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11/25/2012 4:29:12 AM
How do I reply to comments?. Hi, I'm fairly new here. how do I reply to comments?, Surely it could be simpler, putting a reply button next to the comment or a box. thank you. tyger tyger. Pete.
8/16/2014 10:01:51 AM
Great publisher. Get your book in print. I have just had a book published through Lulu.com. Hard copy or E book. This is a great way to get your book in print .Free to pub. writers get 90& profit from every book sold. You get a free ISBN number, and your book is distributed to all major sellers such as, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Nook ect. Now I've had my book pubed. I've just submitted a new E book. Lots of tutorials and help if you need it.

My book. Love Life and Laughter. by Peter Dome. Available, Lulu.com . soon Amazon and all good book stores.

Good luck. Peter Dome.
5/13/2015 1:09:09 PM
writers block The worst you can do is fight it. someone once told me, to read others poems more than write your own. My own that works for me, os to forget about it do something else, ot will come back when it's ready. fotcing yourself to write, only restricts the flow further,

Another topis to comment on other peoples poems when not writing, and draw inspiration. hope tis helps. Best wishes. Tyger Tyger.
2/21/2017 8:27:20 AM
Poetry Cats Think this site is great. It might me look like pea brain but, Im confused to know what. style my poetry style is from the list provided. Just wondered if it be better for fewer cats and ones more understandable ones and clear to everyone. What do others think?.Comments welcome thank you.
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