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8/3/2011 3:46:23 AM
Sensual, erotic poems are "sexually explicit?" I know most people just read the comments and never reply. I would say poetry is a way of showing the outmost emotional experiance in any way sexually or non sexually a poet just say what comes to mind in this case i think that maybe people don't want to see the beauty of love in the raw form and we have to cover that with elusive writing. talking about sexual experiance but also make it look like just an emotion. I guess its ok to sing about it or make movies about but to write a poem? No.... They are afraid of the truht a poem brings to an action or emotoin.
8/3/2011 3:56:25 AM
Sensual, erotic poems are "sexually explicit?" Tanya wrote:
I Guess the more mystery you have in your erotic poem the more likely they will be accepted. In south africa The more ur vulger or swear the more ur likely to get published I wish every body good luck in your exotic poems wish i had the luck in south africa, Wiggle
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