every one is new that I have posted here in the past year, inspired by either a contest or something else,,i enjoy all the contests even if I do not submit to all of them,,...I have found for me the more I labor over a piece the worse i make it,,I account all of my writings to my muse that hangs next to my computer,,she is not real to anyone else but me,,and me alone,,,,I know the contests held here at the soup has improved my writings a great deal along with all the reading I do that others post,,I do get behind alot on my rereading others posts and I do sincerely apologise for that,,,,,,Blessings..Cecil
5/7/2010 4:15:59 PM
Entering Contest Competitions yes I agree whole heartedly ,,anyone and everyone should voice there thoughts always,,,Blessings..cecil
5/7/2010 5:57:10 PM
Pet Peeve I do try not to make grammar errors, that is for sure,,and I usually use a spelling checker,,,I have always over used the words (the) (but) and many others my english teacher told me this in school,,so if I make a mistake I would appreciate any feedback even if would happen to be mean,,I have been on poetry sites that are so so very rude and down right evil ,,,I just take it with a grain of salt,,,if they get really crude and obnoxious,,,I just leave and never go back....Blessings..Cecil
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